u kno the scene in hsm2 when theyre playing golf with sharpay & ryans parents & the dad straightens ryans hat cuz it’s crooked. thats a metaphor his dads tryna “straighten” him just like disney tried to “straighten” him. the prom date with kelsi was fake, shes gay and hes gay and theyre friends so they went together to please their parents. this is canon as far as im concerned. i dont make up the rules

this marina joyce thing is freaking me the fuck out but honestly i’ve seen people say she has scizophrenia and that makes a ton of sense. like everything would be explained if that was the case. i’ve studied people with severe schizophrena so i’m fairly familiar and she definitely meets the criteria for a paranoid scizophrenic. she just turned nineteen, and symptoms tend to start showing around that age; it could also explain why she’s gotten progressively worse and why she’s living with her mother.

it would explain the pills on her dresser (medication for a mental illness), the bruises (schizophrenics sometimes self harm in peculiar ways out of paranoia), the barred window (we don’t know how bad it is but she could have attempted to jump out the window to escape smth that wasnt there), the gun (i personally have pretty bad paranoia and i keep a hunting knife on the side of my bed so i feel a little more at ease - this could be a similiar situation. i doubt it’s loaded, i think it’s just there so she can think she could defend herself if needed), the script (she said her videos are scripted. this could be bc shes too scatter brained to do it on the spot. not an insult, just a symptom of mental illness), the finger (again, shes living with her mom, and her moms helping her w the videos), the shakiness (effect of medication and/or fear), the weirdness (reality is altered for schizophrenics. she interprets things different than we do. thus her peculiar tweets. shes trying to reach out but she doesnt know how bc shes scared), the stuttering (again, scatterbrained + fear - not because anyone’s going to hurt her, but bc she thinks someones gonna), the ‘i love you guys sm’ constantly (paranoia probably leaves her thinking she might die at any given moment. this wants to assure us she loves us in case she dies like she thinks she might), the answering of ‘like if youre in danger’ (drawing the heart, putting the cat emoji; we think shes in physical danger and shes not, but she thinks shes in danger bc shes delusional, so shes answering us accordingly), and most significantly, the fear (again, paranoid scizophrenic. she thinks something’s out to get her and she sees things that arent there.)

her mom seems like a good woman, only thing to worry about is that marina doesn’t hurt herself and takes good care of herself. schizophrenia, off the assumption she does in fact have it, has no cure. this is something she has to live with. however, it is managable. it’s hard to deal with any mental illness, but it’s even harder to deal with one that alters reality and your perception. i’m sure shes having a hard enough time, she doesnt need these conspiracies fueling her paranoia. this is coming from someone with paranoia + schizoid pd, which is on the schizo spectrum and sometimes turns into schizophrenia later in life - i’ve spent a week sick to my stomach over a youtuber i’d never even heard of, but she’s probably just severely mentally ill. all we can do is support her & hope her mental state improves a little bit. a new video’s coming later today anyway; we’ll see what happens.

30 Days of Super Simple Spells Days 26-30

Holy shit it’s finallly here the last 5 spells. Thank you to everyone who has followed this. The master post should be up soon, but for now, please enjoy days 26, 27,28,29 and 30

Day 26- The Iceman Cometh

a spell to freeze obsticals in the way of a goal


a paper snowflake 

a representation of what in your way

an ice cube

1. Take your representation and place it somewhere where wetness wont be an issue (paper plate etc), Don’t leave it for others to find this isn’t love and light here, we’re calling on the universal forces to effectively freeze something from happening. Dispose of this spell in a final way as well (that I leave up to you)

2. Place the snowflake on top of the item covering it if possible. 

3. Place the ice cube on top of that or near it.

4. Do what you need to do to obtain your goal. replace the icecube as need be (i.e. when you notice it’s melted, as far as you know ice doesn’t melt when you aren’t around)

Day 27- Shake Sugar

a spell to bring joy to a household



1. Throw some sugar on the welcome mat.

2. Place some sugar on the roof.

3. know joy and good things are on its way. Also don’t spread in the house because then ants will be on their way. (note to self “binding” idea)


A “Binding” to affect those who have HARMED you, with the itchy power of ants!


paper poppet (see previous spells), with an explanation of what your binding them from doing.



1. mix sugar and water

2, Prepare poppet

3.Dip poppet in sugar water

4. Let sit outside in the grass… where the ants are…

Day 29- Get That Gold

Money spell for quick cash


Gold (real or an object colored that way, yes yellow will work in a pinch)

some basil

a small paper scrap with the amount you need.

1. Place the piece of paper on a window sill

2. set the gold object on the paper so it catches the light 

3. sprinkle some basil around it, daily  (cedar, bayleaves or cinnamon will work just as well if you don’t have basil)

4. Let sit until the money has manifested, then dispose of it.

Day 30- Hope Springs Eternal

A spell to summon hope in dark times


A personal object that you feels represents you in the most personal universal way. (this is your business, and you don’t need to justify your choice when this doing it in a group.)

a drawing of a place that makes you happy. (yes drawing pics wont here, but keep in mind you don’t need to be picasso, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just draw, do simple shapes if need be, but try and conjure the memory of this place in you mind. even if its a place that not real on this plane of existence )

A sweet Candy you like.

A blanket and a place to sit.

1. place the object on the paper. This represents you in abundance and joy.

2. take your object and touch it to the candy then eat it. This you receiving mirth and prosperity in your goal

3. holding your object. wrap your self in the blanket like a robe. and sit down, this is you in full embrace of hope, completely safe and warm, joy and your mind and sweetness on your tongue. 

4.Be Good, Be Happy and Be Safe.

Against The Wall- SSS (Ch. 5)

A/N: I’m over 10K into the next chapter, and guyyyyys…. It’s been a slog. Thanks to everyone who’s poked and prodded and nudged me through the mire. I hope to have this beast wrapped up by mid-week so I can write something for PiP. You can find the first chapters here. For @gobletgirl.

Unbetaed and therefore subject to disintegrate.

“I want you to listen up, everyone,” Katniss began as the first notes of the recorded background music blared out over the loudspeaker. Her eyes swept the room from her perch on the counter, their ferocity commanding the rapt attention of every person there, while the Legs began to shimmy their hips from where they stood on their marks. “I’ve got a little something to say… about boys… and the games they like to play.”

She was going off-script now, and somehow everyone knew it. She could feel every eye riveted on her—one pair in particular from up in the balcony that burned a bright shade of blue, a fire so intense it heated her face even from across the room. A hush spread throughout the diner, disrupted only by the sound of a solitary piece of silverware clinking on a plate—a blue-haired woman in the front was a few decades past caring what anyone had to say about boys, much less some waitress singing karaoke in Midtown. But everyone else—those not accustomed to thinking themselves above or beyond love—watched her with gobsmacked expressions, the nachos or onion rings they’d been shoveling into their faces frozen mid-air in front of them.

Because she’d caught them all off guard. She’d been cute before, maybe a little sexy and sweet. A Sandy, a Pink Lady, a breezy summertime romance.

But now she was a girl on fire, engulfing the room with her scorn. Her voice was smoldering and crackling with ire, and the moths fluttered to it, mesmerized, convinced by the beauty of the flames that the fire was wisdom.  

“Boys will only break your heart,” she told them, her voice low and unforgiving. “They’ll use you, and then lose you, and leave you all alone.”