How much did having had a child change you as a human-being? And how did that influence the music you were making?

“It hasn’t changed me that dramatically; it’s not like I used to go and party all the time. When I got pregnant, I didn’t think it’d be a problem; I didn’t have the feeling that I’d have to forfeit my social life. As a human-being it mostly made me value my free time. There’s a lot of time in a day that gets wasted. If you have a kid, you just can’t live with yourself if you do that. You have to organize your days really well if you want to give all this energy to your child that you love so much, and then also be able to give that energy back to yourself. I almost get more done than the people around me that don’t have any restrictions. I also feel like I’m more inspired, and my life is more rich in a certain sense. Because you see the value of human life, and just how fast time moves along. All of a sudden your son is five years old, and you see just how much has happened in that time. It’s a good perspective.”