Stop Apologizing

Intro: My inspiration for this piece comes from a nap I took the other day.  I was feeling especially anxious and was curled in my bed, trying to take a nap, my arms wrapped around my pillow.  You know those pillows that have like arms and are meant to act as like a back rest for when you are sitting on your bed?  Yeah I had my arms wrapped around one of the arms and I thought it felt weird (yet very comfortable), like I had my arms wrapped around someone’s leg…. and voila!  You will see what I mean when you read this.  

Pairing: Bones x Reader (I promise more Kirk x reader to come!)

Word Count: 1904

Triggers: Fluff, awkwardness, nothing else

Summary: So basically the preface for this story is that Bones and the reader are classmates at the Academy and have become really close friends, studying together all the time.  The reader secretly loves Bones, but doesn’t say anything lest he not return the feelings and it ruins the friendship (yes very overdone plotline I know).  But one day it all changes…


You felt warm and cozy as you pulled your pillow closer to your face, your arms wrapped around it tightly.  Snuggling your face into it you recoiled at the harsh texture of the material digging into your skin.  Lifting your head from the bed, you squinted your eyes against the light of the beside lamp and looked around, your eyes landing on a figure lying in the bed beside you.  

It was your best friend and fellow future doctor, Leonard, sitting slightly propped up against the headboard, a book in his hand.  He noticed you stirring and dropped the book a little, giving you a small smile. 

“Good morning, princess.” He teased and you could only squint up at him. 

It was in that moment that you realized that it was not a pillow that you had your arms wrapped around and face pressed against; it was Leonard’s jean-clad leg.  You froze in embarrassment, your eyes fully opening now as you realized the intimacy of your position.  You had your shins pressed up against the headboard, your knees at a 90 degree angle, and were laying on your side, the front of your body pressed against Leonard, your head near his knees and your arms wrapped around his thigh.  Only when you shifted did you realize that he had draped an arm over the back of your thighs, his hand resting on the bed just beside your butt.  

You rolled over, quickly pulling yourself from the intimate embrace and sat at the edge of the bed, your cheeks flaming in embarrassment and from the feeling of his arm draped against the bare skin of your thighs.  You took in a couple of shaky breaths before turning to face him, pulling your knees to your chest protectively.  

“How long was I asleep?” You asked, and rubbed at the sleep in your eyes. 

“6 or 7 hours.” Leonard responded non-chalantly, looking especially charming in his black-rimmed reading glasses.  

“7 HOURS!” You yelped in disbelief and looked at the clock, it was true, it was 7 hours later. 

You had come into Leonard’s quarters to study with him for the upcoming exam on alien anatomy, and had studied successfully for a few hours before you decided to do some independent reading.  You had lain down on your stomach beside him, your face propped up on your elbows, reading, your eyes getting heavy as the words blurred together, and you must have fallen asleep using Leonard as a pillow.  

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Intro: So this fic was requested by none other than the lovely @outside-the-government​ (go follow her btw). 

-REQUEST: A fic with Bones and reader with the line “You blossom under kindness, don’t you? Like a rose.” where Bones is being his usual gruff self but he realizes it’s scaring reader, and he instantly changes, outwardly becoming the kind, loving, compassionate person we know he is under the prickly exterior.

So to preface this: I am not sure how I feel about this piece, and it was actually very difficult to write, for some reason.  Maybe it is because I am not used to writing stories where the reader is just meeting Bones, but I felt that I needed to write it that way because of the request. I hemmed and hawed around what I had written and actually rewrote it before I was generally happy with the idea.  It came out a lot more angst-y and deep, and much longer than I had anticipated so I hope it is okay!  Enjoy!

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 3084 (longer than I had anticipated haha)

Triggers: description of wound, blood, description of sexual assault (no details though)

Summary: See above for request. 


Every time you had a physical in the medbay, you had an anxiety attack.  You consistently dreaded going there because of said reason, so when you cut your arm while digging through a box of old parts in the engineering room, Scotty had to force you to go.  

“Lassie, you need to go get that checked out by Dr. McCoy.” Scotty drawled, gesturing to your dripping, red arm that you had wrapped a dirty cloth around and now held to your chest.  

“Nah, it’s just a scratch, Scott.” You reassured, but you knew you were a terrible liar.  

“I’m no doctor but that looks like more than just a scratch, now get going.” Scotty directed and you wondered quietly if you would get kicked off the Enterprise for knocking your boss out and running back to your quarters to hide. 

“Fine.” You muttered and headed towards the door, silently swearing when you heard Scotty following you. 

“And I am going to walk you, to make sure there you get there.” Scotty assured, grabbing your elbow to make you change directions and head down the hallway towards the medbay. 

You groaned and felt your chest tighten with anxiety as you strode quickly down the hall, Scotty’s hand never leaving your elbow. 

When you reached the medbay, you surveyed the chaotic room, your throat dry, and your mouth tasting like chalk.  

“Scotty, I really don’t like the medbay.” You squeaked and this time you were the one grasping his elbow. 

“And I really don’t like it when my engineers die of blood loss.” Scotty badgered and when you didn’t move, he gave you a little shove. 
“Get goin’, lass, and I expect you back at work in the morning.” Scotty saluted and strode out the doors, leaving you completely alone in the busy medbay. 

