I curse a lot.

Why is everyone in the damn suggestion forum such a GIANT RAGING ASSHOLE. If you don’t support an idea, give some actual logical reasoning. Not this stupid selfish I-dont-want-anyone-else-to-be-happy BULLLLLSHIT. And stop speaking for the admins, let them decide if a suggested idea would be too much work. FUCK. 

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“They won’t let us use anything else.” says Nick DeMayo, animation director for Steven Universe. ”It’s an absolute nightmare. It takes ages just to produce a single frame.”

Rebecca Sugar’s insistence that they use MS Paint - and only MS Paint - comes from the fact that, according to her, “MS Paint is just fine” and  “You don’t need anything else”.

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She Said It Best:
Home Styling Tips

Talk about a problem that’s good to have: we work with so many…

She Said It Best:
Home Styling Tips

Talk about a problem that’s good to have: we work with so many creative minds who have both impeccable style and willingness to share their advice, that when it came time print their gems of decorating wisdom in our Summer House and Home Journal, precious few made it to press. Luckily, there’s loads of room for all of the extra bits right here. From the genius of backyard string lights to welcoming guest-room must-haves, read how our home office staffers make their houses feel like homes.

“We have café lights that crisscross our yard. They make everyone and everything look great, without the fear of candles burning down your house!”
—Halligan, Art Director

“Buy a few big baskets of mixed flowers and replant them in an easy-to-carry pot. You can move it around on a whim and add a ‘wow’ moment to your patio, front step or herb garden.”
—Carolyn, Creative Director

“Betsy Bloomingdale said it best: ‘The most important thing is the mix. It isn’t what you put on the tables; it’s who you put in the chairs.’”
—Ann, Divisional Merchandise Manager

“I love assigning seats with little name cards—this eliminates any awkward moments for my guests, and allows me to strategically place the social butterflies.”
—Christina, Director of Customer Styling

“I love a comfortable, but elegant, couch—I prefer a neutral color so I can change out the pillows and curtains from time to time.”
—Becky, Art Director

“Every living room needs great end tables. Finding these is like striking gold.”
—Bernice, Design Director

“Hidden TVs are a must. My living room is the heart of my house, and I don’t want it to be centered around the television.”

“In summer, I bring the outdoors in with plants and bowls of fresh fruit. I also keep seashells, driftwood and other beachcombing treasures on view.”

“When it comes to bedding, mine will forever be solid white—the calmest, most serene color there is.”

“I have big, thick robes in each our spare bedrooms so my guests can wrap up in the morning, grab a cup a coffee and sit on the dock.”

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Signal boost - Blog bots lead to virus - DO NOT CLICK

Do not click funny dog, or any other “fun” for that matter, for it leads to a virus.

If cmwhitneythings or any of the above blogs that have to do with fun start following you, ignore it or block it, report it.

staff will do something about this, but until then, do not click any of several similarly themed blogs that commence to follow you all of a sudden.

>>What shit post generator made these even

staff hey can you make a useful update where you get rid of all the seizure inducing flashing tumblr T’s and maybe put some usefuls in there such as the option to

not let people add to posts?

not let people reblog posts?

not let people delete op caption?

just a few examples

So FR…

Apparently FR decided to add in new rules to the roleplay section, nothing wrong there right?

Except in doing so, they decided to delete any threads that violated the rules without so much as a warning that they were doing so. A planning thread that I was a part of got deleted, despite there being no romance, gore, violence or anything else.

Only reason I can see it being deleted is that the main theme of the roleplay was war. War, a theme that notably plays a role in Flight Rising’s lore. So apparently even things that are on the site aren’t allowed to be used anymore, always good. Next thing will be all the references to non-sparkly times in the FR lore magically vanishing, and all the remotely violent things on site turning into butterflies and rainbows. No rain though, that’s too negative.


I don’t roleplay on FR so I should be indifferent to this, but the “no violence” ban is giving me some serious Neopets vibes. 

  • Roleplay may not have gratuitous or implied violence that is not in line with existing site lore; language and imagery that implies or overtly states non-consensual sex, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc is not permitted.

I thought this site was for teens. Any children movie you get is going to have violence– you couldn’t roleplay a good number of Disney movies under this ban. Pocahontas? Mulan? 

So yes, I suppose you’re no longer allowed to roleplay war, violence, or EVEN IMPLIED violence. That’s nice and vague for you. Unless, of course, that violence is already in the site lore– so the staff are totally a-okay with you roleplaying in the context of what some users decided to call a genocide of obviously intelligent and occasionally humanoid-like creatures. I’m guessing describing your dragon brutally devouring the innards of some poor, half-alive Maren scout would be a-okay (because that’s ‘in-line with site lore.’) But crafting your own story that happens to not be toddler-friendly? Not going to fly. 

Your favorite folding fan will change into a nice interior decor!

Bamboo Sensu Stand <3

You can display your favorite folding fan at anywhere you like!
It can be used either for hanging on a wall or for standing on a shelf or other surface.

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Blue Knights Present their 2015 Production: Because...

Blue Knights Present their 2015 Production: Because…

DENVER, CO -­ The Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to present our 2015 production, Because… Inspired by the powerful lyrics of the famous Lennon/McCartney song we have our minds focused on the wonders of the world around us. We are celebrating the beauty and joy of being alive and open to possibility.

When you ask “Why?”…unless you include the whole reality of existence found so easily…

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