Request: Bad luck

Request: Imagine Reader Coming home and find Juice in the bedroom pleasure himself. Ends in rough sex with daddy Kink.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut, daddy kink

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Gemma Teller had been following you all day long. She was like a bulldog, determined not to let you get close to Juice. You were going crazy, thinking all that was the stupidest thing in the world. Thankfully, TM needed her attention and with an innocent threat, you made the prospect help you to escape.

You weren’t being stubborn, you had truly forgot something at your house and she wouldn’t let you go back. You smiled as you drove through town and was singing when you parked on the driveway. You opened the front door and rushed to the bedroom. Gemma must had noticed your escape already. The door was slightly open, letting you see the bed and Juice laying down.

“What?”, you whispered, covering your mouth with you hand. He was naked, a towel next to him, he was getting ready for that night. His hand was around his cock, stroking. You licked your lips and walked in the room. His eyes were close and he groaned a little, making you giggle.

“Do you need help with that?”, you raised an eyebrow and pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh as he jumped, surprised.

“What are you doing here?”, he grabbed the towel to cover his body. “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”

“Nonsense!”, you scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Plus, I’m not wearing my dress. That is what they say…Don’t see the bride in her wedding dress”

“You are terrible”, he got up wrapping the towel around his waist but you could see his boner. “I think I’m calling this off”

“Oh you are not, Ortiz!”, you smirked, walking towards him. “And you are not hiding from me. Come on, you needed it”

“What?”, he creased his brow, confused. You smirked and wrested his towel, letting him naked again, his cock proudly erect.

“You need me”, you purred, your nail trailing down his chest. “Did you miss me?”

“Y-Yes”, he stuttered, closing his eyes. “Y/N…You shouldn’t be here”

“Please…”, you whispered, closing your fingers around his cock. You kissed his chest, pleased to see Juice tremble. “I missed you. You are not the only one feeling hot and bothered Juan”

“You are…”, his voice was husky, his eyes now focused on you, pupils wide. “You are such a bad girl”

You sucked a breath. You had played the daddy kink thing once and he loved it, but it had been a while. You smirked, stroking his balls, making Juice hiss.

“Yes daddy”, you purred again. He growled and pulled you to him, smashing his lips on yours. You moaned on his mouth, his hands grabbing hard your ass cheeks.

“Strip”, Juice pulled back, panting. You quickly took off your clothes, licking your lips when you stood naked in front of him. Juice came closer, his thumbs brushing your nipples. “You are all mine baby girl”

“Yes daddy”, you shuddered, desperate for his touch. Juice smirked and pressed you against the wall, making you gasp. He lifted you, legs around his waist and breasts close to his mouth. He sucked them, hard, as you hold on his shoulders. He slowly lowered you on him, his cock filling you.

“So wet for me”, he whispered, grazing his teeth over your low lip. “But still a bad girl”

“Please daddy”, you needed him, badly.

“What do you want baby girl?”, he pulled back just to thrust harder, scratching your back on the wall.

“Fuck me”, you gulped. “Fuck me hard daddy”

His hands grabbed hard on your thighs, slowly pulling his cock out of you again, then he thrusted. He did it hard, going deep as you tried to hold onto him. Your moans were choked on your throat, your fingertips were digging on his skin, leaving red marks, your marks.

“You are all mine”, Juice groaned, locking his eyes with yours. “Say it, little girl…All mine”

“Yes daddy”, you whispered. “I’m all yours”

He held you tight as he turned to bed. Juice slapped your ass making you scream before lay you down. His hands roamed over your body, squeezing your breasts. You bucked your hips, trying to create some friction between you. Juice only laughed and took your hand in his.

“I can’t wait to see my ring on your finger”, adoration filled his voice and he sucked the finger where he would put your wedding ring later that night. “Forever mine”

You swallowed and tangled your fingers with his, “Forever yours”. His gaze was so intense that you lost your breath for a moment. Juice was so passionate, adoring you every moment you were together, but that look was new for you. You realized that he meant every single word. He wanted you to be all his, forever. You realized you wanted that too, belong to each other.

Juice held your wrists together, pinning them above your head. You arched your back to welcome his cock deeper. You tossed your head back, your breasts bouncing as he pounded inside you.

“Fuck!”, you screamed as he was balls deep on your pussy. “Daddy! Please…”

“What?”, he laughed, pinching a nipple. “What baby girl?”

“Make me cum, please make me cum”, you begged, squirming under him. His thumb rubbed your clit and you moaned louder, you were close.

“Not yet”, he hissed, putting your ankles on his shoulders. The headboard hit the wall, the noise and your moans filling the room. He was merciless, his fingers leaving bruises on your thighs as he held you. 

