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“Mom, this is Y/N. Y/N, my mom” Reid said nervously as he introduced you. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Reid” you chimed. “Please, call me Diana. I’m not old enough to be Mrs, not without grandchildren” she winked playfully as she shook your hand. You chuckled lightly as you nodded in reply. Behind you Reid let a sigh of relief pass his lips as he began to smile happily. 

 This is so long, goshhhhh. I’m feeling so hard for Spencer Reid. Look at that .gif! He’s such a puppy. 


We believe the killer is a white male, in his mid to late twenties. He is very organized and intelligent but he instantly shows signs of low self esteem and needs reassurance and will probably bring up the killings in conversation. We believe he stalks his victims for long periods of times before actually making contacts them. This guy has no type, he takes any opportunity he can get and kills indiscriminately-” the TV went off with a click and Logan plopped onto your couch, looking at you with his big, brown eyes and the smirk that somehow always seemed to be on his face, no matter what situation he was in. Sometimes, you regretted giving him a key. 

“Get dressed, babe.” he flashed his teeth at you before he winked. 

“I’m not going out tonight.” you told your best friend. He looked at you with a that smirk on his lips, knowing that soon enough he would convince you to do whatever he wanted. “Did you see the news? There’s a killer out there, Logan.” you pointed at the TV, waving your fingers around. 

“I met a new guy and he invited you to go out with us, Y/N, so you’re going.” he put his head in your lap and you tapped his forehead quickly with your fingernails so he would move. “You bitch, I paid good money for those.” he grabbed your hand and pulled it into his lap, examining your fingernails for chips or cracks. 

“I’m not going, Logan.” 

“Yes, you are.” moving to stand in front of you, he took both of your hands this time as he pulled you up. “I’ll buy you breakfast.” he promised. 


“And lunch.” 


“And supper and I’ll pay your Netflix bill for three months, I swear to the gods.” Logan promised, looking you in the eyes. You huffed and puffed, pulling away from him as you walked into the hall and got into your closet, pulling a dress off the rack. 

“How long have you known him?” you asked, ducking into the bathroom to change. 

“A couple of days. I met him at the bar Thursday when I was doing my show. He’s really nice, a little shy. He’s adorable, I think you’ll like him.” he nodded his approval when you walked back into the hall and shrugged. 

“”You say that about all of them.” you rolled your eyes, grabbing your phone and keys on your way out of your door. 

The club Logan did shows at every week wasn’t very big. It was always crowded, though, especially on Saturday nights. 

You hated going out with Logan when he was meeting up with a guy because you usually ended up in a corner somewhere with a coke and a magazine. But this guy was different. The three of you sat together in a circular booth. The guy introduced himself as Charles and Charles kept you in the conversation, unlike any man Logan had ever introduced you to. You liked him and thought he could be good for Logan, who usually tended to choose odd guys.

“Y/N, what do you?” 

“I take care of him, what are you talking about?” you laughed nervously, not one for loud places and lots of people. Charles’ eyes were oddly calming and when you look at him, things got a little quieter. 

“Well, that’s full time on its own, but I was talking about your job? Where do you work?” he asked as he leaned back and put his arm around Logan. So you told him about your job and how much you loved it, answering any questions he had as he listened attentively, his light eyes, flickering down to Logan every once in a while. “That’s so cool.” 

“What do you do?” you asked. 

“I’m a writer.” he told me. 

“No you’re not, you told me you worked in a restaurant up town.” Logan snapped out of his trance and looked at Charles then at me. Logan had had sketchy boyfriends before and he could clock one from a mile away. 

“That’s just where I work. I’m a writer, babe, I told you that.” Charles laughed it off but his eyes became much more frantic as he looked back to me. “Anyway, did you hear about those murders?” 

“Yea.” Logan nodded his head toward the door when Charles wasn’t looking at him. 

“No.” I lied to tell Logan I didn’t want to leave. 

“You haven’t heard about them?” Charles asked, his upper lip twitching a little and at that moment, I looked at Logan, having changed my mind. We were both always so paranoid of everything and part of me felt bad for it but I thought for a second that Charles might- No. It was impossible. 

“Excuse us, Y/N and I are going to the ladies room.” Logan grinned. 

“You’re going to the girl’s room?” Charles asked. “It’s for girls.” 

“You sound like my dad.” Logan rolled his eyes and grabbed my elbow in his way out of the booth. “He is shady as fuck, we’re getting out of here.” 

“No. Logan, listen, you drug me out here and now you want to go home.”

“Who talks about murder on a date? We can party somewhere else if you’re really in the mood for it but I’m not staying here.” he shook his head, looking into the mirror and twisting his finger under his bottom eye lid to fix his eye-liner. 

“No, we should stay. He’s not that bad.” you pleaded. 

“Okay, but if says any more sketchy bull, I’m high tailing it the fuck outta here.” he waved you off. 

“You know you can’t resist a chance to tell me, “I told you so.’” you pushed between his shoulder blades and you two left the bathroom. 

