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Right in Front of Your Eyes - Intro

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 700+

I guess you could say having your parents murdered changes your life for the worse, they would be right, however when you barely knew your parents due to their busy lives, the only change you may receive is the fact that you must move to America, land of the free, in order to live with your godfather whom, you’ve never met. I guess that’s hard too. But falling in love with your best friend who’s in a relationship? That just sucks. Let’s just start from the beginning yeah? Sounds like a plan.

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Reading Spider-Woman #17, seeing Natasha hate on Roger, I just couldn’t help but think of that one issue with Natasha and Rachel in Gruenwald’s Cap run.

I definitely like Gruenwald’s Natasha better than Hopeless’ Natasha because it makes sense for Natasha to not be judgemental about someone reforming no matter how goofy they might look. It also feels to me like Hopeless disregarded Natasha’s characterization just to have a character cause drama for Jessica about dating Roger.

🕷️ 🕸️🕷️So happy I got to take my Spider Woman suit on a test-run, and take some pics with one of my besties November Cosplay in her Gwenom suit!! I was only in costume for a little before I was in the Geek Fashion Show preview show at Silicon Valley Comic Con , but I had a web-tastic time!! Hopefully I’ll wear her again soon!!! :D (And hopefully next time I can get my mask and lenses lol)📸: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography