Now It's Three In The Morning

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She calls him up for a good time but something’s wrong. //loosely inspired by “why’d you only call me when you’re high” by arctic monkeys. fluffy, not smutty sorry. i was in my feels. 

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@harryistheone : Could you write a smutty one shot about walking into your best friends house (harry obviously) and he is kinda horny. Maybe even msturbating idk. And then he tries to take you to his bedroom!

Sorry I’m horrible at writing smut! I hope this is what you wanted.

Warning: SMUT You check your phone for a message from Harry. You two had made plans for the first time in weeks. Both of your schedules finally free. You sigh, twisting the knob to his house. You are relieved when the door opens. You and Harry have been friends since primary school, only becoming closer as the years went on. The house sounded quiet, his car was in the driveway so you knew he was home. “Harry?” You call, walking around downstairs. When you see no sign of him you start up the stairs. ;As you get closer to his bedroom you can hear him moving around. His bathroom door is already open as you peep around the corner. The sight you witness makes your jaw drop. Harry is stood at the edge of the bathtub, his hair wet as if he had just gotten out of the shower. As of it wasn’t bad enough you walk in on your best friend naked he was almost touching himself. His large hands stroke his shaft. His eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow. “Oh my god.” You say. You try to look away but there was something about the sight that intrigued you. He was so attractive there was no doubt about that but you never were willing to ruin your guys relationship. His eyes open slowly and he doesn’t look surprised or embarrassed. ”Finally you show up. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for days.” He says, putting a towel around his waist. You are still in shock from what you just witnessed, “S-sorry. I’ve been busy with school.” You stutter. “Well.” He says, his eyes dark as he stalks closer to you. “I missed you.” He says, pulling you in. You’re very uncomfortable, a practically naked boy who you just caught jacking off pulls you closer to him. He groans as his hand rubs up and down your back, lowering to your bum eventually. "Harry.” You warn, you can feel him pressed against your front as he engulfs you in a tight hug. "Y/n.” He says back in the same warning tone. He pulls away from you, looking at you in the eyes with his lustful ones. “Come on, please help me out.” You are surprised at what he is asking. You’re confused eyes scanning his chest that is scattered with tattoos. You had seen him naked before, as he had you. For the amount of times you two had spent the night at each other’s house it was inevitable. It also wouldn’t be the first time you two engaged in something sexual. When you two were in secondary school you were curious, 17 was a weird age to be at the time. ;When your boyfriend had broken up with you, Harry was the person you ran to if you needed sexual release. He backs you up against the bathroom counter, his member still hard and bulging through his towel. His lips meet yours, he moans at the contact. Your hand moves to the towel that is tied around him, will one tug it falls to the ground. You grasp him in your hand, pumping multiple times as his lips part in the kiss which allows you more access to his mouth. He starts to pant and move his hips against your hand, his arousal causing your core to moisten. You pull away from his lips, slowly sliding down his body to your knees. Leaving multiple kisses down his torso until you are eye level with his dick. ; You pump his shaft a few more times before taking his tip into your mouth. He hisses as you do. Moving your head back and forth while taking more of him into your mouth. Your hand still stroking his base. His hand moves to the back of your head, roughly grabbing your hair. You moan with him still in your mouth and he sucks a quick breath in. "Fucking hell.” He says quietly. You continue to bob your head, slowly then quickly. Teasing him by going painfully slow when you could tell he was getting close. Finally you continue at a quick pace his moans becoming louder and his hand pushing against the back of your head in instinct. His moans are loud and erratic as he released into your mouth. You gag as your take him as deep as you can. His hand tightening in your hair while she pleas for you to stop. You pull away from him, giving his dick a quick kiss on the tip before standing to your feet. His eyes still lustful as you come face to face with him again. He is still trying to catch his breath and he grasps your upper arm. “Your turn.” He says, dragging you a few steps until you are in his room. "I just did my hair.” You whine as he undoes your pants. He smirks up at you while ripping your pants down your legs. He backs you up to the bed, laying you down a the edge so your legs are still hanging off. Your pants are removed the rest of the way and he lowers down to give your inner thighs light kisses. You groan, he know how you feel about teasing. You feel his lips smirks against your thigh. He pulls your underwear to the side and gives your clit a kiss. It was kind of your guys thing. You squirm anticipating what came next. He slides your underwear all the way off. His tongue darts out of his mouth and you moan when it meets your core. He swirls it around the nub, your thighs on either side of his head, hanging down his back. He moves further down to your entrance, your thighs tighten around his head as his tongue darts in your entrance. He laughs and pulls your thighs further apart so they wouldn’t smash his head. He moves back to your clit, hitting all the right spots until you come undone. His name falling from your lips as his tongue flicks your clit. He moves back up to your head after you finish a smirk on his face as he kisses your sweaty neck. "Thanks, love.” He laughs and you smack his still bare chest.

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Harry Styles - Rich Girl Imagine

[Thank you to you and your friend! Enjoy and I AM SO SORRY IT’S BEEN LIKE A YEAR. I’M A FAILURE!]

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Louis surprised Harry with lots of presents when he came back from work today. They also had an intimate dinner on their roof terrace, in front of the breathtaking landacapes that San Myshuno offers. 

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