You two sat at the table with Charles against, who looked nervous as you sipped your drink. He probably knew you two were talking about him so you spoke to him and Logan pouted most of the time. Soon, though, you wished you’d listened to Logan because you were getting tired, really quickly. 

“Y/N!” Logan called out. It took a thousand years for you to turn your head to your best friend, who was leaning over in the seat. “Run.” he almost whispered. You wondered how you could hear him in all the noise around you. You could feel his breath on your neck as he slumped against you, trying his best to push you out of the seat. “Drug.” he whispered. 

“Y/N, Logan? Are you guys okay?” Charles feigned concern, his voice dripping with it but the grin on his face ruining it all. Jewels, a friend of yours and Logan’s, came over to the table. 

“How ya doin’, honey?” she smiled. 

“Help.” I groaned and she laughed, turning to Charles. 

“Are you his date?” she asked Charles. 

“Yea, does he always get this drunk?” 

“Yea, she’s a lightweight. She has one beer and she’s done.” Jewels laughed. 

“I think I’m gonna drive them home. Can you help get her to the car?” he asked Jewels. 

“No!” you tried to scream but it came out as a whine. Charles carried Logan like a baby and Jewels threw her arm around you, holding you up as she dragged you to the car. 

“Baby, you can’t stay here this drunk.” she laughed. “Charles is gonna take you home.”she told you as she put you in the backseat next to Logan. You tried to keep your eyes open to see where he was taking you but your eyes were so heavy , becoming like lead, drooping until you were asleep. 

“Wakey, wakey, Y/N.” Charles’ voice sounded like he was talking under water. “Wakey, wakey.” 

“L-Logan…” I managed. 

“That’s so sweet.” Charles made a tsking noise. “You know, when he woke up he called out for you too.” Charles’ figure cleared in your vision and you could see his curly brown hair again. 

“Wh-” you thought you’d vomit for a second. “Where is Logan?” you took extra long to blink. “Where is he?” 

“In the corner.” Charles said, not amused. “He doesn’t matter.” Charles glanced over at Logan, who’s body was slumped in the corner with a busted lip and a cut on his forehead. “It was you the whole time, Y/N. It’s always been you.” he whispered. “I’ve been watching you for so long.” he touched your hair and you struggled against the chains that held you up from the ceiling. “I killed those people for you.” he said slowly. “I’ve been protecting you. I-I know-” he laughed softly. “I know you don’t like violence and all that but that why I had to be the one to do it. You’re always so nice to everyone and that’s what I love so much about you, but you never take initiative.” he shook his head. “You have to go for what you want, you know? Or you’re never going to get it.” 

“Why are you doing this?” you cried as he continued to pet your hair. “”Let us go.” 

“Why would you want to go?” Charles asked. “You’re home, don’t you see? I built a house for you in the country, just like you wanted. A little cottage int he woods where no one will ever find us.” 


“What do you want from me?!” he screamed, yanking your hair back. “I’ve given you everything!” You knew what you had to do, you’d read about it before in a book. Playing along with his fantasy was the only way for you to stay alive, the only way for you to get Logan out alive. 

“Ch-Charles…” you stuttered. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I- I didn’t mean to shout at you.” he sighed, pulling you to him by your torso, the chains clanking. 

“It’s okay…” you tried not to let him hear the desperation in your voice. “Charles, you know, we can’t be a-alone while Logan is here, you know? Why don’t you let him go?” you asked. 

“Oh, honey…” he waved moved over to a table on the other side of the room. “I knew you’d say that. So I’ve already thought through it all.” 

“No, don’t hurt him.” 

“You need to see this… You need to see how you get what you want.” 

“PLEASE!” you screamed, pulling against your chains. “PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!” Charles wasn’t phased, though. He calmly turned around with a knife in his hand.

“Screaming and crying won’t do you any good. I know you think he’s your friend but he was keeping us apart, Y/N… I can’t just let that slide because you think you care about him.” 

“I do care about him! He’s my best friend, please!” you might as well have been talking to yourself. Logan was restrained differently than you were. Where your chains held you in a standing position, Logan’s held him to the ground. 

“It’ll be quick, I promise.” he said sincerely as he placed the knife to Logan’s throat. As if that weren’t bad enough, Logan was just beginning to wake up. 

“Y/N?” he croaked. “Wha-” That was it.

You grew up with Logan in a small southern church town, where the two of you were put down daily for being yourselves. You were all he ever had and he was all you ever had. He moved with you to New York City when the two of you graduated high school and you moved into the same building, right across the hall from each other. He was your best friend and the only family you’d ever had. And there you were watching him choke on his own blood. 

Your legs gave way under you and you let yourself fall, your weight yanking your arms painfully as you dangled from the ceiling. 

“I’ll give you a little while…” Charles kissed your head on his way to the stairs in the corner of the room. You were crying too hard to care. Your heart was in your throat and you heaved sobs, crying out his name over and over. If you’d just listened to him when he said he wanted to leave… 

“Logan!” you screamed. “I’m so sorry, Logan! I’m so sorry!” you cried until you went hoarse and there was no energy left in your body. There was no fight. Charles could’ve come down those stairs at any moment and done whatever he wanted, you didn’t care. He’d taken away your will. Your hope. 