“Daddy”, you whispered. He ran his hands down your legs and then over your sides, reaching your hand again, intertwining your fingers. You wrapped your legs around him, bringing Juice closer as you could.

“Fuck”, he cursed, starting to lose rhythm. You pulsed around him, receiving a deep growl in response as he spilled his cum inside you. Juice hide his face on the crook of your neck as he calmed down.

You kissed his shoulder, smiling on his skin. He didn’t release your hands, or moved as he his cock softened. “I love you”, he whispered. You closed your eyes, smiling. Your old man was really one of the kind, being rough, and incredible soft and kind at the same time.

“I love you too”, you whispered back. Juice pulled out of you, laying by your side, holding your hand close to his heart. You rolled on bed, facing him.

“I’m forever yours”, he locked his eyes with yours. “Tonight I’ll promise you that in front of everybody. You are mine and I’m yours”

“Yes, my love” you smiled, your lips meeting his in a sweet kiss. “You are mine and I’m yours”

Juice smiled wide, you couldn’t wait to see him at the altar, waiting for you. That reminded why you had gone to your house. Gemma was probably torturing the prospect to know where you were. 

“I gotta go”, you muttered, getting up.

“Damn”, Juice looked at the clock. “We should be getting ready already”

“We have time”, you laughed, putting your clothes back on.

“How did you escape from Gemma?”, he asked, propping his body up on his elbows. “And what are you doing here in the middle of the day?”

“Prospect helped me, I threatened him”, you smiled, putting your dress on. “Are you complaining?”

“No, not at all “, he grinned.

“I forgot something”, you said, opening the closet. You felt Juice watching as you stood on your tiptoes to grab a bag. You slipped your shoes back and waved the bag to him as you walked out. “My little number that I’ll be wearing under the dress”

You winked and Juice’s eyes widened when he realized it was a Victoria Secrets’ bag. “Oh man!”

“Yes”, you laughed, nodding. “See you later baby. I’ll be the one in white, walking on the aisle”

“See you gorgeous!”, he yelled back. “I’ll be the one on the altar…Squirming…Thinking about this damn little number!”

Being Jax’s horny younger girlfriend would include:

Author: Bailey

Sex all the time

Jax teaching you some new moves

You teaching Jax some new moves

Rough sex in the Chapel

Sex in the clubhouse

Jax constantly trying to keep up with you

Sex everywhere

Getting walked in on by multiple members

Pranking Jax with “I’m pregnant”

Trying to make each other jealous

Jealous sex

*Request: you’re clay and Gemmas daughter so everyone is super protective, and you and juice have been flirting for a while, then your kidnapped and they have to rescue you, and juice gets really upset and eventually says that he loves you.* Part 2

*Splash* “Wake up bitch.” A guy in a mask told you. Your whole body was in an extreme pain and you noticed on your side that you had stitches in. “What happened to my side?” You said to the men but no one responded back to you. “What the fuck happened to my side shit face?! You a deaf bitch or what?!” You said gazing at them. One of them came towards you a slapped the shit out of you that blood flew out your mouth. You wanted to cry but you were raised to not show weakness. You spit in his face, “You hit like a bitch you know that.” You said with a big smile on your face. “That really is Jax Teller little sister.” Another man sitting at the table said. “Aye, bring baby doll here. Her boyfriend is on the news.” The fourth man said. The man who slapped you got you up and sat you on the couch… “The young man that was in this horrific car crash is in and out of consciousness, although he is in bad condition he is not in critical care. While out of on consciousness he said that his girlfriend had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were the ones who shot him. Police say that they are investigating who could take this poor young lady and why.” The news lady said. “This couple was on there way to an event and someone drove them off the road and then took the girl. We are not sure if she has some enemies or anything we are just trying to work with her family to find the young woman and bring her home.” The cop said. “Yes, and we do hope that this young lady returns home safely. Back to you Steve.” The news lady said. “Well baby doll, if your dad gives us what we want, we will definitely return you.” The fourth guy said.

“We need to find who the hell has my little girl.” Clay said throwing the remote at the TV. “We called LaRoy, Marcus, and Lynn to see if any of them has heard anything but the streets are silent.” Tig said. “Well make some damn noise, my little girl is gone missing!” Gemma said starting to cry, Tara consoled her. Juice shook his head then walked to the back hall way. He fell to his knees and for the first time in a long time, he prayed to God. “Please bring her back. Bring her back please. That’s all I’ve ever asked you for. You know I love her, just please bring her back and I won’t do her wrong.” He said and got up. His anxiety was catching up to him in that moment and he started to cry a little. “You okay Juicy?” Chibs asked him. “I love her, and now she will never know how I feel if she doesn’t come back.” Juice said slowly to Chibs. “Ay, she’s coming back so you can cry and tell her when we find her.” Chibs said and Juice chuckled a little. “Lets go find ya lady, alright?” Chibs said putting his arm around Juice… They walked back in the room and Bobby walked into the house, “We need to go meet up Alvarez now.” “What’s up?” Jax said. “We got a lead.” Bobby said and all the men hurried outside.


