Acnologia Son of Natsu and Lucy, LH, Zeref, Tenro, Revelations hidden messages in FT



Before reading, i wanted to warn some people, my theory’s personal and is based on facts, examples and is metaphorical and is a subjective opinion, so if that could was revealing certain things of the intrigue and you don’t want to be “spoiler” by my theory indices supposedly discovered abstain from reading ;)      I also want to say that this may be completely wrong and that my imagination can have taken the disappointed but keep in mind that some examples i will show comes from real things that i haven’t invented and that chance cannot create; I just put words on hidden FT messages, and create my theory supported by examples, some will be good others less or not at all; Mashima is strongly inspired by the story, i will mention but that doesn’t necessarily want to say that he will continue in this direction, FT is his history, and it’s he who will decide on future events,

This text will be very long;

For ease of reading, my theory will be divided into two parts, i will address the Ancient Egypt report / mythology and later fairy tales to explain the link between these two themes and form one and the same story: FAIRY TAIL.




Ankhserum: Definition: The God who laid the curse on Zeref, he has become immortal and removes people’s lives when he love life;

If we break the word Ankhserum, we have the name Ankh;

Egyptian cross of life, meaning “to live” or “life” symbol of immortality because it’s wearing by hand by all the gods and represents power. It can also be seen as a key opening the door from the dead and inspires the principle of eternal life and power. This cross represents life after death and would also be the symbol of the union between Isis and Osiris, who has saved mankind thanks to the victory of Horus over Seth. The Ankh accompanied all ritual ceremonies and served as a protective talisman.

The report unites between Ankh and FT is simply the title, in fact as you can see, the letter “T” is actually the cross of life “Ankh” represented by Seith, the “L” may represent that of Lucy and ends in a devil’s tail so Natsu, but it’s also used by the emblem of the Magic Council, we have here the key Ankh in the center, with the two ends = the two scepters of Osiris, the star of Isis and Horus representing the moon,

The essential question of FT: “The fairies have they a tail?”, well the answer is in part 2 in association with what i have to you explain

Mashima had therefore left nothing to chance, the title appeared on scan n°1 is related to today but this isn’t the only thing;


The cross of life is directly related with other symbols of the same name:

The tree of life and flower of life, why these two things are related to FT?

For the simple reason that Mashima has also integrated and linked these two symbols to create the main story FT.

1- “The Tree of Life” signification

The tree of life: According to several mythologies and religions. Symbolizes: strength and development of life, associated with animals and is a sign of unity and love;

- Bible : tree mentioned several times in the Apocalypse (reference to Acnologia) and linked to 7 branches of the candlestick;

- Egypt: Isis and Osiris firstborn of the tree (although remember these two names).

* It’s also likened to that of the “tree-Ash” from the “The tale of the two brothers.” I’ll let you read the story of Anibis (thus likened to Seith/Zeref) wanting to killing his brother Bata must then take care of his brother by finding the heart within 7 years where he will adopt an attitude of mourning.

- China: Dragon / Phoenix; the dragon is revered for immortality ressembling the Phoenix. Acno metaphor (dragon) / phoenix (Natsu?) So Acno looks Natsu? Meditate on that sentence …

- Peoples Celts :Trees = Zodiacs, ( Lucy and the 12 key) .The Roots are the foundation = the other world. The trunk = mortal world. The 2 branches = connection the worlds above and below.

What told  Presht (Hades) to Makarof? The arc Grimoire Heart is a perfect example, they wanted to use the key for revival Zeref, but especially Rusty Rose mentions wanting to recreate the “New Age”

His real name: The Gnostic or knowledge of the secrets truths able to join human and divine mystery, which is divided into two parts (two supreme powers oppose):

- The good on one side (the spiritual world, the kingdom of light) by Lucy,

- Evil of the other (kingdoms of darkness) here Natsu

It’s said that the spirit of man would throw in the dark and imprisoned in a body and an individual soul, the demons keep the spirit of the man trapped in the material (END) and a messiah / spiritual savior revealing a certain elite (Princess) helps him out of the dream in which they’re enclosed;

Very clearly, we can equate this to Lucy (Messiah kingdom of light) saving Natsu (End) prisoner of the dream in which we’re currently in FT, because Natsu was born and died, there over 400 years, the today’s Natsu isn’t true;

2-The Mayan cosmic tree / 7 worlds

But Mashima’s mainly inspired by the Mayan and Aztec culture, at home it’s called “Cosmic Tree”. Center of the universe, it serves to the sky column. This tree is the key to the history of FT “

- Maya name : "Yaxche” (Ceiba tree). Its roots grow in Hell and its branches reach heaven. Its base is also said that is the “Beast of the Earth” and that its summit is “The proud bird Itzam-YEH” representing the constellation of Ursa Major *

* (it’s at the origin of the term “Septentrional” 7 stars form the carriage; represents 7 wise in Japan and the 7 Persian thrones)

* in a bonus scan Lucy wrote a book entitled “The forest of the Maya”

So: Roots of Hell = Natsu, Lucy Heaven = Celestial spirit and Proud Bird / The Beast =Acnologia = 7 = Great Bear).