You let your legs go limp under you and you were hanging from the ceiling by your chains. You’d almost passed out when a hand covered your mouth and an arm wrapped around your entire body. Seeing Logan’s blood covering the floor again brought everything back and your struggled against the body behind you.

“Shhhh… My name is Spencer Reid,okay? I’m with the FBI. I’m gonna get you out of here but I need you to be very, very quiet.” he lifted you off the ground and you stood up while someone else used bold cutters to cut your chains and you fell into him. He hugged you tight for a second before he put his arm under yours and guided you up the cellar stairs and into the moonlight and fresh air, through a horde of cops and FBI agents who all seemed to blend in together. All looking like they’d seen too much. There was an ambulance waiting for you and the new agent let you fall onto the bumper off it before turning to go away but your gripped his blue shirt tight and pulled him back, tears washing dirt off your cheeks in streaks. “Please don’t leave me.” you begged desperately. “Please.” you choked on sobs. 

“Okay…” he soothed, pulling himself up into the ambulance. 


Trading In the Silence

A/N: This was requested by an anon. It is the first part in my Spencer x Reader Trading In the Silence series. I hope you like it! :)

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You probably should not have opened the door. You knew that the FBI were in town and the correlation between two strangers and their appearance were probably closely related. Maybe that was exactly why you did open up the door, because of that unconscious acknowledgement that they were the FBI. The FBI could probably get you out of this hell hole. Away from your mother and the misery and pain that she caused in your life.

Your mother was holed up in the living room, taking a nap on the couch and snoring loudly, when the door bell of your dark house rang loudly. The shrill ring made you jump. You are always on alert, ready for somebody to suddenly snap. You checked on mother, sneaking into the living room to make sure that she was asleep before answering the door.

You swung it open to reveal two men, holding their badges out to you. One of the men was older and dressed in a nice, italian, work suit. The other man was taller than the first. He was much younger, too. He couldn’t be any older than in his late twenties. I also could not help but notice that he was good looking, really good looking, with his floppy golden locks of hair falling around his face and his cute sweater, and dazzling, polite smile.

The two men introduced themselves to you. The older man was SSA David Rossi and the younger man was Dr. Spencer Reid of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. A doctor, huh? He looked much too young to be a doctor. If he was a doctor at his age, then he was definitely smart and able. Maybe he really could get you out of this shambles of a place that I am forced to call home.

“I am y/n y/l/n. Is there anything I can do to help you?” you said politely

You could feel them taking in your unconventional appearance. Your long y/h/c, flowing down your shoulders and hiding the top of your too big, baggy black sweatshirt that you always wore. It covered the bruises. The knees of you pants were worn down so much that they had been patched at least a dozen times. Your socks were both riddled with holes. You pulled your sweatshirt close to you, hugging yourself tightly, and crossing your arms.

“We were wondering if we could have a talk with you about an investigation. May we come in?” Agent Rossi asked

I hesitated. Oh, how I wanted to let them in. Mother would be furious and they would see and they would maybe even take me away. But I could not do that. What if they could not get me away? “I’m sorry, agents. I do not think that I can let you in at this time. My mother is asleep and I would rather not wake her.”

The two agents shared a glance with each other. I tried to ignore it but I knew that it was going to lead to something. “If that is all, agents, I really need to get back inside. I have things to do.” I started to shut the door, almost disappointed that nothing more could have happened. It was a long shot, the FBI agents able to save me. Nobody was able to save me. But then Dr. Reid stopped the door from closing shut. He put his foot in front of the door. You opened the door back up and masked your sudden surge of hope with an annoyed glare in their direction.

The young doctor turned to his fellow agent and sniffed the air theatrically, almost mockingly. “Do I smell what I think I smell, Rossi?” he said. Rossi shrugged. “I think I smell Marijuana. You know that plant over there could very possibly be a hemp plant. Y/n, I think we are going to have to take you in.”

You were shocked that they had played that card. It was technically illegal for them to do. They needed a reason to apprehend you and if they pretended that you actually had possession of pot, they could do just that. To the average, under-educated citizen, this would seem like a perfectly legal move. The feds think that you are growing illegal pot? Why of course they can arrest you. But, you are no average, under-educated citizen. You had always been advanced and exceedingly intelligent. Growing up, you did not have many friends, your parents made you stay indoors, and you never had electronics or games to keep you entertained. Therefore, you studied a lot. You studied anything and everything and when you finished, you were reread it. So, yeah, you knew that what the handsome doctor and his partner were doing was illegal, but they did not know that you knew.

You put on a shocked face, feigning dismay. “That isn’t pot! That is just a normal plant!” you spoke loudly to the two men, exaggerating your words.

“M'am, we have to take you to the station. I am sorry. Protocol.” Agent Rossi said with a shrug. “Do you need to be cuffed or will you come willingly?”

You yanked away from them and started toward their car parked in the street. “No need to restrain me. I won’t fight back.” You climbed into the back seat of the black SUV as the two men got into the two front seats. They drove back to the station in silence.