You hadn’t slept since you had gotten knocked out. You couldn’t sleep because you felt unsafe. You were dirty and all fucked up, but you didn’t even want to get clean around these bastards because you didn’t what they were capable of. You had already been gone for two days now and you payed attention to everything the four men did. You saw that they weren’t heavily strapped but two of them were meth heads, which meant they were white boys. You couldn’t see there faces but one of them looked Hispanic from his body skin color of his arms but you never heard him talk. The two meth heads were dumb as fuck and the other two were quiet. You could tell who was in charge. Only one fed you and brung you to the restroom, the one that slapped the shit out of you, he was a very big dude so if you tried to run away he would most likely be the one to get me. You weren’t that dumb to try and run because you knew one of the dumb ass meth heads would’ve probably shot you by accident. You sat back and waited patiently, you had already looked at how you could escape so you, you had handcuffs on but Happy taught you how to get out of those. When you went to the restroom, you checked to see if you still knew how to get out of them and you did so that was one obstacle checked off your list.

“Here, let me put some alcohol on those bruises and stitches.” The guy you thought was Hispanic said. Once you heard him talk you knew he wasn’t, but his voice was very familiar. He raised up his long sleeves and you looked at his ink. and saw the prison tattoos for Aryan brother hood. You thought to yourself, “What the fuck did my dad do?” “Ouch.” You said as he nursed your wounds. “Damn, you got fucked up.” He said putting a band-aid on your stitches noticing the big bruise on your stomach. “Oh yeah? I wonder how the fuck I got that.” You said, because that was just a dumb ass thing to say. Before he could respond one of the meth head spoke up, “Look bitch, he’s being nice by even helping you.” He said charging me up and kicking me in the face. “The guy who was nursing me got up and pushes the meth head. “What the fuck you doing? That’s a woman not no damn animal!” He said punching the meth head. The meth head retrieved back to the couch like a dog that just got his ass beat. He sat back down and continue to nurse your wounds. Not a word was said after that.


“Whats up man” Alvarez said “Trying to get my kid back.” Clay said shaking his hand. “Check it man, word around town is that some white boys that just got out of ail took your little girl.” He said getting straight to the point. “For what? We don’t have any beef with anybody right now. Especially on the inside.” Bobby said confused. “Shit!” Clay said. “Do you know where they are?” Juice asked. “I got a few motel names but I also got a few apartment names so there will be some looking..” Alvarez said. “So fucking what? We need to find her now!” Jax said interrupting Alvarez but then his phone rang cutting him off. “Yeah?” Jax said full of anger. “Jax.” You said talking to your brother. “Y/N are you okay? Where are you? Who has you?” Jax said. “Jax, I’m fine. You need to give them whatever they ask for or they will kill me.” You said saying everything your kidnappers told you to say. “What the fuck do they want?!” Clay said getting on the phone. You cried to Clay, “Daddy!” The kidnapper immediately took the phone and said, “We want guns and 4 million dropped off at Echo Park the day after tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon and we will release your kid.” He said and then hung up.

“What they say?” Jax asked. “We need to find her or find 4 million with some guns.” Clay said. “Lets start with those addresses then.” Jax said hopping on his bike… “Well, we finally gone get our money.” One of the meth heads said. “Aye, you think I can ave a taste of this sweet baby doll?” The other meth head said touching your face and you kicked him in his face. “You little bitch!” He said raising his hand to you. “Hey! The both of you need to quit your shit! I swear if any of yall touch her. Ill kill you myself.” The big guy said. You just laid back down and got lost in your thoughts. You prayed that God would get you the fuck out of wherever the fuck you were at and from these dumbass men. You promised that you would never disobey your dad again if God got you out of the situation. You felt so damn stupid for not going to your parents house whenever they told you. Now your boyfriend could be dead and the man you really love will never see you again. Juice was on your mind heavy and all you did was just hope that you was on his mind also.


There was no escaping it, Abel Teller had grown up to become the very thing                                    his father fought so hard to prevent. 

Despising the life that took his mother away from him, Thomas Teller became                    that which he would need to be to protect the ones he loved.