한숨 (breathe)”, which jonghyun composed / wrote for lee hi earlier this year, was covered on two separate singing variety programs within the last week! the first cover was done by popular soloist (and former member of r&b duo vibe) and television personalty (best known for his stint on dad! where are we going?) yoon min soo on the july 13th episode of vocal war: god’s voice where he praised the lyrics to the song. the second cover was done during on the july 15th episode of duet song festival during a duet with ss501’s heo young saeng.

Por eu ser tão idiota, não consigo enxergar ninguém além de você, mas seus olhos só enxergam outra pessoa e você nem faz ideia dos meus sentimentos.
Eu provavelmente não existo no seu dia-a-dia e eu tenho certeza que você não pensa em mim, mas eu gasto meus dias pensando em você e minhas lágrimas continuam caindo. Mesmo enquanto assisto você partir, continuo feliz… Eu deveria parar com isso e te deixar de vez.
—  SS501.
BREAKING: Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Loses Court Case And Is Ordered to Pay A Fine For False Charges

After a long, drawn-out court battle with their private life being bandied about and analyzed by the public, the case of Kim Hyun Joong vs. his ex-girlfriend (Mrs. Choi) is finally over!

The verdict has just been announced and Korean websites and media outlets are buzzing with the news. Mr. Kim has been found innocent of the charges of assault and abuse.

The famous singer and actor admitted that their fights sometimes got physical, but he continuously denied her charges of actual assault and abuse that led to miscarriages. Through it all, Ms. Choi has maintained her claims and has released private conversations and “proof” to the public that she was telling the truth.

However, after an extensive investigation and long court process, the court has ruled that Mr. Kim is innocent of the charges she laid against him. Not only that but she has been ordered to pay a fine of 100 million won for making false charges and defamation.

As a result, Kim Hyun Joong fans are very happy today- saying they knew he was innocent and that they would always stick with him no matter what. One fan said, “KHJ finally has justice. All Henecia (his fandom) knew he was innocent of all charges.”

Source: WhatTheKpop