I’m sorry.

Hi guys, hope you’re all well. :) One of you sent in this request a few weeks ago: 

I’ve got a request. Y/N wakes up feeling really sick and just assumes that it’s what usually happens during her period, so she pushes Harry away because she is really independent. However as this goes on for such a long time Harry finally calls an ambo and when they get to the hospital she finds out that it’s something more serious but she still doesn’t want pity so she doesn’t tell him right away. After a few days she finally gets to go home, but bound to a wheelchair for the next week or so.

Unfortunately, I have been trying and trying to get it done and just can’t find any way to get it right. I suppose hospital related one shots really aren’t for me.
So I have decided that I won’t be writing it. I’m really sorry to the person who requested it. Hopefully you can find someone who picks it up! :) 

Leather accessories. 🖤
Quick edit inspired by a post about how hot Harry would look with his leather pants outfit and the chocker. Can’t remember who’s post was tho. xx

Last Christmas

I Have Loved You Since Series: Last Christmas


The apartment was warm and still smelt of the apple, pumpkin pie from the night before. The sheets on Harry’s bed always felt softer than the ones on yours. Maybe it was the man lying beside you or maybe it was just the holiday tempo passing by, but despite the freezing temperatures outside, you felt peaceful.

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Hello loves!
Using Harry as an inspiration and to celebrate his birthday we created this project on twitter to spread love!
Ways you can be a part of the project:
Going to orphanages, giving food to homeless people and animals, donating money (or using apps like Charity Miles that convert the miles that you walked to charities or some games that do the same thing - links are going to be on our profile), free hugs… Really anything that you do to be nice, be good and help others would be amazing.
You can submmit pictures and videos of yourself doing these things to our DM on twitter (@benicetpeople and @benicetpeopleTR) throughout January and beginning of February. On Harrys birthday we will use the tag #BeNiceToPeople to divulge our work.
If you need advice, support or just someone to talk to curious cat us (@benicetpeople).
Please check this out, it would be amazing if you could help in any way. If you have any doubts please contact us on Twitter.
All the love always.

The English Book

Anonymous: A fluffier one with Harry and he is a single father and he falls in love with his daughters teacher at a parent teacher meeting. Can have parts of smut too if you want to. 


You finally finished cutting up the A4 letters spelling, ‘Welcome to Year 2 Parent’s Evening’. The bright letters were stuck up at the end of the lower school corridor alongside butterflies and drawings the children had made especially for the night. 

You wore a pair of denim overalls on top of a light lilac jumper. You were only a teaching assistant and luckily the school didn’t make you dress formally. Besides, you were working with young children which required a lot of moving around to keep up with their activities. 

“How’s it looking, (Y/N)?” Mrs. Kanewood asked you as she stood beside you. You climbed down the small step ladder and pushed your hair behind your ear, huffing dramatically. 

“Good, I hope!” You smiled. You and her got on well which was great since you worked together everyday. 

“Looks lovely. Right, shall we set up? The first set of parents arrive in fifteen minutes.” You nodded and packed the ladder up and followed her to your (her) classroom. You adored this classroom. 

There was a bright blue carpet by the whiteboard where you read to the children twice a week followed by a small quiz to see if they really were listening. 

The two of you had both decided what book you should talk about with the child’s parents about. You laid them out on the table and took a seat. As you went to quickly check your phone there was a knock at the door. 

You looked to the entrance of the class to see Lucy, a girl in your class, smiling at you. 

“Hey, Lucy!” You waved. “You’re a bit early.” You playfully pointed at her. She bashfully smiled and skipped in. 

“Hi, Miss (Y/S/N).” Mrs. Kanewood walked in the classroom with two cups of tea in her hand and passed one to you. 

“Oh, hello, Lucy! Is your Dad here with you?” Lucy giggled. 

“I think he got lost. I’ll go and find him.” With that she skipped out of the classroom to find her dad. Mrs. Kanewood sat beside you and cleared her throat. 

“Urm, before we start, Lucy’s dad is-”

“Hello, there.” You both looked to the door to see a tall, rather handsome man, hand in hand with Lucy. 

Mrs. Kanewood stood up and held out her hand as they walked in the room. 

“Hello, Mr. Styles. It’s lovely to meet you.” He shook her hand politely, flashing her a friendly smile. He turned to look at you with the same smile before looking down at Lucy. 

“So, this must be, Miss (Y/S/N)?” Lucy nodded and her cheeks went red. “She talks about you all the time.” He added with a wink. “Harry.” He held out his hand to shake yours. 

“(Y/N).” You smiled. All four of you took a seat and Mrs. Kanewood started to talk. 

“So, Lucy has had an excellent start to Year 2. She is an extremely bright girl with a keen interest in reading and singing.”

“Just like, Daddy!” She excitedly cheered. All four of you laughed and you caught Harry smiling at you briefly. 

“Yes, just like your Dad! So, we have been studying…” She started to talk about the new subjects we had started to teach them. Art and Music were Lucy’s favourite subjects. 

