“Summertime” - Ava Siniscalchi, Dance Precisions (Placentia CA), junior jazz solo, top ten, Finals Competition, The Dance Awards New York City 2015
★ Choreography by Ashley Gonzales
Summertime ~ cover by Renee Olstead

There’s a light that never goes out

By Karolina Koziel

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Summertime - Drabble - Bucky x Reader

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Fluff, baby feels haha

Word Count: 1509

Summary: A babysitting debacle leads to Bucky coming to your rescue and exposing more than just his talent for calming baby’s. 

Authors Note: This is just a little drabble piece I’ve had in my head for a bit, thought it would be cute. The song inspiration in it is Summertime as sung by Ella Fitzgerald. If you don’t know it, definitely listen to it, it’s swell. I don’t usually do well with fluff, but I really wanted to take a shot with this one, let me know your thoughts <3 

 Feel free to shoot me one shot requests if there is stuff that you all want

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Your phone thrums against the table, an outdated rock song emanating from the speakers. Bucky’s name flashes across the screen, your hand frantically snaps it up, answering curtly “Hello? Buck I really can’t…” “Y/N!” Bucky interrupts you with a boisterous laugh. “Where are you doll? Steve, Nat, and I are grabbing drinks, come join.” You exhale exhaustedly, stress painting your tone, “Buck, not now… I can’t…” Bucky hears a crying scream emanate through the phone as you shush the sound, “I got to go.” You spit, hanging up the phone.

Bucky immediately calls you back, you pick up in exasperation, “Bucky, not now…” “What’s wrong? Where are you?” Bucky growls, his tone serious and littered with concern. He hears screaming and crying coming through the phone as you coo and shush once more. “Buck, I’m at Barton’s watching his 9 month old. She’s screaming and won’t stop, I’ve been trying to put her to bed for an hour,” The baby cries out once again, “Barnes, I really got to go, have a good night.”

Your attention turns back to the tiny baby, crying in your arms as you walk around the empty house, trying desperately to sooth the teething child. Her small head rests against your chest as she continues to cry, her tiny hand pulling at her mouth, expressing her discomfort. “Shhhh, it’s ok doll, you’re alright, I got you” You coo as you rub circles on her back with your open palm, holding her firmly against your chest.

Half an hour passes as the child continues to cry against you. Suddenly your body tenses as you hear the doorbell ring, wondering exasperatedly who the hell was at the door. You move down the stairs, the child in your arms perking up and looking around as you move to the front door.

You swing the door open to see Bucky standing on the threshold, “Bucky, what are you…” “I’m here to help you. You sounded like you could use some.” You smile lovingly at him, stepping back to invite him into the house, the child in your arms quieting briefly as she looks at him interestedly. “Hi little one,” Bucky coos, bending down towards her face, and allowing her small hands to pull at his hair, “are you having a bit of trouble falling asleep?” She giggles at his over-exaggerated facial expressions and funny voice. You smile, your heart warming at his adorable baby voice and ease with the child.

You had known Bucky for about a year now and grown close with him in the brief time. You knew how much trouble Bucky had interacting with people, human contact has never been his forte, and yet… He was like magic with the child, knowing exactly how to interact with her and to calm her. She squirms in your arms, reaching for Bucky as he makes funny faces at her.

You pause, before allowing her to depart from your arms. Knowing Bucky’s history of insecurity with his metal arm, yet in this moment he does not hesitate, reaching whole heartedly to receive the grasping baby. He lifts her easily into his arms, allowing her to straddle his left side as he holds her gently against his chest, supporting under her bottom with his metal arm. His right hand rising up to her, allowing her small fingers to wrap around his finger.

You beam at him, relishing in the perfect picture in front of you. It’s no secret that you’ve had feelings for Bucky for a while. They had slowly been building inside of you over the past few months, fueled by a collection of perfect moments, loving looks, and the occasional confident wink. But nothing had ever been done about it, you were unwilling to make a move and ruin your friendship. You were especially unwilling to leave Nat and Steve as casualties of your friendship implosion all because of an unreciprocated crush.