When you arrived at the police station, you were lead into an interrogation room and you were left to sit alone for nearly an hour until Spencer walked into the room. You had not said a single word since  you arrived. You  had a long hour to think about what you were going to do. You knew that these guys were experts on behavior, hence the name Behavioral Analysis Unit, so you decided not to give them any intimation to anything that you knew that they did not already know.

Spencer sat down in the chair across from you. You did not move a muscle. You did not flit your eyes to his when he began to speak. You stared straight ahead, unblinking. Consequently, when you stared straight ahead your view was entirely of Spencer’s chest. Still, you did not stir. Then, Spencer began to talk.

“So, y/n, I hear from your neighbors that you are something of a black sheep.” he glanced down at the file on the table “You know, one of  your neighbors even described you as the Devil’s Child. I am going to assume that they were not talking about your mother on that account.” he stopped and looked down at his file again.

He was dead wrong about her mother. He may have been right about the neighbor not call Mother the Devil but, that does not mean that you think she does not hold a close resemblance, with her tyrannical ways of punishment to cure her “insubordination” problems. Mother was definitely not a very far throw from the Devil.

You continued looking straight ahead, refusing to speak and disrupt your marathon of silence. “Y/n, did you know that every single neighbor that we asked about suspected citizens in the area mentioned you. Now, a couple of people being suspicious of somebody, I get, but every single person that we interviewed mentioned you. I don’t think that is a coincidence.”

Yeah, well it was. Those naive little pinheads knew nothing. They were all morons. None of them were intelligent enough to realize that she was not the real threat to their precious little community, Mother was.

Spencer waited for you to respond but you did nothing. You stared ahead at nothing. You closed yourself off from all noises, it was nothing but you and your mind. There would be no reaction from you at all. You had trained yourself how to do this over years of mistreatment from Mother. She would yell and scream at you and expect you to not react in any way shape or form. If you so much as clenched your jaw at her obnoxious screeching, she would slap you, again and again until you could not even feel your jaw anymore. Now you knew precisely how to not react. You knew how to hide your thoughts and your feelings. Your behavior would not give you away.

Spencer decided to move onto his next tactic. He pulled out several crime scene photos. There was half a dozen of them. By know, he understood that if he were to place them on the table in front of you, you would not so much a glance at them. So he held them up, directly in front of your face, almost so close that you flinched. But you did not flinch for you knew better.

The pictures that the agent showed you were eerily familiar. The knees of the pants that the victims wore were worn down. Their socks were torn nearly to shreds. The worst part was their faces, caked in their own blood that had once oozed from deep wounds and scratches in the skin from being slapped and beaten over and over again. You knew how that felt. Still, you sat unflinching.

Spencer sat directly across from you, mirroring your silence. He scrutinized you for an inkling of behavior but you gave him nothing. You stayed resolute. He rose from his seat and left the room. The genius called the team’s technical analyst, Penelope Garcia, who quickly printed a copy of your rap sheet. He thanked the woman and grabbed the papers that he needed for your interrogation. He read through your record as he walked back into the interrogation room that you resided in.

Spencer threw the file onto the table and plopped down into the chair adjacent to yours. “Did you know that you have a criminal record, y/n?” he said matter-of-factly, not expecting you to respond to his mock question and to continue with the silence you had been using for the entire night.

But you answered him, “Yes, I knew that. I was in for shoplifting twice and trespassing once.” then you resumed your silent streak.

“Tell me, y/n. Why did you answer that question but not the others?” he asked. He was met with silence from you. You answered his first question because he had obviously known the answer. He had not already known the answer to any other question he had asked, and some things that he asked were not even technically questions.

Being the genius that he is, he quickly deduced the difference between the question that you actually answered and the ones that were met with silence. You were detained for two more days, three days in total. Spencer and you had developed a sort of dance. He was the only human being that you had any contact with for all three of the days. They kept you isolated because you were the lead suspect in a federal crime. Spencer always tried to get you to trip and speak more than you wanted to or even do something as simple as clear your throat, to do something that would reveal more about your behavior. But you were unyielding.

Finally, on the last day, Spencer waltzed into the interrogation room and said, “In exactly 35 minutes, we are obligated by law to let you go. If there is anything you want to say, I recommend saying it now.”

You almost did not say anything. Afterall, it did not follow your silence rule. But then you panicked by the idea of hope. It surged through you like a rocket, just as it had the day that the two mysterious strangers had shown up at your door step. You contemplated what  you were going to do, tell everything you knew, which was a lot, or stay silent and protect Mother. Spencer sighed, growing impatient, and finally gave up. He turned to leave the room and you shouted his name after him.

“Wait! Agent Reid!” you had shouted at the man

And then you told him everything.  You told him how you had been beaten mercilessly by your mother ever since you were barely able to walk. You told him, in detail, of all the awful things that she had ever done to you. You told him that you believed she was behind the heinous murders because the pain that had been inflicted upon those victims had frequently been exacted on to you as well. It was your mother’s preferred method of torture.