Interested us deeper on details of the “Cosmic Tree” and its meanings. This tree is considered the center of the universe, and connecting  with the 9 kingdoms:

-The Yggdrasil: World Tree in the center of the universe, linking nine kingdoms. Huge tree whose roots fetched this source of 3 worlds:

Past: dead / Present: secret of the universe / Future: destin of men and God

Symbolizes: ancestral memory, secret knowledge (Secrets of the universe and of the gods), and control of the destiny of beings (The Evolution of Consciousness).

-1st world Asgard (world of the Gods) = 4 gods Ishgar

-2nd world Midgard (middle world, that of men) = Tenro

- 3rd world Utgard (underworld, all non-human beings or God) = Demon and other (perhaps where is hiding  Acnologia)

Utgard: integrates 7 additional worlds.

You said 7? yes FT = 7, each world has a name and a meaning, so i matches the definition of each land, i add some Slayers Dragons and Gray. Alone Wendy, Laxus and Cobra aren’t it . The track remains to be explored and remains very subjective.

  1. Ljössalfheim: World of Light Alfes  (white). Frey was offered his first tooth. = Sting, Dragon of Light and mage of Sabertooth (tiger tooth guild)                        
  2. Svartalfheim: World of Black Alfes. It’s just like the whites Alfes = Rogue, dragon shadow, brother of Sting Alfe black / white                                       .
  3. Muspellheim: World of creative and destructive as fire melts the ice of Niflheim and causes the birth of Ymir, the primitive giant. fire dragon = Natsu, Gray rival, birth Ymir = assimilation Ignir                                           .
  4. Niflheim: World nebulous “* Muspellheim the antithesis of (fire) or is the creative and destructive ice it’s located to the north = Gray Demon Slayer with ice magic * the nebulous world could be likened to the attack of Juvia "Water Nebula"                                                                                             .
  5. Jotunheim:  World of Giant; symbol of this world: the forest of iron, known for its forges. They fabricated hammers, anvils with whom they forged other utensils of daily life with pure gold "where the Golden Age.” Iron predominates = Gajeel iron dragon                                                        .      .
  6. Helheim: World dissimulated ,represents the hidden forces in the depths of the human being before transformation. Kingdom of the Hel. NO FOUND                                                                                                  .       .
  7. Vanaheim: World Vanir gods, ruled by Frey and Freya. It represents peace. NO FOUND * However I found an information on Frosh the cat that might be inspired by it; because it has a physical between women and men (male or female frog) and is also known as Froh = Frey+Freya


The tree is identified with the Milky Way and serves as a bridge for the souls who go to Paradise or Hell.

At the junction of the two branches is the “head of the monster” or the entrance to the underworld. This place is strangely the center of the Milky Way, where it’s thought be a giant black hole. (note this important detail, i intend to deepen for Acnologia)

The relationship between Iris, Lucy and Natsu is done through creating this bridge by Iris his name: “The rainbow of Iris” or “Scarf of Iris”

Iris (similar to the myth of Isis and her scarf) = Unique Goddess messenger of the gods, link between heaven and earth, particularity be covered with a light veil becoming bright and colorful in the sun (the scarf). * It’s also an asteroid with code 7

Metaphorically Lucy / speaking to the King of the Heavens, this is Iris and the scarf would become that of Natsu

This is perhaps why it has protected against Tenro on Zeref,

4-Lullabay and The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute: knew the location of the tree of life. The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute evoke an Egyptian sacred ritual of couple, the mysteries of Isis and Osiris, consisting of Tamino and Pamina.

One and other, vanish for reborn, and their love, marked with the seal of eternity for cross the borders of death. Before their sacred marriage, each will follow a path, Tamino will face difficulties with its human dual * = Papageno and Pamina  will receive the education from Sarastro.

