Tumblr removed a video of Portia for violating guidelines. According to them you aren’t allowed to upload sexually explicit videos.

#1. It was a video of a baby laughing?????

#2. How is it possible porn blogs exist?

#3. If sexually explicit content isn’t allowed, we can report it and it will be removed. Good to know.

Judging by Eisuke’s last tweet, we will get live performances of rare songs in the near future (mania tour, halloween live and, who knows, maybe 47 prefecture tour too). 

To everyone who is thinking on voting songs that the band never/rarely performed live for the best album (hoping that they will play them this way), don’t do it! Vote the three songs you really care about!

you can go into the tags of almost every sexuality with safe search on and look through the posts including, but not limited to: “bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and gay + homosexual” yet the minute you go into the “lesbian” tag you can’t look at a single post unless you turn safe search off. @staff lesbians are not inherently sexual. lesbians are not nsfw. lesbians are human beings and do not deserve to be hypersexualized.

An Open Letter to Tumblr Staff Regarding the Lesbian Tag

Dear @staff

I have had an account on this fine blogging platform for four years now. I originally came for fandom, and stayed for the sense of community that you have provided.

Sure, there have been issues. I have not liked aspects of most updates. I still don’t like the new logo. But through it all, I have stayed, because this site gave me what I never had elsewhere: a sense of belonging.

Like many, I often find myself joking about what a toxic site this is, and while it can be, it’s often individuals causing unnecessary drama, and a simple unfollow can fix a lot.

In these four years I have seen homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc., etc., etc. And I have felt hurt, and I have been defensive, and I have unfollowed and unfollowed and moved on. And lately, I’ve started to accept that there are some people in life who are just going to be mean. I’ve learned not to jump to the defense of my community every time someone does something nasty.

But this time it’s different. This time the “-phobia” is coming from the very group of people whom I have trusted for four years to build a safe, caring environment for me to escape to.

This is not just sexism. This is not just homophobia. This is telling millions of people who use your website that suddenly, they’re not valid. Their orientation is nothing but pornographic entertainment for the pleasure of other adults, and that their identity, the way in which they love, is something from which children must be protected. That every innocent post about someone’s girlfriend that they tagged as “lesbian” is now blocked from the eyes of everyone who simply doesn’t want to see nudity.

So we’re clear, nudity is not the same thing as a text post about how gay I am, or a painting of two girls holding hands. Lesbian is not a bad word. Lesbian is not dirty. Lesbian is not code for “porn involving two girls f***ing”.

Lesbian is an identity. Lesbian is a safe space. Lesbian is girls in love, girls who think girls are pretty, girls who have their very first crush on their best friend, girls who get married, girls who grow old together. Lesbian is gay girls, and that’s that. To say otherwise is to tell millions of people that the way they love is wrong. To censor our love is to tell us that we are not appropriate for…for what? For work? For young children?

There are lesbians who work, guys, and there are little kids who are lesbians. If people want to avoid the pornography that so sadly plagues the lesbian name, there’s this really handy feature y'all have created called safe search! That’s why the tags “gay”, “bisexual”, and “transgender” haven’t been censored, right? I mean, there’s plenty of porn to be found in all of them, but people can use safesearch. I need to know, dear staff, why lesbian is any different. Why are we a threat?

I can tell you that you will lose this user, and I assure you many more, if you do not reconsider your decision to censor the lesbian tag.

M @floralstarlight



If you’ve been on tumblr longer than five minutes you know exactly how freaking annoying they can be. Article bots infect and clog up completely unrelated hashtags and porn bots follow any and all blogs they can find. It’s obnoxious and damaging to the community tumblr as created and blogs have built up.

They are also very easily prevented.

Most websites that require you to make an account also require you to fill out a captcha. Although these are by no means fool proof, they do an excellent job at cutting down on the level of bots. Even if it just cuts spambots by 50% it would be much better than the situation we have now.
If you have ever been annoyed by the overwhelming amount of bots in you favorite tags or had to sweep you followers for pornbots, I ask that you take the time to reblog this post and go send @staff a fan mail asking them to finally do something about this problem and add a captcha. They have asks and messages turned off, but their fan mail is still on so that’s our only point of access.
This is by no means a perfect solution and is not guaranteed to get results, but if we can all at least get @staff to see we need a bot fix more than we need a new layout, we might be able to fix this.

@staff there is NO excuse for making the lesbian tag NSFW. The paedophile tag is still a thing, but you want to take a safe space away from lesbians? By doing this, you’re making a statement that women, gay women, sapphic women, WOMEN WHO ONLY LOVE WOMEN, are the sexual objects of MEN, only there for sexual pleasure and objectification. You are taking a safe space for a marginilsed group and deciding it’s the fetish that straight men have always made it. You are disgusting, horrible human beings and you should be ashamed. THE PAEDOPHILIA TAG IS OK?! THE ZOOPHILIA TAG IS OK?! But GOD FUCKING FORBID a woman wants to find some positivity about herself in her tag, when the rest of the world is saying she’s wrong. If you want to make tumblr more “family friendly” then do this with actual NSFW tags! But no, I’ve just damned my internet history and checked a whole BUNCH of VERY disturbing fetish tags, and they’re all fine. You horrible, vile people.

I can’t leave tumblr, because of the amount of In the Dark stuff I have stored here, but I am going to be inactive for quite awhile.

@staff is it a joke that us tumblr users have to take hours out of our days to block sex and porn blogs? I am honestly outraged. The amount of porn and sex blogs grow just like the weeds behind my house. I am sickened and annoyed, and honestly, I am extremely disappointed. I’ve been on this website for over 4 years and I love everything that tumblr has brought to my life, EXCEPT for this. And the fact you screen our videos and threaten us that if we violate your policies a certain amount of times you will terminate our blogs when they have no sexual content WHATSOEVER? I feel uncomfortable sharing my life and personal feelings and photos with FRIENDS that I’ve made on here. ​Please do something about it because we do not feel safe. I want you to know how much I want to keep my blog and how much I value this website, but enough is enough and we really want you to do something about it.

anonymous asked:

What's happened with the staff and lesbian porn and stuff? I keep seeing posts about it but no context

Well apparently all posts tagged lesbian are being labeled as “nsfw- not safe for work" even though they are perfectly safe (no porn or triggering stuff) So you can’t see any posts about lesbians if you want to use safe search. As if they’re saying our love and identities are unsafe to read about.
Hope you understand, didn’t really know how to explain it