“Beauty, Inspiration, Magic, Spellbound, Enchantment, as well as the concepts of Serenity, Silence, Intimacy, and Amazement. They have never ceased to b my guiding lights.” – Luis Barragan
Our Spellbound Tail line was created to inspire, to bring beauty, magic, and enchantment to the world of mermaids. We believe that the idea of mermaids goes way beyond a thought, but a way of life. We know when you put on a tail, you transform into your true embodiment. We love our new line and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!
This is our Spellbound Tails in action. Straight from our camera to you! No editing! Goodness, we love this new tail so much! We hope you love it just the same! They are now available for purchase on our website! Link in bio!
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Breaking a Friendship


  • Lavender, for peace in your life
  • Bay Laurel, to banish them away
  • Rosemary, to protect yourself from negativity
  • Mint, to make them see the error of their ways
  • Peppercorn, to exorcise them from your life
  • Sea Salt, for your intention to be pure
  • A representation of your demon: a picture, hair, drawing, or object relating to them
  • Crossroads, to get rid of them quickly and completely
  • A jar you don’t mind being destroyed
  • Lighter


  • Ground and Cast a Circle of you wish. Do not bring any negative feelings into this spell or it will come back at you harshly.
  • Kneel to the Westward Guardians and chant:

“With all the powers of the West,

Please fulfill my request.”

  • Kneel to the Southward Guardians and chant:

“With all the powers of the South,

You will wash your filthy mouth.”

  • Kneel to the Eastward Guardians and chant:

“With all the powers of the East,

Your influence is deceased.”

  • Kneel to the Northward Guardians and chant:

“With all the powers of the North,

My plea brings this breakup fourth.”

  • Add each herb to the jar. Say their meanings as you put each of them in. Burn the symbol of your demon over the jar last. Close and shake up the jar to make them understand your actions. You are in charge.
  • Have each participant place their hands on the jar and chant:

“By the power of three

Make this bitch see

The error of their ways.

Their fire is ablaze.

I will be safe from their harm,

For the Goddess holds me in her arms.

Their fate is decided by me,

So mote it be.”

  • Throw the jar into your nearest crossroads to get your point across quickly and broadly.

This spell is designed to rid yourself of negative people who are clinging to you without your consent. It was written to be performed with two casters who share similar feelings about the problem. This is not a curse and will not harm the casters involved in the spell. @playwith-a-witch

Something weird happened...

I lost my belly button ring top 3 days ago in the shower. I heard it fall and I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere for it.

Yesterday I burned sage in the house and charged my crystals since it was such a beautiful day.

This morning I was peeing and literally right in the middle of the tub mat was my belly ring top.

It’s impossible that it was there the whole time.

We have taken showers.

It’s impossible that it was right there for 3 days.

Spellbound Pt 2 - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Wow! Thanks guys for the amazing response, so glad you like this so far : ) Supernatural isn’t usually my thing so your comments so far have meant so much, you have no idea.


Part 2: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Every little thing she does is magic, everything she do just turns me on…

Mikaelson Compound, French Quarter - Friday PM

Klaus didn’t do dinner parties, he hated all of that false pretense and pathetic attempts at conversation. All he wanted to do was eat and leave the table with minimal talking especially when Rebekah was yammering incessantly although tonight was different.

Caroline was dining at the compound and Klaus had every intention of savouring each and every moment with her in his presence. When the front door opened and the three witches arrived, Klaus immediately rallied. It was hard not to given the short, black dress she wore that exposed a rather delectable pair of toned, creamy legs. He thought she looked stunning when they’d bumped into each other on the street earlier that day but this had far surpassed any expectations he’d had.

Klaus made it his business to know everything that was happening in his town and her presence, as well as that of the other two witches, had piqued his interest. According to witnesses she’d almost burnt down one of his establishments and Klaus needed to know why. Was she secretly working against him and his family? Were the three witches actually a threat? Their business’ surprise success and immediate connections throughout the witch community had raised his suspicions further and the one thing Klaus knew was that the most beautiful enemies could also turn out to be the most ruthless.