The human twin can refer to Natsu *

Compared with fairy tail: Lullaby: Demon of the Book of Zeleph: default shape “Flute” and shape “Demon” (Natsu), Arc Eisenwald = German language, Magic Flute Mozard = German;

5- Flower of life

Fiore / Fairy Sphere / Fairy Law (Law) are directly linked with

the “Flower of Life”: secret shape known as the “Fruit of Life” consists of 13 spheres (FAIRY SPHERE), which contain several mathematical and geometrical laws (FAIRY LAW). These laws represent the whole universe. She’s one of the most sacred geometric shapes! And would be directly tied to the tree of life (at the end of the platform is the stele receiving the names of the deceased and symbolizes a promise of immortality, this sentence can clearly make the connection with the grave of Mavis;) )

* Egypt / temple of Abydos (Osiris) has the oldest copy of the flower.

It’s said that offering this flower would be like giving the whole universe in one jewel;

You said jewel?

6- Pendant Zeref and Egg Natsu

- Pendant of Zeref

The pendant of the “Tree of Life” is as the key to the original creation of God and enters exactly in the seed * and the flower of life.                                                  * Seed of Life = 7 circles placed symmetrically sextuplets, forming a circle pattern and acting as component on the design of the Flower of Life.                 By wearing , the physical and psychological changes are created, faster heart beats, prophetic dreams, the end of illusions, seeing reality as it’s and free themselves from old fears.

Zeref, behavior disorder carries a pendant (he wasn’t wearing when he was youngster in the scan 436) we still don’t know the meaning, + ref number 7 this hypothesis remains to be studied but is very subjective.

- Egg Natsu

Order to perfect the detail, in center of the flower, the representation “of an egg of life” would be cited, perhaps a direct relationship with Natsu and the form in which the body is maintained.


Let us now to the characters of Seth, Isis and Osiris, the link with Ankh, the Tree and Flower of Life;

Well the story is very similar to Zeref, Natsu and Lucy so let’s start with the story of Osiris and Isis.

OSIRIS AND ISIS: mythical king of ancient Egypt, he rules the country with his wife Isis, goddess very popular, universal power that placed his kingdom under the sign of cosmic harmony. Osiris drowned in the Nile, murdered in a plot created by his brother.                                                                                        The martyr Osiris earned him winning “ the World of Beyond ”, where he became the sovereign and the supreme judge of the laws of Maat (the goddess of justice) In his new kingdom, authority relies on an army of demons capable of winning the earthly world and inflict epidemics and deadly spells.                 During his trial, he was weighed on a scale of two trays, on one side, the hieroglyph of Maat and the other the heart of Osiris (the symbol of conscience). He will renew later life through the magic power of Isis and Nephthys;

Osiris is a direct link between Natsu = End, he’s the dead brother of Zeref, he’s the master of Tartaros, an army of demons, and the penalties were many epidemics (Tempesta / Laxus, Keith / Juvia, Torafusa / Gajeel) , NOTE ALTHOUGH THE HEART OF DECEASED IS THE SYMBOL OF HIS CONSCIENCE, Lucy, she represents the cosmic side and messiah.


SETH (homophone of the number 7) : God of darkness or warlike. God of confusion, disorder, disturbance, violence and evil, but mostly he’s called the warrior god, he was feared of the égyptians because in the Hereafter, he could seize the souls of the unwary.

The definition of Zeref is exactly the same, the split personality, he’s darkness, steals  life of the unwary who come too close to him and the warrior god akin to war and that he declared  for the festival of the dragons king.                            He was depicted as a man with a forked tail and the head of an animal, sometimes taking an entirely animal form (can be the animal of GJM who returned near of Zeref)

According to the Egyptian vision, destructive forces are in perpetual struggle against the positive forces.                                                                                Seth opposes his brother Osiris by being ambitious, scheming, manipulative power for the murder,He’s gradually confused with Apophis, the serpent of chaos, the Greek world has identified Typhon, a monster of chaos and evil entity.                                                                                                                 Seth is also linked to the stele of 400 years = lifetime of Zeref


Mavis or Nephthys, wife of Seth (Zeref), also called lady mistress of the castle where “The Lady of the Temple” associated with the role of Priestess, funeral Goddess alongside Hâpi

She’s represented as a woman wearing two hieroglyphs (Mavis has two small wings on the head), Sister of Isis, she symbolizes the darkness, the invisible, the experience of death, useful Goddess / to excellence, protector of the dead but especially the sovereign (Osiris), she represents the divine assistance and the protective guardianship. Mavis = Tenro protects and watches over these children FT

The description of Nephthys is similar to Mavis, Mavis is a ghost is therefore invisible, and especially the “experience” of death because we don’t know if she’s truly dead,

The festive name of Nephthys is called “the heart of Nephthys rejoice”, we can make a connection with FT Heart / LH

Nephthys played an important role in the myth of Osiris (the Osirian cycle) along with Isis, she helped reconstruct the dismembered body of Osiris by opposing Seith;

Metaphorically: Mavis protected Natsu with Lucy sides by opposing Zeref, thanks to LH therefore FT Heart


We found that LH was the body of Mavis inside a crystal, Zeref states that in fact it’s called Heart FT and if we take the link between Isis / Osiris / Zeth / Nephtis = Lucy / Natsu / Zeref / Mavis and we analyze the initials LH / FT Heart and Lucy Heartfilia we find that this corresponds,

and if we put the two words butt we discovered: “The light on the history of heart FT”

This means that FT Heart is nothing other than the heart of Osiris or Natsu (remember in the afterlife and Maat) indirectly Lucy, by love and protected by Mavis.

