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Theory: Kirk’s ripped shirt in the newer movies doesn’t have small holes because it’s improperly portraying just how horribly he can destroy his uniform, it’s because he’s just at the beginning of his shirt-ripping career. From what I understand, even the beginning of TOS is set much later than the most recent of the new Trek movies, so Kirk’s still a bit new at this.

I choose to believe that, given time, this alternate version of Kirk will also eventually master how to properly rip his shirt during a mission, and will one day make it back to the bridge in a shirt of which nothing remains but the collar and one sleeve clinging to it with a sort of forlorn determination.


This is a direct sequel to Unexpected Guest.

Thanks to @mccoymostly for planting the little plot bunny in my head and being my idea bouncer and beta. If everyone likes this and wants me to continue, there will probably be two more chapters.

2,685 word(s) of - fluff, fun and set up

No warnings  -  Leonard x Reader

You shimmered onto the transporter pad of the Enterprise, sighing deeply as you stared at the grey walls now surrounding you. You were standing in the front yard of your house just seconds before, with the warm breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. You loved space and were excited to be back, deep down, but it was always hard to leave your home and the blue skies behind.

You made your way down the familiar halls to your quarters, keying in the code to get into your room. The doors swished open quietly as you stepped inside the room. “Ahhh my home away from home.” You spoke quietly into the empty room, as you took your bags to your bedroom and dropped them inside the door, vowing to get to them later.

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Some of the last of that TNG sketch set of characters with styles based on their personalities

Worf is a total klingon and klingons seem a lot like Vikings, but also remind me of ancient China. So I took cues from old Nordic art and Mogao Cave art.

Tasha is another one of the younger crew members, she seems straight forward and simple but there’s a lot going on there. I went with contemporary artists that reminded me of that.


He’s arrived and oh my Surak, I love him to bits. It’s one of the most thoughtful and adorable gifts I’ve ever gotten. Gosh, how wonderful are you? Thank you so very much Miss Berry and live long and prosper to you, Mr Berry and little Milo.

P.S. - Sorry for being so absent of late, but hopefully I’ll be posting more over the coming weeks. Another dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.

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