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Since the rookie award was received past their debut year (2014), it’s a meaningful award. He thanked fans again & GOT7 will work harder.

What did GOT7 prepared for showcase? Jackson: “Surprise! Because it’s a surprise, we can’t tell. Hahaha. Sorry.”

Talking abt nicknames in GOT7. Jackson: Jr. is ‘mother’ because he likes helping the members. When they’re happy or unhappy.

But he never cooks.

(I don’t get the joke between Jackson & Jr., they mentioned Great Wall of China when talking abt Jackson nickname.)

Jr.: Jackson is the mood maker. When the team is feeling down or tired, he give us energy, make us laugh, like a magic fairy.

Jackson: Mark is our visual. Cutie boy. (Reporter mentioned 'men mian’, which is actually slang for visual, most handsome)

Jackson: Right, Mark is the most handsome in our group (Mutually acknowledge among the members?) Actually I think I’m the most handsome but our fans doesn’t think so. Yes thank you (laughs)

Jackson introducing Yugyeom as dancing machine and asking him to demo a bit.

Jackson nickname JB as 'responsibility’ leader. Youngjae is loud vocal. If he screams here, they can hear from Korea.

Jackson: Bambam, well… thanks. (pretend to skip)

Our Bambam is legend. Fashion King. Fanservice King. Aegyo. Cutie Boy.

Have they ever fought for bathroom? Never.

They do other stuff while waiting for their turn. But if they’re in rush, they will take shower together. (JB)

JB: Those situation are rare. Just washing face next to each other. JS: But 7 of us never showered together.

(Then who showered together?) JS: This question… sorry- (Jr. interrupts) Jr.: Jackson took shower with someone before.

Jr.: I want to take shower & was abt to open the door, Jackson came over & said let’s shower together.

Jr. (mimicking Jackson knocking bathroom door) Jinyoung, wait, wait! I asked what’s the matter & he said open the door, let’s shower 2gather

Jr.: Jackson is such a devil. Jackson to Jr.: What did I ever do to you? Did I offended you?

Next is talking abt their role in the dorm.

Jackson: Our roles in dorm is sleeping.

Jr.: And ordering food delivery.

(You’re quiet in dorm too?)

Mark: I stayed in the room, doesn’t come out. JS: Why don’t you come out? Mark: I don’t want to be with you.

JS: Please, you’re with me in the room!

Reporter asked GOT7 to show aegyo, Jackson offered to start first but they said Mark first lol

Mark suggested to let BamBam start first and after buing buing, Bambam said he’s not cute.

Jackson: I’m ready. Fans, don’t feel disgusted. I’m starting now. (Aegyo) Did you miss me?

What did Jackson gained from Roommate? Jackson said before this he doesn’t know how to cook, only ramen.

After Roommate Jackson learned making omelette, french toast. Mark asked Jackson (in Chinese) to make it for him next time.

Jackson like adding cheese to the omelette, it taste delicious.

Also, apart from his parent, it’s Jackson’s first experience living together with adults.

At first he doesn’t know how to communicate with others, he get to learn it in Roommate.

Jackson said he’s very extroverted but right now he’s nervous speaking in Chinese. SHOUTS.

Reporter asked if JYP still favors Suzy over him, did he treat Jackson better now. Did JYP buy new beds for Mark & Jackson?

Jackson said they’re going to buy beds on their own soon.

LOL Jackson called JYP 'gege’. It’s a cute version of hyung in Chinese.

JS: Yes, JYP treated Suzy better than us. That is a fact, honestly. Suzy (up) GOT7 (down) x 2.

The reporter prepared sword for Jackson to demo. JS: Sword? Whom should I duel with? Hit Mark with it? Mark: Why hit me?

Gadget fan Mark was always seen holding iPad, what’s inside?

Mark: Well.. JS: Looking at my pictures. Mark: What do you mean looking at your pics. JS: Be honest. Don’t hide from others.

Mark: I don’t like reading books. And I don’t carry much in my backpack. Normally I’ll bring ipad bcoz I like listening to music.

JS: Did you see my photos? Mark: Sometimes. I watch Roommate. JS: Really? Thank you.

Reporter: Mark, if you didn’t become a celebrity what will you be? Mark: I think I’d still be in US, as a student. University student.

Reporter: What was your plan after completing studies? Mark: I’ve never thought about it. JS: Why don’t you ask me (instead)?

Jackson to Mark’s rescue!

They asked JB what kind of movies he’d like to direct and roles he want to try. JB said film noir or crime thriller will be interesting.

JS to JB: What roles would you cast the members? JB: All members will appear. Extra roles. JS: Dream Knight.

Youngjae, did you wear down jacket to sleep because JB fought the blanket from you?

YJ: No, just that it’s a bit cold so I wore jacket, scarf & cover with blanket to sleep. JB: We have our own blankets.

They asked Youngjae to rap in English.

Jr. was asked to comment on the small habits of the members as their mother, Jackson asked Jr. why are you looking at me?

Jr. said Jackson like peeling his cracked lips when he’s nervous.

JS: Then buy me lipbalm. Jr.: Fine, I’ll apply lipbalm for you (move near to Jackson face)

Jr.: Mark when nervous will blink his eyes (like this) & bit his lips. Pouting like this.

Yugyeom habit is that he have no habit. Jr. didn’t notice Youngjae have small habits either.

Bambam like clapping his hand this way after the end of show/performance.

Jackson also point out that BamBam like to pose sideway when the other members are facing front.

Anyway, JB asked if BamBam abandoned the idea of manly image, BamBam said it’s only for airport fashion.

What is your fav dance genre? Please show us? Yugyeom: Hip-hop & house dance.

Ended the Sohu interview by drawing the fox mascot & wishing fans a good 2015 ahead, also asia tour promo.



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