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Jay Park Reaction to: You Having a High Sex Drive

winner version; here

Jay Park:

“I don’t disappoint, girl, you know this, yeah, yeah ~”

ok so to know who jay park is, is to know that he’s very raunchy & not shy at all when it comes to sex. so the fact that you’ve got a high sex drive & are such a horny lil shit is basically him finding his soul mate. you two connect on a level that maybe someone asexual or with a low sex drive won’t

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Jay Park Reaction to: You Being an Idol Who Other Idols Want to be With

big bang version; here

Jay Park: brags about it so much that the rest of aomg are sick to their teeth of hearing about you. they turn on the t.v and some idol is gushing about you. they turn it off and jay is gushing about you. “s/he’s great, we get it!” they’ll groan.

but if one of them dares to say anything even remotely sexual about you, he’s quick to remind them that you’re his, that only he can talk about you like that. “s/he’s beautiful, so I get that you want to look. but keep your thoughts to your damn self.”

acts tough but he’s only doing that to hide that it hurts his feelings to hear ppl objectify you. when they talk about your talent, that’s cool. or how beautiful you are, inside and out, that’s cool too. but you weren’t just a toy, for ppl to leer at. however, he has an image to uphold, so he can’t say it hurts his feelings. instead he makes false threats at anyone who says something that goes too far

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Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist


Kimchi was not the nicest person. He knew that, and he also knew that sometimes, his teasing and sharp wit came off as generally just mean, and most of the time, he couldn’t possibly care less, because sixty percent of the people he met weren’t people that he’d ever see again. He’d happened to see one of the people he’d pissed off in passing a few days ago, a soloist named Hani or Honui… it was something. He’d mentioned something about her face, and she’d taken it completely the wrong way, which of course she would, it’s Kimchi. She didn’t know that when he says things like that, he’s only messing around. Rarely does he mean the things he says when he’s joking, and those that he does are actually very biting and angry, he’d think it’d be obvious. The way she’d turned red though, had only made him laugh more, before he’d waved, and left. Re-thinking it though, it’d been about a week, and he hadn’t seen her at all, which meant he’d made her quite upset. He couldn’t help but grumble as he wandered the halls, hoping for a glimpse of… whatever her name was.