Preview- Pumpkin Spice(x)

I hate that somewhere in between childhood and now we’ve learned to keep secrets from each other.

Like: I’m hopelessly in love with you.

Or, in her case: I’ve been shopping at the Brown Bag It for sex toys and condoms to use with some dickwad boyfriend who is not, and will never be, you.


A Modern AU. Rated E for explicit language and sexual content. The first four chapters can be read here

A/N: Hey folks! I’m hauling ass on the last chapter of Pumpkin Spice. Here’s a preview. Thanks so much for reading and supporting the story… I promise not to keep you waiting much longer. <3c 


With the taste of Katniss still on my tongue and the memory of her wrecked voice crying out that she loves me still echoing in my ears, I am forced to accept a truth that is as bitter as it is sweet: that everything happens—or, in some cases, not—for a reason. Every missed opportunity, every torment and doubt, all the nights we’d spent in other people’s arms or completely alone, listening to the clock strike midnight as we panted each other’s names under our breaths, pleasuring ourselves to the thought of the other, never knowing the other was doing the same…it brought us here, to this perfectly imperfect moment.

The reality is that when I was fourteen I met the love of my life, and she met me.

But I watched her as she grew up—stood by as she dated other guys, a parade of jerkoffs and fuckups who took her virginity and then whatever pieces of her they could—her innocence, her hope, her joy—until she thought she was broken and to blame, until she believed they’d stolen her fire too. And I did nothing but love her uselessly, holding her hand when I should have been holding her heart.

It took a box of Pumpkin Spice flavored condoms to get us to admit our feelings to each other—for her to fall apart and, in falling apart, to come back together.

It could have happened sooner, but it happened when it should—

So what’s the use of regret?

Untitled Joshifer One-Shot SSS

A/N: Hey everyone! This is unexpected, isn’t it? Especially the subject material lol! I’ve been thinking about this particular one shot for a long time though, and I finally started it a few days ago. It’s going to be pretty lengthy, so I’m hoping the motivation sticks with me so I can finish it. Regardless, I’m seeing a ton of SSS/previews on my dash right now, so I figured I’d give you all a little glance at what I’m working on!

Also, does the universe seem familiar? 👀

There’s no bathroom anymore, but a trailer. I’m not on the bathroom floor, but instead curled up on a couch.

There is however, one thing that links the two different scenarios together, one thing that unifies them completely.

Talking about the stomach bug I definitely don’t have.

And just like last time, my entire body reacts accordingly. My eyes widen as tears are quick to re-pool. My limbs tremble as a shiver runs down the length of my spine. My heart seems to skip a few beats before leaping up into my throat, twitching and thundering all the while.

A component is missing from the previous time though; there’s no panic. Utter shock and wonder, perhaps, but no panic. And as I slowly lift my gaze off the floor, breaking the flashback and my thoughts, I can see the reason why.

I’m not alone, in the bathroom nor life in general. I’m with Josh. I’m with my husband.

Slowly I meet his stare in silence, wide blue searching hazel. Though there are hints of confusion wrinkling his forehead, and bits of concern wrinkling his brow, I can see we’re in sync as usual.

He’s come to the same realization as well.

I flounder to say something, my trembling lips opening and closing, but only shaky breaths escape. As usual, Josh is the one to step up, softly framing my face with a hand and opening his mouth to speak.

But right before he can say anything, a knife cuts through the tension. A wiggly, energetic, adorable one.

“Dadddyyy? Daddddyyyy?”

A small body is quick to follow the high pitched voice, Caden hobbling up to the doorway. The second she catches sight of me, her face breaks out in a toothy toddler grin, and her motives change.

“Mommy!” she shrieks as she runs towards me, oblivious to anything that was going on before, something that’s now being pushed to the back of my head for the time being.

SSS - A Thing to be Achieved

So I started this crossover story last year with Everlark in the plot from Water for Elephants, (which I looooove), and, NGL, it’s my least popular story! I just don’t think anyone knows about, so my SSS today is from the next chapter, and of course it gives me the opportunity to show what @loving-mellark can do in 15 minutes or less. She’s amazeballs. You can find the first two chapters here, and I am working on the last two when I get stuck on Lost and Found.

