Things my boyfriend has said and done while sleep talking recently😂:

-suddenly sat up, grabbed my face, yelled “the YAMS! GET THE YAMS!” farted, then laid back down.
-started rubbing his ass and lightly smacked it then said “damn thats nice”. When asked in the morning he said he remembers dreaming about MY ass and doing that, but did it to himself.
-mumbling various strings of curse words, mainly it’s a lot of “fucking shit, what the hell” followed by gibberish.
-random laughter
-an elbow to the eye and a “don’t touch my cider, you rat”.
-“I need that shit” while reaching over and grabbing a chunk of my hair
-yelling “I CANT MOVE!” While flailing around the entire bed under the sheets.
-sitting up, looking at me terrified, pointed to his dick and said “what the FUCK is this?”, shook it a little bit and went back to sleep holding it.