Dear Future Husband Cedric x Reader

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Sofia walked up the stone staircase to where Cedric’s lair workshop was. She needed help for a book report on a magical stone her class recently learned about. And the young princess knew that if there was anyone who knew a lot about magical things, it was Cedric. 

Finally reaching the top, Sofia was about to knock on the large wooden door until she heard the sound of loud sobbing. She pressed her ear to the door and her eyes widened. It sounded like Mr. Cedric. 

She slowly opened the door and peeked in, only to find the royal sorcerer sitting at his desk, crying (not so quietly) into his hands. Wormwood sat on his perch, looking down sympathetically at his master.

“Mr. Cedric?” Sofia said gently, walking over to him and placing a small hand on his arm. “What’s wrong?” 

Cedric looked up from his hands and glanced over at the young girl, his face utterly miserable. “Oh…hello Princess Sofia…” he said glumly.

“Why are you crying?” she asked. 

Cedric sighed deeply and put a hand under his chin. “I’m getting married.” 

Sofia gasped for a moment before her lips began to form a large grin. “That’s great Mr. Cedric! Who’re you marrying?!”   

“I don’t know!” Cedric cried. “I haven’t even met the girl I’m going to marry!” 

“Then how did you propose to her if you’ve never met?” Sofia asked curiously. 

“I didn’t!”  he cried once again. “It’s an arranged marriage!” 

“An…arranged marriage?” 

Cedric wiped his eyes, an annoyed look appearing in them. “My parents decided it was high time I settled down and started a family.” he said bitterly. “Now I have to marry some harpy who’s name I don’t even know!”

“Did you try telling them you weren’t ready to get married?” Sofia asked. 

“Of course I did! Over a dozen times! But they refuse to listen to reason!” Cedric fumed, crossing his arms. 

Sofia looked carefully at her friend. She didn’t think it was right for Winifred and Goodwyn to force marriage onto their son, but she wasn’t sure how much that could be helped. “Maybe if you just met her, you’d grow to like her…” 

“Like her?! This is the woman I’m going to be forced to spend the rest of my life with! I don’t just want to ‘like her’!” Cedric said stubbornly. 

Sofia sighed. “When do you meet her?” 

“This afternoon…” he grumbled. 

“Will your parents be there?” Sofia asked.

“No, she’s supposed to come alone..” Cedric muttered. He suddenly raised an eyebrow. “Why do you ask?” 

“No reason!” Sofia said quickly. “Well I have to go! Bye Mr. Cedric! Good luck on your date!” And with those last words, she slammed the door behind her. 


Cedric had never been on a date before in his whole life. 

Did it count as a date if you were going to be married to her only a month later? 

He sighed and stood up. The clock read 11:55. He had better go out to look for you…


You looked around the castle grounds in awe. You had been in plenty of palaces in your life, but this one was the best by far. 

And you were going to be living here soon…

You took a breath and checked your pocket watch. You should be meeting your future husband any time now. You were instructed by your parents to meet him in the gardens, but it was obvious that your parents had never visited the castle, because the gardens were huge and went on for miles. 

Your fiance, or Cedric (as you had been told) could be anywhere. 

Your stomach was filled with butterflies. You weren’t ready for this. A thousand thoughts went through your head. What was he like? What did he look like? All you had been told was his name and that he was the royal sorcerer… 

You sighed as you continued to walk. You hoped he’d at least be cut- 

You turned a corner and walked straight into another person, knocking you both over.

Opening your eyes, you saw a tall, dazed looking man laying on top of you. 

Your cheeks flushed. He was kind of attractive..

He shook his head and glared down at you. “Do watch where you’re going miss.” he said coldly before lifting himself up and brushing off his robes.


He was Cedric.   

You gawked at him for a moment before he narrowed his eyes at you once again, crossing his arms. “What is it? Griffin got your tongue?” 

You felt your cheeks grow warmer. “O-oh! I-I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to stare.” you stuttered.

Cedric put a finger on his chin and slowly circled you. “I don’t believe I’ve seen your face before.” he said suspiciously. 

Your brow furrowed. Did it not occur to him who you were? You blinked for a moment before blurting out “I’m new here.” You scrambled to your feet and extended a hand. “I’m (y/n), the new Royal Jester.” You said. This wasn’t a complete lie. King Roland had hired you as the new royal jester when he heard you’d be living at the castle. He and his family had seen your performance the last time they went to the circus and were delighted to find out you’d be marrying Cedric in a couple months.

Why you weren’t telling Cedric you were also his future bride was something you had come up with on the spot. You were curious to see how he would act towards a complete stranger, and if he would treat his future wife any different. 

Cedric hesitantly took your hand and shook it. “Cedric the Sorcerer.” he said in a haughty tone. He had never been fond of jesters and clowns…

He eyed your (f/c) dress and raised an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be wearing a costume?” he asked snidely. 

You raised your eyebrows. Was he always this bitter? “I’m not performing today,” you said, “I’m taking a look around since I’m going to be living here soon.” 

Cedric looked at your with an uninterested face. Great. Another co-worker to tease him behind his back. “Well that sounds splendid, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go meet someone important.” he said as he turned to walk away. 

You quickly sprinted to catch up with him, “Who’re you looking for? Maybe I can help…”

Cedric smiled smugly. “Oh I doubt that. But if you must know, I’m looking for my betrothed. I was supposed to meet her here a few minutes ago.” 

“Do you know what she looks like?” you asked with a small smile, a smirk almost forming. 

Cedric looked surprised at your question. “Well I-…No actually. I’ve actually never met her before.” 

“It was an arranged marriage, huh?” 

Cedric sighed. “Unfortunately.” 

“So I take it you’re not ready then?” You asked. 

Cedric looked down at the ground. “No…” 

“It’s all right…Neither am I.”  

Things I like about Sofia the First
  • blended family with stepsiblings that aren’t jerks
  • people don’t judge Sofia for having once been a commoner
  • Clover. No furhter comment.
  • Breaking gender roles at an early age
  • cockney British accents
  • Cedric tries so hard
  • the king is a hella rad dad
  • being a princess ain’t just about standing around and looking cute
  • Sofia still plays with her village friends
  • Clover again
  • Tim Gunn Baileywick, the Patron Saint of Making it Work
  • Sofia just wants everyone to be happy please protect her
  • i’m just happy watching it