A Plea

Hi guys! Yesterday, I found out that Tumblr decided to flag this blog as NSFW. If you follow me, you know I don’t post any sexually explicit photos or videos of people committing suicide or any other content one may consider NSFW. I just write scary and weird stories. So, until I get this straightened out with Tumblr, this is now considered an adult blog.

What does this mean?

It’s really hard for me to get new followers now :(

Tumblr delists the tags I use like “scary stories” and “horror stories” and stuff like that and prevents my blog from showing up in searches. For all intents and purposes, unless someone encounters this blog through a reblog or finds it through another indirect way, no one will know it exists.

Here’s what I’m hoping you can do until I get this fixed:

If you have friends or acquaintances who are into scary stories who may not know about @unsettlingstories, ask them follow. If you think a story I write may appeal to your own followers, reblog it and ask people to follow. Tumblr has made it extremely difficult for me to grow this blog now, and I need your help.

Thank you <3

So this shit stain @travel-story has been taking photographers’ photos and uploading them without any credit what so ever. Including at least 3 that belonged to my friend @dennybitte

Denny followed @staff‘s stupid convoluted process for reporting these photos and all they did was remove the posts.

Instead of banning shit stains like this guy @staff instead promotes them and allows them to thrive. Whereas other blogs that properly source their uploads and make sure to credit the photographer get shut down after only a couple of complaints. 

Photographers of Tumblr, please check that shit stain’s blog to see if he has stolen any of your photos and if he has please make sure to report him.

Yup so, in the last week or so I’ve started noticing ^^ this. This notice literally has ONLY ever showed up for me on Christian and/or pro-life blogs. It hasn’t showed up on porn bots, racist crap, or the gore blog that tried to follow me.

Only Christian and pro-life blogs.

Thanks, @staff, for proving yet again that this site is about as hostile to Christian and conservative values as it gets, and hypocritical about how your system filters perceived problems. Tbh, I like the idea of this filter. I don’t even care if you DO want to filter Christian/pro-life stuff, like – whatever. But you wanna maybe get a little better about defining “sensitive media” maybe? So maybe for once you’d do something that would block porn and gore and actual hate blogs? ‘Cuz that’d be real nice.


I wish tumblr wouldn’t compress photos so much,I see so many low quality photos on here and scroll past them but when I actually take the time to click on the photo to make it larger, it makes it all nice and high quality. I’ve only noticed this over the past month or so, why you gotta change things up @staff? I wanna see high quality photos while scrolling through my dash.

@staff yall really need to increase the gif size limit to at least 2.5mb to make up for the new dimensions. I’d be happy even if it was just for 540px size gifs and not the smaller ones. Also, please fix the dimensions of the small gifs (177/178/177). Those dimensions are wack, and they get cut off on the bottom. I’ve almost given up on even making sets like that because it’s ugly, and when I do, I just use the old dimensions.