Ivan says it’s darkness Mavis the light, and well, here, both are present

the light is represented by Lucy and the other by Natsu. FTHeart would  according Zeref a stronger weapon than the 3 others, well, if we consider that Layla had told Lucy about one-magic (first magic and magic of love) but also that Presht wanted to capture this magic because it’s the largest and was the deepest abyss; I would say that LH was create from this magic: the magic of love uniting Natsu and Lucy;

Therefore this could explain why Zeref wants to seize it, if FTheart is used it will destroy its project of being killed by demonic Natsu (END) represented by anger opposed FTheart representing love and past memory. Natsu will no longer be able to fight it. “Chap Osiris: During his trial, he was weighed on a scale of two trays, on one side, the hieroglyph of Maat and the other the heart of Osiris (symbol of consciousness).”

A small nod now in this story: Happy

Remember you, i told you about Hâpi being alongside Nephthys (Mavis) and  Mashima is many also inspired by this legendary character of Egypt.

Indeed, it’s Hapi, God of the Nile and is represented by a blue man and a little paunchy belly, you remember? Indeed it’s indeed the small Exceed Happy, for us;)

CHAPTER VII: Acnologia



Acnologia: in the Bible there is a beast with seven heads is a legendary monster of tale and is often likened to a dragon or a seven-headed snake is also a direct link to the Apocalypse (or Acnologia dragon of the Apocalypse)

But that’s not all, the real link with Natsu and Lucy is here

the dragon was seen as a powerful and respectable creature, mystical symbol of union between Heaven and Earth. But not only that, it turns out that Isis and Osiris have had a child named Horus, represented as the posthumous son of Osiris born magical works of Isis, his mother.

Horus formed with Seth a divine duo characterized by rivalry, he fought his uncle Seth, the murderer of his father, defeated and captured, crowned Egyptian Pharaoh and his father named king of the beyond.

Several expressions bind Horus and Seth: the “Two Gods”, the “Two Lords ”, the “Two Men”, the “Two rival” or “Two fighters”. Its elements were, air and fire. His colors were black, red, white and sometimes blue.

Acnologia is a black dragon with blue flames and uses its two elements in his attacks: roar of the dragon of the Apocalypse, He inspires a lot of air for the attack and fire with his blue flames. Zeref is in direct confrontation with Acno but mostly he fears and is afraid of him. they’re were also two lords ruling over earth: Acno is king of dragons and Zeref Emperor.

The necklace represents Acnologia “The Magatama”, ornamental feature of the “One History” of Japan (OneMagic? Magic of love by Layla), imperial ornament. (Emperor Zeref)

Its shape evokes a bear claw, a comma, 9 or sometimes a fetus. This necklace is 7 bear claws, (Lucy / mother by 7 stars of the great Bear), It’s generally made of amber, stone, Jade (Jade Tenro in Ftzero a wolf is near the stele of Jade *, this wolf is synonymous with Amateratsu, these flames are often represented as black or blue of Acnologia and Amaterasu wearing the Magatama)

* The Jade is also a connection with Yuriy =God Serena my theory is to come. The dragon is also one of the 88 constellations of the sky, Lucy uses the spell “Urano Metria” the 88 stars of the cosmos through Hibiki which uses the spell “magic archives” reference to the past,

Remember now,  Natsu was there not similar with Acnologia? I mentioned in the part of the tree of life / Tenro, the crossing of the two branches was the “head of the monster” or the entrance to the underworld and therefore the center of the Milky Way;

And if we add to this that = Isis Lucy, Natsu = Osiris and Horus = Acnologia this sentence take all meaning, mixing branch Hell = Natsu, the sky= Lucy, we get Acnologia formed at the center of the Milky Way, metaphorically the belly of Lucy


But mostly nothing comes back to you when I talk about Milky Way, underground?

Alegria? the ultimate fate of underground hell? which was invoked and what magic?