By the time, you finished basically retelling your life story to Reid, it was hours past your three days. You were proven innocent and your mother was proven guilty. You somehow felt both elated and pitiful. You had just turned in the woman who had drilled thoughts of misery into your mind for more than twenty years.

You went with Agents Reid and Rossi back to your home. It was where you had lived for your entire life and you were exultant that you would finally be able to move far, far away from the torturous memories.

The three of you climbed out of the car together and you walked up to your front door, Reid and Rossi taking the lead as you stood behind the two of them. They rang the door bell. You heard the familiar repugnant voice of Mother shout sharply from within. You stood straight as a statue where you stood, unwavering. She soon came to the door.

“What do you want?” she barked, her unsavory voice stabbing you from the inside out, anger rising from within. But you were well trained, you stood still despite the burning anger for the woman. You focused on your victory, twenty years late but here nonetheless.

“Ms. y/l/n, you are under arrest.” Reid said, swiftly standing behind your Mother and cuffing her before she could refuse. He read the woman her rights. She shouted out pleas of help. She begged you to get her out of the mess that she got herself in. You stood stone still and looked her straight in the eye.

Reid handed your mother off to Rossi, who lead the woman, shouting disreputable slurs as she walked. Rossi squeezed her cuffs on extra tight as she restrained against them. He managed to get her into the SUV. Then he drove away, leaving you alone with Spencer. You turned to him and the two of you stood for a long moment, remembering the long hours of silence.

Finally, you reached your hand out to his. He stared at it for a moment, before reaching out and shaking your hand enthusiastically.

“Thank you, Agent.” You said. You really were grateful. This man had given you a life. He had given you a chance. Now you were going to trade in the fearful silence, for the life that you had always only dreamt about.

He smiled and you were reminded again of how good looking he actually was, lanky and awkward in a graceful and beautiful way. “Anytime, y/n.” he said “Anytime.”

Imagine Garcia telling Spencer that Derek and Hotch like you but he’s determined to win you over because he’s had his eyes on you ever since you joined the BAU.

“Penelope, I really like Y/N.”,Spencer sighed, not knowing what to do about his crush on you. He knew that you were too shy to try to confront him about your crush but that’s one of the things he likes about you. He finds it adorable how flustered and nervous you get around him.

“I think I need to warn you. Derek and Hotch like her too so if you don’t do something now then it might be too late.”,Garcia admits and suddenly Spencer attitude changed.

“You know what? You’re right. I really like her and I won’t let them have her. There’s just something about her.”,Spencer says as he walks out the room. He goes to the break room knowing that’s where you would be with a book in your hand when they aren’t working cases.

“Hey Y/N.”,Spencer smiles as he sits next to you.

“Oh hey Spencer.”,You say surprised as you close the book you were reading. You had developed a small crush on Spencer but never really admitted it because you didn’t want to make things awkward.

“So what are you doing?”,Spencer asks.

“Just um reading.”,You say. Just when you think you couldn’t make things awkward.

“I need to tell you something.”,Spencer says nervously and suddenly you get really worried. You weren’t sure what happened but Spencer was a really sweet guy and you were hoping he was okay.

“What it is?”,You asked worriedly.

“You’re such a sweetheart. You’re always concerned about others and that is one of the many reasons I like you.”,Spencer admitted.

“What?”,You asked confused.

“What I’m trying to say is that I like you, Y/N. I like you a lot and I didn’t know how to tell you.”,Spencer sighs as he looks down.

“Really?”,You say with a huge smile on your face.

“Yeah.”,Spencer gives you a small smile and then looks down again.

“ I like you too. I’m sorry. I was just so shy that I didn’t tell you.”,You told him. He looked up and smiled at you.

“So what are you doing Saturday? Because I would love to take you on a date.”,Spencer grins.

Trading In the Silence (Part 2)

A/N: This is written for an anon. It is the second part of my story, Trading In the Silence.  I hope everybody enjoys this! Thanks :)

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Your new life was good. It was really good, especially compared to your old life. There was no tyrannical mother constantly looming over your shoulder, begging you to screw up so that she could hurt you and cause you even more pain than you already felt.

You had never felt safe before, never in your entire life. But you felt safe now. It was a magical, unimaginable feeling. You could finally do whatever you wanted. You could do the things that your mother had always restricted you from doing. You ate ice cream and chocolate and junk food all the time, savoring the unfamiliar, delicious taste. You were really happy.

Ever since the members of the BAU had left town, your confidence had been consistently augmenting. You dressed a lot nicer now. You wore jeans and tee-shirts that actually fit well and made you look good. You got your hair cut. It was still considerably long but, it was no longer unruly and flying every which way. It was controlled and stylish. You felt much better about yourself. You even returned to school. You were studying criminology now.

Not a day went by that you did not think about Dr. Spencer Reid. He had saved you. He pulled you away from the endearing cliff, and lead you away from the ledge. He helped you. He put away your mother. She could not hurt you anymore. You were forever grateful for that.

You moved away from your old house, just as you had promised yourself that you would do. You moved as far away as the next town over, but you could not quite bring yourself to move too far away from your hometown. You were tethered there, not only by the bad memories but the good ones that you had. Everything was there.

