gif:shut up flower boy band


school themed kdramas: 

  • school 2015+2013
  • reply 1997+1994+1988
  • to the beautiful you
  • Dream high
  • the heirs
  • seonam girls HS
  • playful kiss
  • page turner
  • age of youth
  • orange marmelade
  • angry mom
  • sassy gogo
  • moorim school
  • wlg fairy kim bokjoo
  • heartstrings
  • high school king
  • twenty again 
  • bring it on ghost
  • and to complete the list 2 must watch: boys over flowers+shut up flower boyband.

*some of them don’t necessarily take place in a school but they involve students and their daily life*also its not placed in a special order*

if you think somethings missing just comment it pls!!

Wake Up
Wake Up

Sung Joon “Wake Up” Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST

This drama will literally rip out your heart in the first few episodes. It shows some epic bromances and great music. You will fall in love with the sound track and has a great cast including Sung Joon, L from Infinite, Lee Minki, and other cuties you will love. Taeyang’s bro Hyun Bae also makes some funny appearances. Highly recommend this drama!