Wild Girl

Intro: Hellohellohello friendos!  I have written a thing and am actually going to be able to post it now yay go me!  So I’ve finally gotten a hold on life and it’s craziness so I spit this big-ish fic out in the last few days and I hope you like it!  It is a SUUUPPPPERRRR and I mean SUPER over due request from @names-add-meaning

Love, I apologize with my whole heart about how damn long this took me.  I think it was probably back in May or June that you requested this and I just never got stupidly around to it.  You don’t have to acknowledge that this even exists, because I don’t deserve it.  I am so sorry.  But I hope you like it?  I tried to follow your request closely!  Just no enterprise crew, just Jim!

Pairing: Kirk x reader (I tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible!)

Word Count: 2400ish

Warnings: nothing really, alcohol, dancing, makeout?

Summary: After 6 months aboard the Enterprise you finally got some shore leave, and everyone’s headed to the club.  You’re not a big fan of these things, but you decide to go anyway.  Jim, who is one of your closest friends, is there and saves you from spending the night with your drunk friend.  He can’t convince you to dance with him, and you’re about to leave when a certain song comes on.  Will you go for it?  Be a little wild for once?  Maybe act on a certain crush you’d had on someone for so long?

The song and dance I was inspired by was this one below, to “Like a River” by Bishop Briggs - I pictured the reader dancing similarly, except to the whole song!


Jim’s head swiveled when he heard your name.  An instinct really, the shout was enough to make anyone jump, but he knew that the rush of adrenaline that dripped through his insides and made his heart beat faster was much more than that. 

He tried to calm his racing heart as he caught sight of you in the corner of his eye, but instead the opposite happened.  Your usual outfits ranged from baggy sweaters to your uniform, so Jim’s jaw nearly dropped when he saw you in something a little more revealing.  Clothes suited to the club that you had just walked into, where Jim had been sitting for the past 20 minutes, getting a good head start on his drink, pretending he wasn’t waiting for you to come around. 

You were hugging your friend, and Jim almost laughed at the sour look on your face.  He knew you hated things like this, but since this was the first shore leave in almost 6 months, he was sure your friends made you come.  And he was glad for it.  

“Y/N!!  You came!” The familiar high-pitched voice of your friend somehow carried over the loud music and chattering voices.

“And you look so… hot!” Aalia continued as her near-jumping form came into view.

“Yes, yes, instead of wearing my comfy sweats and hoodie like I wish I was, I have dragged these pieces of revealing clothing out of my closet and somehow got them on my body.” You grumbled, releasing yourself quickly from the sweaty hug that she wrapped you in.

“Oh, shut up!  Stop being so cynical, it distracts from your smoking hot bod.”

You gave Aalia a disapproving glare, but it didn’t carry as much ice in it as you wanted.  She wasn’t wrong, you did look pretty good.  The tighter clothing did make you want to constantly keep your arms crossed over your chest, but you know from when you last looked in the mirror, it was working for you.  And since you were finally on the shore leave that had been promised for many months, you thought you’d change it up.

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Lorca and Michael are idiots.

If they were really geniuses they’d easily realise that the perfect weapon against the Klingons is sitting on Lorca’s desk. Let that puppy multiply, beam them by the ton onto the bridge of the Klingon ships and boom, what war

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I don’t have time to make a nice intro to this but this is for @lt-sammi-matthews‘s birthday challenge which was due a month and a half ago and I am a terrible person but here it finally is - please forgive me. 

Ironically the title is Late, which relates to the story, and the fact that this is monumentally late. 

It was with the soulmate AU “Everyone has the first word’s their soulmate says to them written on their wrist.” - at least i hope that was the one I chose. 

I also would love to add more scenes to this, but since I have a life that doesn’t allow for free time, that might be a while from now. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: not that long but I will put it under a cut anyways. 


You were late.  So fucking late.  

Get out of the way! You screamed in your head as you shouldered through the crowded streets. Goddamnit, MOVE!

As you streamlined down the sidewalk, bumping shoulders and bags with people every step of the way, your annoyance only grew.   You flipped up your wrist to check your watch as you came to a halt at an intersection.  You needed to do a 15 minute walk in the next 5 minutes to be on time.  As you lowered your hand, your eyes caught on the familiar and strangely comforting marks on the underside of your wrist. 