Still, you consciously avoided your old neighborhood, making unnecessary detours to elude the neighborhood that was pumped of all your worst memories. You had managed to get a job, though. It was at a local book store in your hometown. They had always known you there, ever since you were young. They eagerly hired you when you applied. You had always wanted to work there ,but Mother had never allowed you to get a job.

You always took Wednesday nights off. Wednesday nights were reserved for you. You enjoyed to sit at home in your pajamas and just savor the freedom that you had been rewarded. You loved it. You were really happy now.

It was a Wednesday when Spencer stopped by. You had heard that the FBI were in town again, but you did not know that it was the BAU. He knocked on your door. You had not been expecting anybody. You looked through the peephole of your apartment door and when you saw him on the other side of the door, your heart swelled. You practically ripped the door open. Before he could greet you, you immediately wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him an overjoyed hug. You were ecstatic to see him. You were grinning like a mad woman, but you did not care, Spencer Reid was standing on your doorstep.

You pulled away from him. Both of you were smiling. “Hey, Spence.” you said. Since your mother had been arrested, the two of you had emailed and texted a number of times and you had quickly developed the nickname for him. He liked the way you said it, the way that it sounded on your lips, you  stretched out the ’-ce’ part a little bit.

“What are you doing here?” you were so excited to see him.

“Oh, sorry, but I am here to arrest you for Marijuana possession again.” The two of you grinned at the inside joke. You rolled your eyes playfully at the jibe, you laughed. He smiled at you a big wide smile, proud of his own joke. He must have been thinking of that for the past hour.

He awkwardly stood in the hall, his hands twisted together. He was so cute. Since you had met him, you had learned that he was particularly awkward in social situations. This was proof of that. You laughed at him lightly.

“Come on in, Spence.” You stepped back and welcomed him into your apartment.

He entered and looked around curiously. You had decorated your new home brightly. There was lots of cheerful colors everywhere. You wanted your new home to contrast your old as much as possible.  You wanted to be able to be comfortable in your own home, something that you had never had the luxury of having because of Mother. You lead him into your homely  living room.

Spencer could not help but think  that he had a hand in helping you to become the cheerful, happy, and optimistic person that you were today. Before you had met him, your life was a jumble of confusing tangles that nobody could unknot, even yourself. But then he had waltzed into your life and he miraculously straightened out the tangles. He was proud of himself for that. He helped such an amazing person back on their feet. Unbeknownst to you, he had obtained a vast affection for you since the day that the two of you met, continuing to grow and grow more each day. He was astounded by your boundless bravery and perseverance.

“Where are my manners. Do you want anything to drink?” He shook his head politely. The two of you sat down. Both  of you were still grinning widely. You were elated that he was here. “So what really brings you into my neck of the woods?” you asked him

“Yeah, about that.” he started nervously,“It is kinda about your mother.”

You felt your pulse quicken at the mention of your mother. Spencer was no longer smiling and neither were you. If it involved Mother, you knew that it was not going to be good. Nothing involving Mother had ever been good, not since your father left her.

“It seems that your mother has a fan. There is a copycat killer. He is copying everything that your mother did and killing women that fit the same MO as your mother’s.” You felt all the color drain from your face. The excitement and joy that you felt moments before had completely evaporated, gone without a trace. You felt your head spin.

“W-what d-do you m-mean?” you stuttered. All of a sudden you could not think straight. All of the progress that you had made. You had moved on. Now everything was going to come flooding back. It would devastate you. It already was. Spencer moved closer to you on the couch. He put his hand on your back and rubbed in soft circles. You could not believe that this was happening. Your head was in your hands, your elbows on your knees. Spencer comforted you and you were still all the more grateful for his presence in your life.

You wiped your eyes and took a deep breath. You looked up at the man that was comforting you. Empathy filled his eyes. He really had no idea how much you truly appreciated him. He saved you and then he could have simply disappeared from your life altogether, but he was still here.

“Thank you, Spence. For being here for me.”

“Anytime, y/n.” he said, repeating the words that he said to you when Mother was arrested.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” you asked him, your voice shaking.

“Actually, that is one of the reasons why I am here. We need to know as much about your mother as possible so that we can produce an accurate profile to catch the unsub. I know that it is going to be difficult for you to relive all of this stuff, so we do not have to do it right now, we can do-”

“No.” you stopped him,“I can do it. I am fine. I will live. Let’s do this.” You took another shaky breath, “What do you need to know?”

He hesitated. He obviously did not want to put you through this, but it had to be done. “Everything.” he said.

So that is what you told him. Everything. When he had arrested you five long months ago, you had told him all about your mother and the things that she did, the way she treated you. But you did not tell him any individual stories. There was not enough time for that and it was not necessary at the time. You had known who the killer was, you just had to prove it to him. You did not need to learn about the killer. Now you did. Now you needed to in order to catch the moron that was copying your Mother’s murders.

There were times where you had to stop and get water from all the talking. By the time you finished, you were completely dried out. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. You were exhausted from reliving the torturous memories of your unhappy childhood. And then the tears fell. Spencer enveloped you in his arms, comforting you. He offered quiet whispers of condolences to you, telling you over and over again that everything was alright, that you were safe. He apologized to you for forcing you to relive the most miserable moments of your life.