If hunger hadn’t woken me, the searing pain in my ribs certainly would have. I couldn’t tell what time of day it was, since the space had no window, something that had bothered me since I’d inhabited the dank room. I could only guess by the persistent growling of my stomach that it was afternoon.

The sudden urge to relieve myself hit, making me groan. If being still hurt like hell, then any movement at all would be excruciating. A deep breath filled my lungs as I summoned the nerve to sit up. I thought the easiest way was to roll onto my side, which immediately stole the breath I’d just inhaled.

It seemed like an eternity before I made it to the bucket in the far corner, wincing and cursing with every step. I stayed hunched, leaning heavily on the wall since standing up straight was an even worse option than getting out of bed.

I had just made it back to my cot when Katniss knocked on the door. “Peeta? Are you awake?” her voice was soft and muffled from the other side, but unmistakable in its melodic quality.

yo uh i think i’m agender. cuz my attitude towards gender is the same as my attitude towards sexuality, in that it doesn’t exist, like i’m ace & aro bc sexuality isnt important at all to me, so i figured by that logic, not having a sexuality, i dont rlly have a gender right? i could give a fuck abt gender. it’s irrelevant to me. like it’s not even enough of an issue for me to want to label tbh, but thats how i feel with sexuality, and i identify as ace bc the norm (bein hetero) doesn’t fit at all, but now cis doesnt feel like it fits either so? idk ive always called myself cis cuz im too lazy to bother w anything else but like. idk it seems right. plus i think theres a lot of freedom to it, u can look however u want. identity doesnt matter to me, i dress & look however’s convenient, so i think it gives me the freedom to keep doin that without bein stuck in a box u kno. idk. still she/her pronouns tho just cuz im used to them & comfortable w them & theyre just three letter words to me so it doesnt rlly matter…idk. but yeah. i guess.

SSS - Inevitability

(Mostly I just wanted an excuse to look at this gorgeous banner by @otrascosasseries again ;) )

A tiny snippet of Inevitability, Part 2

When he sees her approaching his face lights up, awestruck. She can’t contain her grin as she runs the last few feet to stand before him. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he gasps, stroking her loose locks with a shaky hand.

“You don’t look so shabby yourself, Mellark,” she tries to joke, but her voice sounds breathy and giddy. He laughs.

“Still want to do this?” His question is lighthearted but she can see the genuine worry.  She grabs his hand and tows him towards the door in response.

SSS - Chapter 2 of “Unalienable”

Chapter 1 of “Unalienable” can be read on District 12 Drabbles & on AO3 with Chapter 2 coming soon! Here’s a preview.

“I should have known you would be carousing with this so-called Patriot trash,” she grumbled as she swept into the room and grabbed Peeta by the ear. Peeta yelped in pain and Katniss reached for Mrs. Mellark’s arm in his defense before being stopped with a withering glare from the older woman. “I can’t stop Mayor Undersee from inviting trash like you into his home, but you will stay away from my son. He doesn’t need to be influenced by your father’s rebellious ways.”

“Mother, please –” Peeta gritted out.

“Enough out of you, Peeta! You will remember that Mellarks understand loyalty and devotion to the King.” Peeta cried out as Mrs. Mellark tugged on his ear again, essentially leading him out of the kitchen that way. After a near-silent, tense dinner in which they hardly dared to steal more that a fleeting glance at one another, Peeta was forced to remain with the men in the study while the women and girls retired to the drawing room. Peeta never saw Katniss again.

Until tonight, when she appeared like some sort of apparition in the moonlight behind his house, shivering and on the run. Needing him.

Peeta’s mother had been a hundred percent correct when she said the Mellarks understood devotion. While Peeta knew Ammon Mellark had no personal grudge against any Everdeen, the elder Mellark had such loyalty to the Crown that he could easily set aside any lingering guilt about turning his oldest friend’s daughter over to the redcoats.

Ammon’s devotion to the Crown, however, paled in comparison to Peeta’s devotion to Katniss Everdeen.

Cracks knuckles... (SSS of Wilderness!)