The light changed and you surged forward, but your mind drifted to the words written on your skin.  By the age of 18, everyone had words scribbled in the inside of their wrists.  The first words their soulmate would ever say to them. 

Unlucky for most, it was usually a very generic “Hello”, “Good morning”, or “Nice to meet you.”  This was the cause of many-a-false soulmate occurrences.  People saying these things to each other, mistaking them for their soulmates, and attempting a relationship that inevitably failed.  There were even reality shows surrounding false soulmate-ships, where the actual soulmate is met when the false, original couple is still together.  It was all very dramatic. 

But lucky for you, you had unique words on your wrist.  “Watch out!” was scribbled, and you mean scribbled into the skin on your wrist.  It was barely legible font, your soulmate’s handwriting, you assumed, and didn’t show up until the exact hour you turned 18.  

Ever since then, you’d wondered just in what situation you would be in for someone to shout “Watch out!”.  You’d been cautious around dangerous situations, because it seemed that that was the most likely scenario you would be in to meet your soulmate, but you also sought out danger, just so you could meet him or her faster.  Most people had met their soulmate by now, like all of your siblings and many of your friends.  You wondered if you’d ever meet yours, and why you were running so late in finding each other. 

A vibration and a beep from your pocket pulled you from your daydream and you pulled out your phone, just steps from the front doors of the building you needed to go in.  You stopped for a second, opening your phone and groaning.  It was from your boss.  

“WATCH OUT!” Someone yelled, seconds before you were hurled sideways and slammed against the wall of the building, pressed into it by another body. 

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Intro: So this is my extremely late entry to @atari-writes birthday challenge that was due AUGUST 31st yes I am a terrible person I know - and I just looked at their blog and they are on a hiatus oh no!  I am so so so so sorry!  If you see this I give you lots of hugs and apologies to the moon and back. 

With the prompts “He told me he liked me and I’m gonna go make out with him right now.  On his face.” and “Your hair is so soft…”

Pairing: Scotty x reader

Word Count: 1,458

Summary: You come back from an away mission after being attacked by a mysterious plant that causes you to forget things and go all crazy.  Dr. McCoy is putting you back together, and Scotty is worried sick, though when you forget certain details about him, he is sure to remind you. <3

A/N: I have no idea if this is any good or not.  I wrote it on my shift at the cafe I work at.  I hope you like it!


“Argh, Leonard is she gonnae be alrigh’?”

There was a grunt as the two men eased you down onto the biobed, but you arms flailed wildly and you cried ‘weeee’ as you crashed down unceremoniously. 

“Should be, Scott, can you just tell me what happened again?” Leonard asked as he straightened up, sliding your legs onto the biobed so you were laying on it, and immediately beginning to assess you with his tricorder. 

“Uh, yeah,” Scotty pushed his hair back with his hand, “we were jus’ goin’ through the forest, as we were suppose t’a, mindin’ our own business, looking for samples when outta nowhere I look back and she’s on the ground with this giant plant arm attached t’her leg.  She dinnae even scream or anythin’, so I kill the bloody thing, an’ she’s been loopy ever since.”

“No blackouts, she didn’t hit her head or have trouble breathing?” Leonard asked above your sudden high-pitched giggles. 

“Nae.” Scotty shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest and chewing on his pinky nail as he looked over at you. 

Leonard clicked his tricorder closed and turned to Scotty, “Well she seems stable right now, so I will keep monitoring her, but we really need to find out what the plant was, to make sure it’s not toxic or anything, so maybe go find Spock and try to identify it.”

Scotty hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave you in case anything happened, but conceded. “Okay, but promise to…”

“I’ll com you right away if anything changes.”

Scotty nodded, a worried smirk on his lips as he gave a last glance at you before heading out the door. 

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Check out my new retro poster for Episode 8 of Star Trek Discovery. I’ve always liked optical illusions so I decided to use the trees and beacon surrounded by the lifeforms from the episode to form Saru, with emphasis on his threat ganglia. Another poster next week for the mid-season finale!