You liked the feeling of being in his arms. You felt warm and loved and cared for. The comfort that he offered eventually dried up your tears. But he did not let you go. You stayed wrapped in his arms for a long time, just thinking, surrounded by nothing but the smell and feel of Spencer and your own thoughts.

“Why did this happen to me?” you eventually piped up, revealing your thoughts to the man that had curled his arms around you. You felt the tears begin to sting your eyes again. Spencer quietly shushed you and he rubbed your back comfortingly.

“I do not know, y/n. You do not deserve any of it. We all go through things. Everybody does. Some people have messed up childhoods, some people have messed up adult lives, some people lead boring lives all around. You just got the worst of it. I’m sorry.” He whispered gently to you. His nose was buried in your hair.

You sat in silence for a long moment until you spoke up again. “Did you have a bad childhood, too, Spencer?” you asked him

“Yeah.” he whispered, and then he told you all about it. He told you all about his mother and his father and the ruthless bullies. He told you about how he had found a safe refuge with the BAU, he had found his home.

When he finished, you felt so utterly selfish for complaining about your crappy life. It was true, you had it worse than most, but that did not  mean that everybody else had perfect lives.

“Thank you, Spence.” you whispered “Thank you so much.”

He pulled you just a little bit closer to himself and whispered into your ear, “Anytime.”

You turned at smiled at him. You reached your hand up and cupped his cheek in your hand. You just sat there and stared at him. Really stared. You took him in. He looked really tired but he seemed alert and fresh, too. His eyes shown with admiration and affection for you.

“Are you hungry?” you asked him.

He shrugged and nodded. “I guess so, why?”

“There is a really Italian place right across the street that should still be open.”

He rose from the couch and reached a hand out to you to help you up, “Alright, then. Let’s go.”

As you locked your door behind you, you told him Spencer how much you loved the tiramisu that was there. Then the two of you embarked on your walk to the restaurant.

You had a blast. It was the first time that you had hung out with Spencer in person and not talked about your Mother. You learned so much about your genius friend. You laughed and joked and just let yourself loosen up a little after the tense afternoon that you had suffered.

When you had finished your dinner and ate your tiramisu, it was almost midnight and Spencer insisted on walking you home. The two of you stood in your doorway, not quite wanting to say goodbye yet. Instead of saying good bye, you said “Thank you, Spencer.”

He winked at you and said once more, “Anytime, y/n, Anytime.” With that, he turned around, leaving you alone at your apartment. You walked and closed your door. You stood with your back against the door for a minute, thinking about your wonderful night with Spencer. You broke into a goofy grin.

Yeah, life was pretty good.


“Guys, I have a little surprise for you!!!!!”

All the team turn their head and Garcia took a step to the side, to reveal you.

“Surprise! Did you miss me?” You said, with a huge smile.

They all came to hug you except Reid, who was staying behind everybody. You took a step closer to him and put your eyes down.

“You’re not happy to see me?” You asked, quietly.

“I can believe you’re here…”

He then put you into a tight hug before burying his nose into your soft hair.

“Wow, Spencer…” You said, surprised, but happy.

“You don’t know how much I missed you…”

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Stopped By the Team (Part 2)

This is the second part to my Spencer x Reader story, Stopped By the Team. This part is the team finding out about your relationship with Spencer. I hope you like it! Thanks :) (Part 1)

“Spence!“you shouted to your boyfriend as you carefully slipped your shoes on,"Hurry up! We’re going to be late!” You could hear him rushing around in the bedroom, scurrying from one side to the other as he finished getting ready for work at the very last moment like always. He scrambled out in the bedroom, his hair a mess and his tie askew, sliding on his socks towards you. He wrapped a hand around your waist and placed a quick, loving kiss on your cheek before bending down and grabbing his shoes.

You chuckled and straightened out his tie. You rustled his messy hair and laughed. He pulled his sweater down trying to adjust it momentarily before he nodded to you and the two of you left for work. You reveled in your last moments of being an open couple before work started and you would have to live under the facade of a nonexistent relationship. Your hands were laced over the glovebox in the car. As Spencer parked the car, you brought his right hand up to your lips and placed a gentle kiss on it. He put the car in brake and turned toward you. He pressed his lips onto yours for the last time before work started.

The two of you climbed out of the car and wandered upstairs to your jobs. For the rest of the day, you pretended like you simply had a crush on him, nothing more, just like every other day. Whenever you felt down, you thought back to the cute moments that you shared with Spencer, the moments where the core of your stomach would pool in a happy warmth just thinking about. You even thought about the funny moments where the team tried absolutely everything they possibly could to keep the two of you apart and obviously they failed.

You remembered one time, you had let it slip to Garcia that you and Spencer were going to a film festival over the weekend, and she tried to stop it. She inconspicuously mentioned that there was a guy she wanted to set you up on a blind date with. You were not sure how to tell her you were not interested because you were actually seeing Spencer, so you accepted the date. She purposely had planned it on the same night as the film festival, so you and Spencer had to cancel those plans. But then, after the incredibly boring blind date, you went home together and the two of you had your own movie marathon to make up for it. Garcia had no idea. She still doesn’t.

