My Comeback Highlights

–in no particular order–

1. The Triple S-infested chat XD. We’re a patient fandom, but when it comes to the guys, JUST SHOW THEM ON THE SCREEN AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

2. Their introductions basically being “Hi! I’m Young Saeng/Kyu Jong/Hyung Jun, the SS501 and Double S 301 Prince-cum-Leader/Center/Maknae.”

3. Jun explaining that their albums are named to spell ‘S-S-5-0-1′ and how they will be eternal (#FEELS).


5. The premiere of the Remove music video! From what I can tell, the story is about a girl screwing them over, but with time, they eventually ‘remove’ her from their memories (hence the girl being buried by the sands of the hour glass) and move on.

6. Jun and Kyu providing the sound effects and background sounds for Saengie’s story.

7. Jun being…well, Jun XD

8. The guys’ imitation of Japanese fans. That high-pitched ‘MAKNAEEEEE!’ was the best!

All in all, THAT COMEBACK WAS GLORIOUS! Gah, I had goosebumps all throughout! The only bad part about it was that it had to end XD

Kudos to the guys for all their hard work! They make me proud to be a Triple S.

Now I’m going to go curl up in a corner to drown in the feels. My non-existent heart can’t take this!!

^ basically my reaction from start to finish.


한숨 (breathe)”, which jonghyun composed / wrote for lee hi earlier this year, was covered on two separate singing variety programs within the last week! the first cover was done by popular soloist (and former member of r&b duo vibe) and television personalty (best known for his stint on dad! where are we going?) yoon min soo on the july 13th episode of vocal war: god’s voice where he praised the lyrics to the song. the second cover was done during on the july 15th episode of duet song festival during a duet with ss501’s heo young saeng.

Por eu ser tão idiota, não consigo enxergar ninguém além de você, mas seus olhos só enxergam outra pessoa e você nem faz ideia dos meus sentimentos.
Eu provavelmente não existo no seu dia-a-dia e eu tenho certeza que você não pensa em mim, mas eu gasto meus dias pensando em você e minhas lágrimas continuam caindo. Mesmo enquanto assisto você partir, continuo feliz… Eu deveria parar com isso e te deixar de vez.
—  SS501.

Heo Young Saeng and Lee Jung Hyuk covering TVXQ “Mirotic” on Duet Song Festival

This performance broke the record on the show and won first place ~

Updated with playable/official vid!