Did you know that Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí designed the elaborate dream sequence in the movie Spellbound? Celebrate national Alfred Hitchcock Day with a look at five of the director’s classic films in our collection. 

[Spellbound. 1945. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 111 min. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]


films i watched in 2015; Chilling Romance
“To be honest, it’s really scary dating you. When I’m alone, I keep imagining that something is crawling on my back. When I’m lying down, I keep imagining someone staring down at me. I’m so uneasy and frightened that I can’t even sleep. Do you know how tiring that is? I’ll never be able to sleep peacefully. But then… what about you? If I’m like this, what about you? Thinking about you being alone, it’s better that I have a ghost on my back. Remember what I said about the heroine in horror movies? They never fall in love. They have to be lonely for their screams to be desperate. But thinking of you screaming… it rips my heart out..”