“Let’s try to get you to bed, little one.” Bucky whispers to the small child, as he climbs the stairs, you follow closely behind him. He enters her room, settling into her rocking chair as the child continues to rest against him. He rocks back and forth, rubbing her back gently. She begins to squirm and whimper once again, her calm ebbing as she remembers her discomfort. You sit on the foot rest of the rocking chair, folding your legs beneath you, as she squirms in Bucky’s arms, his soothing not enough to calm her.

“Summertime… and the livin is easy” you sing softly, making the whining child stop for a moment, “Fish are jumpin and the cotton grows high.” The child once again rests her head on Bucky’s chest, calming quickly at the sound of your voice. Bucky smiles, appreciating your choice of song, one of his old favorites from his time, “Your daddy’s rich… and your mom is good lookin,” she calms against Bucky as he rocks her softly, her breathing growing slow and relaxed as her eyes lazily watch you, “So hush little baby don’t you cry” you croon as her eyes list closed.

You continue to sing as you rise delicately to your feet, Bucky leans forward, cautiously handing the sleeping baby off to you. Your arms wrap around her as she shifts, whimpering slightly before she settles against your chest. You continue to sing quietly, letting your voice reverberate through your chest, the vibrations causing her tiny body to slump to sleep in your arms.

You softly rock back and forth as you move slowly across the room and towards her crib, laying her down gently as you continue your soft singing, she shifts in the bed, threatening to wake. You quickly rest a hand on her back, rubbing circles softly as you sing her back into a quiet sleep. You hesitantly pull your hand back, continuing your soft crooning as you look down at her precious form, her sleeping state making your heart swell with love.

Bucky rises silently from the rocking chair, coming forward to press gently behind you by the crib, his arms wrapping around you as his chin rests on your shoulder. Your voice catches in your chest as the song falls from your lips, the surprise of his close proximity silencing you. “One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise up singing,” Bucky picks up the lost tune, warbling softly into your ear, his hot breath making goose bumps erupt over your skin.

“And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky,” You press back into his arms, allowing your head to fall back against his chest, his arms tightening around you as you relax, falling effortlessly into rhythm with him as he sways back and forth. “But till that time, nothing will harm you.” His right arm glides lazily across your chest, his hand clutching at your shoulder as he pulls your back firmly against him, your face listlessly turning over your left shoulder, where his head is resting. Your calm breaths fanning softly against his cheek and his fingers pressed on your shoulder, holding you closely.

“With your Mama and Papa, standing by.” He sings softly, his lips pressing gently against the bottom of your jaw, forcing your eyes to fly open at the action, he moves behind you, pressing his lips again to your cheek, his soft kiss gliding over your cheek bone. You feel his hand dislodge from your shoulder as he turns you to face him, hand sliding into your hair. He looks down at you smiling slightly, eyes glinting in the small light emanating from the night light.

His lips tip down slightly to yours, catching you up in a soft and delicate kiss, your first kiss with Bucky. You respond enthusiastically, pressing into his lips, your own hands rising to wrap fervently around his neck, pulling him tightly against you. After a moment, he breaks from you, beaming down at you as he goes to say something.

Your finger quickly rises to your lips, glancing behind you at the quietly sleeping child, you take his hand, trailing him behind you as you exit the room, pulling the door softly closed behind you. “I’ve been wanting to do that for some time, Y/N… I was just… I was…” You kiss him again, stopping his words.

You smile at him, teeth pulling slightly at your lip, you turn on your heel, hand still interlocked with his as you lead him down the stairs, softly crooning, “Summertime and the livin is easy…” Bucky chuckles softly behind you, catching you up in another kiss as you descend the steps happily, coming face to face with Clint and his wife Laura, smiling knowingly at the bottom of the stairs.

Laura extends her hand to Clint smiling widely as you and Bucky make eye contact with them, your faces flushing in embarrassment, your eyes widening like deer caught in headlights “Dammit” Clint spits, slapping a $50 into his wife’s hand, “You guys couldn’t have waited 4 more months? I almost had this one.”