Now remember you Ankh, remember the curse, but especially remember that could have to use Ankh. Who proved that the god of Ankhserum was a man? Like the fact that God Serena could have been a woman and thought that God was wrong enough for Serena

Lucy is a celestial spirit and master keys, Lucy bears his emblem in hand, alone to wear it there, the Ankh Cross is a symbol of Isis and is a horizontal arm representing the knot of Isis (Isis / Lucy)

It can also be seen as a key opening the door from deads

This famous WORLD OF SPIRITS, figuratively speaking, it’s indeed what we said Mashima to speak of “ world of stellar spirits ”, but if you read it in the other direction, one can understand that this is from the dead / dead spirits. It’s a protective talisman which allowed him to escape it but mostly there was one chance in one billion survive according to Mard, Silver knows this magic, but how? And Presht, was right, magic is inside or outside? Does it really stems from black magic or white magic?

Well Lucy is this representation, she’s the direct link that unites the gates of hell in the light of magic, through the history of Tenro / the tree of life, but especially in Ankh that is the symbol having destroyed Seth (Zeref) to save Osiris (Natsu) and Isis (Lucy) through Horus (Acnologia)

And i think the answer of Makarof at Presht sums up all : “The magic can be the light as it can be darkness”


To conclude, i think you will have noticed that the use of the number 7 by Mashima has real meaning;

the number 7 in Egypt is the homophone of Seth and would be the favorite of the gods.

The Egyptians would have much observed the sky to reach these conclusions.

  • 7 stars of the Great Bear
  • The ceremony of embalming was punctuated by the number 7.. The priest uses a tool called Herminette, This tool derives its power from the Great Bear and gives the breath of life to the dead and the use of his senses. (Lucy celestial spirit)
  • In numerology, the 7 represents the “inner life” (Natsu 400 years ago).
  • In ancient times it was a powerful number symbolizing wholeness and completion in the time by testing the men in the two worlds of life and death.
  • In the tomb of Ramses VI, 7 is present everywhere and would exercise great power. on his sarcophagus,we can read that it will cross 7 doors to death in order to enter the kingdom of the dead. (7 worlds in the tree of life)

Why i’m telling you all this for the simple reason that i think the 7.7.777 is the link between them;

7 Zeref, 7 Lucy and 7 Acnologia where everything that can be linked with these three characters and Natsu.

Mashima didn’t begin with the 7.7.777 date, but by the characters that are representative of that number, and he’s subsequently established that date. The 777 may correspond to the devil  666 = Natsu and mixing the 7 Zeref / 7 Lucy and the last 7=Acnologia numbers would unite to form the figure from 7.

Many will say but then why did the dragons disappeared on that date ?. We have necessarily equated that to the 7 Dragons Slayers =the number 7 etc.

Actually this isn’t quite true, only 5 dragons have disappeared actually (Cobra and Laxus aren’t true Dragon Slayers) so, this has no immediate link.

To be honest, i’m long wondered about it and i came to a very crazy conclusion, but that could ultimately not be so bad:

Many know the Myth of “Boing 777” aircraft miraculously disappeared without anyone knowing where he is …

Well, if one compares it to the disappearance of dragons or that of Layla it could simply coincided !

The real number between dragons and Layla isn’t 7/7/777 because we doesn’t know the exact date of death Layla, but only “777”. Mashima simply wanted to mark this figure accentuated the importance of thereof, and the real number which connects these antagonists is 777.

The plane is a flying bird like the dragons, it’s the sudden disappearance and unprecedented, but also the number 777, i’m not sure on my theory that is a bit far-fetched, i must admit, but this wink could significantly explain that :)

A little bonus to make the connection between my theory and 12 Spriggans, indeed my theory demonstrating that would Zeref=Seth will confirm ever more, says Seith “God warrior” has created an army, and was linked to released Titans from Tartares (doors of the underworld).

Who are the Titans? well,they’re 12 gigantic antagonists equipped with unconditional strength it does remind you of anything? and yes the 12 Spriggans supposed to annihilate anyone according to Zeref, but it’s one of the arcs that occurs just after one of the biggest FT arcs: Tartaros;

Surely you will tell me that the 12 Spriggans aren’t giants so it doesn’t match, and yet according to Legends the Spriggans have the particularity to inflate inordinately high :D and what better way to fight the size of a dragon?

My theory will be forthcoming later,and will tell you ,especially, why Mashima didn’t really make a choice of random name for Spriggans but especially Etherious Natsu Dagnir, the grave of Mavis, everything is related to stars and Lucy,, anyways! first i want to share with you the conclusion of my theory uniting mythology and fairy tales to form only one and the same FT story.



If you use my theory or my images CREDIT ME

© Hiro Mashima

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