“Well, I took Pinoke to this high end joint, yknow the sorta place with stuffy waiters and a candle on every table? Entertainment was pretty good, food was ta die for! ‘Course everythin’ was out of our price range, so we let ourselves out before dessert.

After that, me and Pinoke found this horse and carriage sittin’ out front, like it had our names on it~ We did what any guy would, we took it fer a spin, and the next thing ya know, sirens is wailin on every street! I dunno if it was cuz we skipped payin or borrowed the carriage or what, but it sure sounded like every cop in town was after us! Boy, was that a rush!

By then, Pinoke was all worked up, sayin’ stuff about how he didn’t want ta get inta trouble and just bein’ a big wuss. Arright, so I wasn’t exactly lookin ta spend a night in jail either, ‘specially after a first date, yknow? So we ditched the ride somewhere in the park and found us a good bridge ta hide unda.  Sirens didn’t stop til mornin’ so we spent the night there, which wasn’t all that bad, since it was just me and Pinoke.  Gave us the chance to get real cozy with eachudder, if ya know what I mean~!

So, yeah, not bad fer a first date, huh? ‘Cept when we got back to Pinoke’s - his old man was still snoozin’ away, but that beetle. Christ, was he hell on the ears! Sure, the guy didn’t rat us out, but it musta been hours before Pinoke convinced him ta shuddup. As if somethin’ like a stupid lecture woulda ever stopped us from havin’ fun!”