The day was going by incredibly slowly. You had a mountain of files stacked high on your desk that you had to fill out, and you were moody because Emily and Morgan kept interrupting you every time you tried to make your way over to Spencer’s desk to have a chat with him and take your mind off of work.

Fortunately for you, at lunch time, Emily, Morgan, JJ, and Garcia all decided to go out to lunch together. You politely declined when they invited you as well. Secretly, you were ecstatic. Now that the four of them were gone for an hour or so, you could have a conversation with Spencer without any of their meddling.

You watched as they left, giving them a wave as the glass doors shut behind them. You waited until they loaded into the elevator and the doors shut completely behind them, to stand up and make your way over to Spencer’s desk. He was in the middle of reading a file and he jumped a little bit as you leaned against the edge of his desk.

“Hey, babe."you whispered, smiling. He smiled back,"Listen, I was thinking about our plans tonight. Italian or Mexican?”

He thought about it for a second then looked up at you and smiled proudly,“Definitely Italian.”

Your smile mirrored his and you nodded.“That was exactly what I was thinking.”

You resisted the strong temptation to lean down and place a hasty kiss on his lips before anybody saw, but you knew that it was very ill advised, so you didn’t. However, you did rest a gentle hand on his shoulder and squeeze comfortingly before you sauntered away.

For the rest of the day, you mused excitedly about your plans with Spencer that night. You decided that the two of you were going to go to your favorite Italian restaurant then go on a quiet walk in your favorite park, maybe even play a game of chess or two. Then, you planned on going to your favorite little ice cream stand. You were so excited for the evening that you were going to share with him.

Finally, the work day ended and the clock struck five. People all around the office started to pack up their work and prepared to leave. You slipped your jacket over your shoulders and found Spencer cornered in Garcia’s office being bombarded by the three girls on the BAU. Luckily for him, you saved him from their interrogations just in time.

The two of you left together, a real couple once again. You had to admit that it was getting pretty tiring always trying to hide your relationship. Sometimes, you just wanted to shout it from the rooftops, no matter the consequences and retributions you had to pay.

You and Spencer got to the restaurant and were immediately escorted to your favorite table in the entire restaurant that included a fantastic view of some of the monuments that were littered around DC.

The two of you proudly clasped your hands over your table. If anybody were to look at the pair of you, they would immediately know that you were a couple. You wanted people to know. You were proud of your relationship.

To the two of you, there was nothing else in the entire world besides each other. It was just the two of you, in your own magical universe. Everything else seemed to be so negligible and insignificant. But you had each other.

You had an absolutely delightful meal, filled with delicious food and joyous jokes and laughs. After the meal, the two of you went on a walk as planned. You stopped at your favorite ice cream place. Your arms were laced together through your elbows and he pulled you close to his body, shielding you from the harsh wind that whisked through the air.

The two of you walked blissfully home with your hands held together, a pleasant conversation floating between the two of you. You got home and the two of you went to sleep smiling.

Little did the two of you know, Garcia and JJ had started to notice a shift in your behavior around the genius. It seemed a little too comfortable, a little too natural than normal. There wasn’t any more of that awkward, flustered tension that came from mutual crushing.

That night, the two woman had followed you and your boyfriend. They trailed you to the restaurant via Garcia’s hacking skills. They watched you as the two of you enjoyed your evening together. It was greatly apparent that the two of you cared deeply about each other through your loving glances and joyous laughs.

The next morning, Garcia and JJ immediately spread news of your relationship. When you and Spencer arrived, the two of you were having an animated conversation about an article in one of Spencer’s science magazine. When you looked up, your entire team was huddled around Morgan’s desk, snickering like teenagers st the two of you.

“What?"you asked hesitantly

"Nothing."they shrugged, hiding smirks. You gave them an angry, pointed look and JJ through he palms in the air in surrender.

"We saw the two of you on your date last night.” She smirked

You and Spencer froze where you stood. Oh, god. This is what the two of you had been dreading. It was the entire reason why you had not told them about your relationship. You just were not prepared for their reactions. You stared nervously at the five of them. They were all snickering, choking back laughs at your anxious expressions.

“Relax, guys."Garcia said,"We actually think that it might be a pretty good idea now.”

That surprised you. You did not expect that reaction.“Really?"you asked

Garcia nodded and smiled.”Really. We saw how happy the two of you were and we just knew that everything would be alright, at least for a little while.“

You looked at Spencer, smiling and relieved. The two of you reached out and openly clasped hands in front of your team for the first time. But you were not looking at them. No, you were looking happily up at Spencer. Just like the evening you shared the day before, it was as if there was nothing else in the world except for the two of you. It was like that often and you liked that. Spencer really did make you happy.

It turned out, that all of the team’s efforts were fruitless against the inevitable relationship between you and Spencer. The two of you could not be stopped by the team. You cared too much about each other. And, boy, did you care for him!