30 Days of Super Simple Spells Day 7

Sweet dreams- a simple potion of promoting a pleasant and restful sleep.

1. Honey
2. Sugar
3. Milk
(yes almond and silk are acceptable subsitiutes if you can’t find minllk non dairy creamer is an option not a pleasant tasty option but it would work)

1. Place a fair amount of honey on a spoon
2. Place a drop or two of milk on the honey
3. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on the mixture
4. Consume
5. Got to bed

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30 Days of Super Simple Spells Day 11

The Shield of Glory

A spell to shield ones self against a threat. Be it a person or spirit. Useful for anyone at risk of harm.

A marker, a piece of paper and a piece of jewelry you wear all the time.

1. On the piece of paper, an octogram*with an eye in the center. the jewelry on the octogram.

3. State clearly “ in my time of need, Spirit I call on the shield of glory to hallow this mantle and shield me from —x— with its power. With my thanks , so mote it be”

4. Wear the item at all times. To disenchant repeat step two and state “ my need has ended I relinquish the shield I thank you Spirit for its protection so mote it be”

Notes and there are a few as this is a slightly more advanced spell, than what we have been working with, though I still consider it a super simple one.

An octogram is an eight pointed star. Which has rich history going back to one of the first cities of humanity, Ur. It’s considered a symbol of many things particularly the goddess Inanna (Ishtar has also been associated with this symbol). I however use it to represent eternity as it has eight tines which is the number of eternity and wishes ( imagination which is infinite). When an eye is drawn inside I consider this to be the spirit eternal or divinity.

The fact I used “Spirit” here doesn’t mean you’re calling on a god or goddess in particular. I use Spirit as an indicator of the perfect Divine Source. However if you have devotions to other gods then replace it with their name. The shield of glory is an eternal instrument they’ll know what you’re asking for.

Since again the shield of glory is an eternal instrument you shouldn’t go enchanting with it willy nilly (ha got to use that finally suck it post modern vernacular). Use this in times of great need against a particular threat, for as long as that threat lasts, for some it may be a couple days until the threat has gone away or it could be a lifetime in cases of some stalkers or rapists. This being said. You yourself are an eternal spirit, so do not think that by asking for this blessing that you are somehow bothering someone or asking a favor. You aren’t it’s as much yours as anybody else’s and its your birth right to utilize its gifts. This is important to keep in mind when requesting it, that you are entitled to it by existence. It’s just like keeping a can of pepper spray on you. It’s not like you’re going to whip it out and spray it unless you absolutely have to and when you do have to you won’t hesitate or ask permission. Also be sure to use it in conjunction with other mundane efforts like filing police reports, using common sense and safe measures etc ( unless it’s the police you’re trying to be protected from)

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