in the wake of shinee’s upcoming anniversary, nobody is allowed to forget that this actually happened.

SHINee’s manager in the red jacket
SNSD’s manager in the black shirt with words
Super Junior’s manager in the white shirt    
EXO’s manager in the leather jacket
f(x)’s manager in the red striped pants


Heechul giving flowers to Taemin instead of the girls ◔̯◔

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SUJU reaction (gif) - If a Member finds that all other members are in love with the same girl that he.

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Leeteuk: **simply does aegyo for you whenever you’re with the whole group**

Heechul: **to himself** Oh, I’ll get her…. I always get the girl…. **smirks**

Han Geng: **Heechul plays dirty** So, that’s how we’re gonna play, huh?


Kangin: **tries hard to think how to defeat the competition**

Shindong: **get’s super emotional when alone** She’ll never fall for me…. Especially when she has such nice other choices….

Sungmin: **decides to not even go for it, because he’s noble to his brothers~**

Eunhyuk: **when he finds out, surprised** WHAT?! No way, I saw her first!!!

Zhoumi: **like Kibum, he’ll just seduce you with his body**

Donghae: **quite disappointed, thinking he’ll never win you…**

Siwon: **angry, determined to win you over**

Ryeowook: **frustrated with the members**

Kibum: **already knows he’ll win you over, easy, especially with his body**

Kyuhyun: No, you won’t touch her, what are you even saying?

Henry: **threatens** She’s mine…


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I literally love the different Ryeowook expressions like

There’s my favourite, the one where he’s like ‘I may look sweet and innocent…but don’t be mislead’

Then there’s like the ‘I look surprised at something but I’m really not’ face

There’s the ‘I should try be sexy sometimes’ lip bite

there’s the ‘I’m actually like 8 years old at heart’ smile

Need I go on?

He’s a dork

But what can I say? I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bias

101 Days of Us | Leeteuk

I sighed and looked at the ring that sealed my fate 101 days ago. How could my parents just give me away like that, and to a boy they had only met once. All because his father was the CEO of the company my father worked for.

The CEO had seen me one day while I was working at a local cafe and apparently he had taken a liking to my caring and gently aura, whatever that means. His son wasn’t a bad person, he was actually quite sweet. This just wasn’t, at all, how I pictured it.

A tear slipped down my cheek as I sat at the dining room table with my head still in my hands. Before long my entire body was shaking and I was choking over sobs. “How could this happen to me?” I said between sobs.

“______?” a familiar voice asked. I looked up and there he stood. My husband, Leeteuk.

I tried to wipe away my tears but they just continued to flow. He must have just got home from work. “Oh, uh, h-hi,” I said and tried to hold back my sobs.

It was no use.

Another wave of emotion crashed over me and I was back to taking those crying breaths. Leeteuk quickly made his way over and crouched down in front of me.

“______, what’s wrong?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.

When I didn’t respond, Leeteuk wiped the tears that were staining my cheeks away with his thumb and pulled me into a tight embrace. Usually I would wiggle out of his arms and go lock myself in the bathroom until I calmed down. Instead, I just melted into his arms and cried on his shoulder, probably ruining his crisp white button up.

“Shhh,” Leeteuk said softly and rubbed circles on my back.

After what seemed like hours of crying, I finally calmed down to the point where I was taking shaky, but more controlled, breaths. I pulled back slightly in Leeteuk’s embrace and looked into his dark brown, almost black, eyes. They were pretty. In fact, I was beginning to notice just how handsome he was. My mind was completely on him now, not this stupid arranged marriage we were in.

Ever since I met Leeteuk, the day we were told we would be marrying each other, he has been nothing but sweet to me. He made an effort where as all I did was push him and his acts of kindness away. All those times he’d come home from practice early and cook dinner or the times he’d take me out or just the times he’d attempt to start a conversation and get to know me, I ignored it all and just thought about how my parents gave me away to a boy they didn’t know. Guilt washed over me.

“I’m so sorry,” I said softly.

Leeteuk gave me a confused look and asked,” Why?”

“You treat me, a girl you were forced to marry, so sweetly, and I just- I’m horrible,” I said and hung my head in shame. “I’ve done nothing to get to know you. I’ve been bitter about this whole thing while you’ve looked on the bright side of it all and-”

“______,” Leeteuk said,” Stop it. I don’t blame you. You were forced to marry a boy you didn’t even know. Don’t be sorry.”

“But I’ve been so cold towards you!” I argued.

Leeteuk just chuckled. “I won’t deny that you were a tad bit cold towards me, but from the moment we were engaged I could tell there was something special about you.” I scrunched up my face in confusion, earning another chuckle from Leeteuk. “I found things that I instantly like about you, like the way you smile with your eyes when your happy, or your laugh and how when you’re laughing really hard you accidentally snort. You look cute when you’re sleeping and, whether you know about this or not, it’s adorable when you cuddle me while were sleeping.”

A bright red blush filled my cheeks. “I- you- what?”

Leeteuk laughed. His laugh made my heart flutter. This man, could I possibly be falling for him already? Or have I been falling for him this whole time without knowing it?

“I understand if you still don’t see me as your husband, but I do see you as my wife,” Leeteuk said rather sheepishly, which in return I giggled softly. “Anyway, we can always start off as friends.”

I smiled and leaned forward, pecking Leeteuk on the lips. “As crazy as it sounds, the feeling is mutual,” I said. “The husband wife one, just to clarify,” I added quickly.

Leeteuk grinned and pulled me into his arms, placing a chaste but passionate kiss on my lips. I didn’t hesitate to return the action. When we pulled apart, he said,” I love you, ______.”

I giggled and kissed his nose. “I love you, too, Leeteuk.”

101 days was all it took.


So the ending didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would but I think the scenarios itself if cute. This one is defiantly longer than the other scenarios I’ve written so far but it did take longer to write. (Well no duh, Payton. -_-) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story! Feedback and request are greatly appreciated! -Payt

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Leeteuk: *feels helpless he can’t do anything but hold you as you cry*

Heechul: “Hey, If you cry, I’m going to start crying, and then we’re just going to be a sobbing mess.”

Yesung: “What to do, what to do…” 

Kangin: *has no idea what to do* “Um, do you want ice cream? A hug?”

Shindong: *acts silly and reminds you how much he loves you until you start laughing*

Sungmin: *shocked when you start crying* “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?”

Eunhyuk: *lets you cry on his shoulder* “You must be strong, Eunhyuk. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Donghae: *when he hears you start crying* “Babe?”

Siwon: “Okay, wait here, I’m gonna go get some hot chocolate and some blankets to calm you down and make you feel better.” *you got this Siwon*

Ryeowook: *listens to you let it all out while thinking about what would make you feel better*

Kibum: *listens to you let everything out while rubbing your back*

Kyuhyun: *keeps his own tears in so you don’t feel worse* “Its okay, (Y/n), you can cry now. Let it out.”

Henry: *sings to you to make you feel better*

Zhoumi: *feels bad that he can’t stop your tears but pulls you into a hug and forces himself to be strong for you*