He’d found out what little he could and had his spies follow them around the quarter until he spoke to her for the first time yesterday. Those blonde waves and expressive blue eyes he’d already committed to memory from pictures but what he wasn’t expecting was that feisty nature she’d exhibited which was nothing short of intriguing. He’d orchestrated their run-in of course, making sure she dropped her beloved beignets thinking that if he provoked her she’d react but besides that tongue lashing there was no magic trigger. He already had a back-up plan though and that included a cajun themed, three course meal and some friendly interrogation in a magic free environment.

“Why do you have to go and ruin the atmosphere like that, St John?” Kol muttered.

“Why do you have to be you?” He shot back, the three witches looking between them curiously as they bickered.

“Why do you have such bad taste in women?”

“Hey! That’s it, I’m going to dagger your immature ass, Kol,” Rebekah promised.

“Can we maybe go one night without this childish squabbling?” His older brother interrupted, stepping off the balcony and finding his way onto the courtyard floor, his brown eyes trained on their guests.

“I’ll dagger you both if you don’t shut up,” Klaus muttered, joining Elijah. “Shame on you all for misbehaving in front of our company.”

His lips curved into a knowing smile, taking in their varying expressions. Bonnie was clearly suspicious, Katherine mildly curious and Caroline seemed extremely frustrated if the dirty looks she was shooting his way were anything to go by. She may not have known who he was beforehand but now she did and the fact she didn’t seem scared was arousing his suspicions further.

“Says the most antisocial one of us all,” Kol groaned, now by his brother’s side. “At least I’m on Facebook, I have over ten thousand friends I’ll have you know.”

“Only because you compelled them into liking you,” Rebekah growled.

“Oh like you’re so innocent Miss Prom Queen. How many high school students did you compel to wear that bloody crown and on just how many occasions? I’ll tell you what, too many to count.”

“Oh I get it, you wanted us over so we could provide some obviously much needed family therapy,” Katherine offered, her eyes finding the eldest Mikaelson’s foreboding form as she said it. “You know, just saying.”

“That’s a brave thing to say to someone who could remove your heart in an instant, Miss Pierce.”

“I’d have to have one,” she drawled, sarcastically.

“Can we eat already? I’m bloody starving,” Enzo complained.

“Why am I not surprised?” Elijah growled.

“Your brotherly love is just so touching I can’t tell you how much,” he shot back, his eyes flickering over to Caroline. “I know the guests would like to eat too, especially the blonde with the sweet tooth.”

Klaus didn’t let himself feel much about anyone or anything, after 1000 years he figured it was something that worked quite well for him. Emotions were just a pesky inconvenience after all. Plus he’d never met anyone that had evoked any sort of reaction, until now. Unfortunately the fact she was beautiful, intriguing and trying to kill him was turning him on and he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. The jealousy stirring within Klaus at Enzo’s comment was threatening to derail his usually indifferent demeanour.

“So, you two know each other then?” Klaus growled.

“We had coffee today,” Enzo admitted. “She has a ridiculously unhealthy obsession to beignets.”

“Oh really?” Rebekah uttered, arms crossed over her chest accusingly. “Do I need to dagger someone’s lying ass?”

“Hey, I was minding my own business,” Caroline squeaked, obviously intimidated by the blonde Original and dreading the revenge she could inflict. Klaus almost felt sorry for her at that point. “If you people felt the need to actually reveal your identities then we wouldn’t have these little misunderstandings.”

“I notice we’re still talking about menial things and I’m this close to eating the nearest…”

“Steak?” Katherine guessed feebly, looking towards Kol ominously.

“I was going to say witch but that works too, I always was a sucker for a good rare piece of meat,” Kol offered, rasising his eyebrows. “What are your thoughts on the subject, Bonnie?”

“I prefer my meat less bloody,” she snapped. “What the hell is going on here? Last time I checked we were having dinner but so far this little exhibition is ruining any appetite I might of had.”

“Hear Hear,” Enzo piped up. “So, can we just eat something? Food, I mean.”

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