2010 Ecuadorian fiberglass and kevlar narco-submarine, a diesel-electric boat found deep in a jungle river close to the Colombian border, 30 meters long, air conditioned, and with a capacity of transporting 10 tons of cocaine about 20 meters underwater.

Found by Ecuadorian authorities 100% complete and ready to sail, where the only things missing were the people behind it and the cocaine, this and another machine found in Colombia in 2011 became the proof that once again, the Atlantic is crawling with submarines, but this time, they aren’t german…


Tonight I stumbled across an encyclopedia entry on ultrasound. Ultrasound is a sound vibration too high frequency to be audible. It was first developed to locate submerged objects. Submarines. Depth charges. Atlantis and such. Some animals like bats, dolphins, and dogs can hear within the ultrasonic frequency. But no human can. No one can truly know what anyone thinks or feels. What’s inside Mum? What’s inside Dad? What’s inside Jordana? We’re all traveling under the radar, undetected, and no one can do a thing about it.