You forced yourself to step forward, but jumped back when you were almost run over with a bio-bed someone was pushing.  Adrenaline coursed through you and you heard your heart beating in your ears.  You considered making a run for it, but someone’s voice stopped you.

“Another injured engineer?  What did you do this time? Slice yourself on a keyboard? Lacerate yourself reconnecting a motherboard?” As you followed the sarcastic voice to its source, you saw it belonged to Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer. 

He looked down at you, his arms crossed, and his brown eyes sparkling with amusement.  Seeing his face reminded you of the scheduled physicals that he performed, and you felt your anxiety grow.  

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Sing It To Me

Intro: So this was requested by the lovely @eenterprise!  Thank you so much!  This was so fun to write!

-I was wondering if you could do a piece about BonesxReader where the reader gets a weird disease where they keep singing everything they are saying and everyone thinks it’s really funny but Bones keeps trying to act annoyed but really he thinks it super cute. 

Pairing: Bones x reader (but like not reallyish)

Word Count: 1884

Triggers: None, lots of hiccupping and fluff, bad music puns at the end

Summary: See request above, that’s exactly what it is.  Just fluff!


The hiccuping had started around dinnertime, which you assumed was normal, until you went to bed, still hiccuping.  It kept you up all night and seemed to get worse as the early hours of the morning dawned.  

You tossed and turned until finally you had enough.  Pulling on regular clothes you strode purposefully down the hall, arms swinging, probably looking like a crazy person as every other step you took you let out a high-pitched hiccup.  

Reaching the medbay you stomped in, the floor quiet except for a few nurses milling around. 

“Do you - hicc! - know where Dr. - hicc! - McCoy is?” You asked to one of the nurses who approached you.  

“In his office, I believe.” She responded, giving you a weird look.  

“Thank - hicc! - you.” You rolled your eyes at yourself as the hiccups interrupted everything you were saying.  

You walked over to Bones’ office door and knocked, though you were sure you didn’t need to as he could probably hear your hiccups echoing through the door. 

“Come in.” You heard faintly and swung the door open.  

You must have looked crazy, standing in the doorway, hair a mess from being up all night, shirt buttoned up wrong, hands on your hips, hiccuping.  

“Y/N?  What are you doing up so early?” Bones raised an eyebrow and looked slightly amused at your distressed appearance. 

“I - hicc! - have had the hicc - hicc! - ups since last night and they d - hicc! - on’t seem to be going away - hicc!” You explained quickly, trying to get words in in between hiccups but failing miserably. 

“So you decided that 4:30 in the morning was the right time to come in?” Bones grumbled but got up from his desk and strode over to you. 

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I’m Not Stupid!

Originally posted by boy-toy-mccoy

Intro: SO this little (yet not so little) fic was inspired by two things. 

1.  I saw an ask a little while back before I started writing and it was something about how the reader had an injury and didn’t want to tell Bones and when Bones found out he was mad (I can’t find it again so sorry if that was yours).  

2.  A line from the song “Aaron Burr, sir” from Hamilton - “He looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid!” (lovelovelovelovelove hamilton)

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 3017

Triggers: none really, brief description of an injury (just bruising no gore). 

Summary: Reader has harboured an injury that they don’t want to tell Bones about it.  Bones finds out and is angry that they didn’t come to him. Fluff ensues (plus some angst).  - wow summaries are hardddd


You were up on the bridge talking to your superior, Lieutenant Uhura, when you heard your name being said behind you. 

Recognizing it as the voice of Captain James T. Kirk you spun around dramatically and locked eyes with him, a look of amusement smattered across his face.  Looking slightly to his left you spot who Jim must have been talking to about you.  Grumpy Doctor McCoy straightened up beside Jim as if he had just been leaning down to speak quietly to him.  His mouth stretches into a smile when he sees you, making you smile back, but then it quickly disappears as you know the grumpy doctor never smiles for long.  

Setting your eyes back to the now-smirking Jim who is looking mischievously between you and Leonard, you sauntered slowly over to him as he sat is his captain’s chair.  

“Did I hear you gossiping about me, Jimbo?” You drawled as you neared the center of the bridge where they were.  

“Me?  No way?!” Jim said in mock defense, raising his hand to his mouth in shock for emphasis, “this guy, though,” Jim whispered as he put his hand on the right side of his mouth, cupping it so only you could hear, and motioned to Bones.

Jim’s hand was obviously not doing enough to block the sound and you saw Leonard roll his eyes and cross his arms across his chest, turning away from the two of you.  

“Really?” You played along with mock surprise, “was he talking smack about me because I can take him, him and all his grumpy doctor-ness.”

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If I’ve learned anything from science fiction...

you can’t build a utopia from hate, fear and division. Only a dystopia can come from those things.

I’ve noticed that most Sci Fi stories depict either a utopian future or (increasingly common) a dystopian one. But even in the ones that depict a utopian future (i.e. Star Trek), they often state in the back story how it rose from the ashes of a dystopia.

I think we are entering the dystopian phase now.  Whether it all ends in a utopia, or just… ends… remains to be seen.

But I have to root for utopia. What other reason is there to go on?