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Well actually it’s more like grab the icy hot… I’m getting ready to write a changing ceremony!!! In the mean time, here is a SSS for you…


“What do you mean he escaped?” Peeta quietly asks Beetee, his uncle’s assistant.

“Somehow he was able to trick the guards,” Beetee answers.

“Stop being so hard on him,” Haymitch says weakly from his easy chair. Peeta can’t stop the grimace when he sees how battered his uncle is. He is healing fast, but the dried blood on his head reminds Peeta of how much worse it could be.

“I’m not being hard, just concerned. Were you able to get any information out of him?” Peeta asks.

Beetee shakes his head. “Nothing. Haymitch didn’t want to torture him.”

Peeta slams his hand on the table and growls, “Stop being so damn sentimental. I know you are old friends with Woof, but he was trying to kill my mate.”

Haymitch takes another swig of his drink, and peers at them out of a squinted eye. “You don’t know Woof like I know him. He feels right sorry for how his boy turned out and was actually on his way when Brutus escaped.”

Peeta runs his fingers through his curls in frustration. “I can’t help him old man. Why did you call us here? just to tell us that he escaped?”

With a rude burp, Haymitch nods.

Delly shakes her head at him. “You could have waited. We are going back to the hospital.”

“Why were you at the hospital?” Haymitch asks, his words slurred.

Peeta has to walk away before he does something. He stops at the door of Haymitch’s house and says over his shoulder, “I’m leaving. Don’t call me back unless someone is dead.”

30 Days of Super Simple Spells Day 7

Sweet dreams- a simple potion of promoting a pleasant and restful sleep.

1. Honey
2. Sugar
3. Milk
(yes almond and silk are acceptable subsitiutes if you can’t find minllk non dairy creamer is an option not a pleasant tasty option but it would work)

1. Place a fair amount of honey on a spoon
2. Place a drop or two of milk on the honey
3. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on the mixture
4. Consume
5. Got to bed

30 Days of Super Simple Spells Day 11

The Shield of Glory

A spell to shield ones self against a threat. Be it a person or spirit. Useful for anyone at risk of harm.

A marker, a piece of paper and a piece of jewelry you wear all the time.

1. On the piece of paper, an octogram*with an eye in the center. the jewelry on the octogram.

3. State clearly “ in my time of need, Spirit I call on the shield of glory to hallow this mantle and shield me from —x— with its power. With my thanks , so mote it be”

4. Wear the item at all times. To disenchant repeat step two and state “ my need has ended I relinquish the shield I thank you Spirit for its protection so mote it be”

Notes and there are a few as this is a slightly more advanced spell, than what we have been working with, though I still consider it a super simple one.

An octogram is an eight pointed star. Which has rich history going back to one of the first cities of humanity, Ur. It’s considered a symbol of many things particularly the goddess Inanna (Ishtar has also been associated with this symbol). I however use it to represent eternity as it has eight tines which is the number of eternity and wishes ( imagination which is infinite). When an eye is drawn inside I consider this to be the spirit eternal or divinity.

The fact I used “Spirit” here doesn’t mean you’re calling on a god or goddess in particular. I use Spirit as an indicator of the perfect Divine Source. However if you have devotions to other gods then replace it with their name. The shield of glory is an eternal instrument they’ll know what you’re asking for.

Since again the shield of glory is an eternal instrument you shouldn’t go enchanting with it willy nilly (ha got to use that finally suck it post modern vernacular). Use this in times of great need against a particular threat, for as long as that threat lasts, for some it may be a couple days until the threat has gone away or it could be a lifetime in cases of some stalkers or rapists. This being said. You yourself are an eternal spirit, so do not think that by asking for this blessing that you are somehow bothering someone or asking a favor. You aren’t it’s as much yours as anybody else’s and its your birth right to utilize its gifts. This is important to keep in mind when requesting it, that you are entitled to it by existence. It’s just like keeping a can of pepper spray on you. It’s not like you’re going to whip it out and spray it unless you absolutely have to and when you do have to you won’t hesitate or ask permission. Also be sure to use it in conjunction with other mundane efforts like filing police reports, using common sense and safe measures etc ( unless it’s the police you’re trying to be protected from)