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Taking a bath with Eunhyuk/Donghae?

Taking a bath with Eunhyuk would turn out really cute until he starts to kiss your neck while washing your hair. His hands would move all over your body and soon you two would have a hot make out session which would turn into some extremely rough sex. After both of you are done he would take you out of the bath and pull you into the shower to properly clean you up and place you in bed.

Donghae would prefer having a romantic bath with you. He would prepare rose pedals and candles so you could enjoy every single second of it. He would make your head rest on his chest while both of you enjoy your bubble bath. Both of you would be giggling and there would be some cute little kisses. After the candles burn out you two would clean yourselves and continue your cuddle session in bed until both of you fall asleep.

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regarding your answer about fx in niche market cuz they targeting different demographic, is it a different case with the boy group cuz they already have DBSK that dominating the demografic of fan girls then they debut SuJu then Shinee than Exo, aren't they all targetting the same demographic, are fangirls really that big of a market

Firstly, yes, fangirls keep the album sales numbers afloat and we know how high the album sales numbers as a proportion to digital sales for SM groups. Casuals just stream or download. Also, have you seen the demographics of a typical attendance at any idol event? It’s why SNSD manage so well - they somehow manage to tap into the fangirl market on a scale that most others fail at.

In the normal expected lifecycle of a successful idol group, profitability is meant to taper off at around the 4-5 year mark. By then,

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