The sprites probably wouldn’t be as big a deal if the staff had treated all the holiday familiars equally in whether or not they retired them.

But no, we’ve got some holiday familiars that are retired, some that are damn near worthless because they come back during NotN, and others that are supposed to be in the Joxar’s box thing that is supposed to come out at some point in the future.

I understand the kickstarter and downtime familiars being unique-they are one of a kind things. The sprites, on the other hand, are the only holiday familiars that are retired

I just wish that there was some consistency here. If holiday familiars are supposed to be so damn special, treat them all that way. Either retire all of the damn things or give them all an equal but teeny tiny chance to return.

Tumblr’s ‘April Fools’ thing is apparently a day early. It’s the little pixel horse in the bottom left of the screen.

Clicking it opens up a small window with a tamagotchi style horse, pre-named. If you don’t clean up it’s poop within a matter of seconds, it dies and the horse remains on the screen upside down.

You can close it using the icon in the top right of the screen, or by reloading the page. You can also block it using Ad Blocker.

driftless1900  asked:

What about all the janitors there? They constantly clean up after Fae that knock things over.. some might have nice relations with the crows by leaving out breadcrumbs.. they can help students get materials that will protect them.. they have maps of the safest and most dangerous places on campus and constantly check places where students might get lost or getting into trouble.. Janitors are like heroes there

The janitors and other non-professors on campus (the ones that aren’t brownies, anyway) are literally heroes. They’re almost entirely hardcore quest-people biding time between legs of their journeys. Elsewhere U is something of a way station in that regard, a place to earn your keep until you know your next move. Most of them own swords. Many of them will give you free advice, if you’re one of the students that treats the cleaning staff and others like actual people (not always a given, in college).

anonymous asked:

So if the groundskeepers and staff are all or mostly quest-people, did some of them start out as students? Are there students currently attending EU with adventurer-type or chosen-one-type personalities and abilities? Is prophecy a thing at all, vague or incorrect or otherwise? What happens to student quest-people, usually?

Of the staff that are on Quests, some stumbled out of the Elsewhere from another time or place, and need a place to go to ground for a while. Others made their way here following some whisper, some clue, some artifact leading them into the Else, and they need a bit of time to prepare for the next step. And some are students, who have unfinished business, and would rather die than not finish it. In those cases, becoming a professor is too time-consuming or unattainable, and taking a staff position is an easier way of staying on campus.

Plenty of students have abilities and personalities that would serve them well on a Quest; few of them actually end up on one. A quest comes about by virtue of your own choices and the burdens you choose to take up in your dealings with the Gentry. No one is born a hero - it all depends on what you do with yourself.

Prophecies are absolutely a thing, although the clarity and accuracy varies wildly. Most are vague, vague riddles that could mean any number of things. Electronics touched by the Gentry tend to spit out death-oriented prophecies, for example - it’s one of the more common results. And there’s any number of shady characters muttering grim foretellings to themselves in the dorm hallways.

Sometimes the people with quests, students and staff, get what they are looking for. Usually they do not. It’s not an easy road to walk, and there is seldom glory to come from it.