“(Y/N)? Would you like to talk about Lucy’s English book?” You quickly looked over at Harry and almost felt nervous. It was clear that Lucy was his world and you felt under pressure. 

“Y-yeah, of course.” You put a strand of hair behind your ear and reached for Lucy’s book which was covered in stickers of pencils and pens. 

“So, recently we have been looking at punctuation and Lucy really has got the hang of it.” You smiled at her to see her blushing slightly, leaning into her Dad’s shoulder. You then diverted your gaze over to him to see him looking at you with almost admiration. You too felt yourself start to blush. 

“She has been getting high scores on all of her mini-class tests.” You pointed out. 

Harry chuckled, nudging Lucy playfully. “She had me going over full stops and commas for two hours straight last week.” Your heart fluttered at how involved he appeared to be in her life.

Of course you knew who he was and his job. 

“Ah, well your team work paid off. We have nothing but positives to say about Lucy. She is doing really well.” You smiled at Harry. “She really is a pleasure to teach.” 

The meeting had ended and you all started to bid each other farewell when Mrs. Kanewood insisted you show Harry the new Year 2 art wall. You had been assigned the board to decorate however you pleased as long as every single year 2 student was involved.

You followed Harry and Lucy out of the classroom and you both watched Lucy skip ahead towards the other side of the school were the display was. 

“Urm, I just wanted to say thank you, really.” Harry said to you. You frowned but with a small smile.

“How comes?”

He scratched the back of his neck. “With Lucy’s mum and I’s divorce, it cant have been easy on her.” You stopped walking and put your hand on Harry’s shoulder. 

“Oh, Harry, I’m so sorry.” He waved it off and nodded towards Lucy.

“But she never moaned about it instead she only seems to talk about you at home. You really have helped her. Even if you were unaware of it.” He smiled at you and your heart started to beat faster as his green eyes observed your face. 

You cleared your throat and started to walk again. 

“So, I never realised you were Lucy’s father. I guess her surname didn’t tip it off…” You said as you walked beside him. 

“Yeah, we both decided it would be best for her to take her mother’s name. At least that way she won’t have everyone asking her about ‘Styles’.” He gave a jazz hands to the surname. You found yourself giggling at his sarcastic nature towards his own name. 

“You’re a great father, Harry. Lucy talks about you a lot in her English work.” You added. He looked at you with raised eyebrows. 

“Really?” His voice almost giddy. 

“Really. There was this one story she wrote down where you and her were at a concert together and you both got to go backstage. Looking back on it, I guess it really did happen, huh?” He nodded and smiled. 

“She’s only been to a few of my shows. Did she enjoy it?” He asked you. 

“Would you like to read it for yourself? I’m sure I can sneak it out of the classroom for you.” You wiggled your eyebrows. 

“I’d love that.”

The two of you had reached the display board and Lucy was sitting infront of it, gazing up at the bright colours. 

“Wow. Did you make this?” Harry asked you. You nodded with a gentle smile. 

“Well, not without help from Lucy over there.” She looked at you with a big smile, two of her front teeth missing. 

“It looks amazing!” You had decided to get all of the children to use their hand prints to make the wings of 3 butterflies which represented the three classes in the year. They all had their names written on the print so everyone could tell who’s was who’s. 

“This is Lucy’s!” You pointed at a small pink handprint with Lucy’s name written on it. 

“Look at that.” Harry muttered to himself more than to you. He got his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of the hand print. “You did a great job, (Y/N).” He said to you. 

“Thanks. I should be getting back really, I’m meant to be talking about the kid’s books and I’m not…” You trailed off, wincing slightly. Harry chuckled and smiled. 

“You’re right. We should head home too. C’mon, Lucy.” He held his hand out for Lucy to hold. All 3 of you walked back to the classroom and luckily Mrs. Kanewood had left the room. You quickly went to Lucy’s desk and picked up her English book for Harry to read. 

“Here you go.” You handed it to him. He gratefully smiled but instead of turning to go, he flicked through the pages until he found an empty one. Quickly tearing off a corner he reached for a pen and wrote something on the paper. 

“I’d love to take you out sometime, if that’s okay with you? I mean it’s probably not appropriate for a teacher and parent to date but I mean, well without offending you, you aren’t Lucy’s actual teacher…” He winced as he spoke. You let a loud laugh escape as you leaned forward to kiss Harry’s cheek. 

“I’ll call you soon. Have a nice evening, Harry.” He widely smiled, his eyes shining. 

“I look forward to it. Goodnight.” 

You smiled. “Night.” 

With that he walked out of the classroom and out of sight. Seconds later Mrs. Kanewood walked back into the classroom, smirk on her lips. 

“How was it?” She asked you. You didn’t quite know how to answer her question. 

“H-how was what?”

She scoffed. “Oh please! You didn’t think I sent you two away randomly, did you? He had been looking at you all evening.” She told you, sitting down in her seat. “Did my plan work?” She looked over her shoulder at you.

You simply smiled. You couldn’t stop smiling. 

“It really did.”