Elfego Baca and the Frisco Shootout

In the 1880’s Elfego Baca was a deputy sheriff in Soccoro County, New Mexico and was determined to clean up the town of Reserve.  In 1884 a drunk cowboy named Charlie McCarty ambled down the streets of Reserve, shooting up the town, yelling, hooting, and causing a ruckus.  Baca arrested the drunk cowboy, much to the ire of his fellow cowboys.  The cowboys tried to jump Baca, but he deftly fended off the attack, wounding one cowboy in the knee and shooting the horse of another, the horse falling on the cowboy and killing him.

William McCarty was taken into custody and later held for trial.  A very large gang of cowboys attended the trial, all eyeing up Baca with obvious evil intent.  McCarty was fined $5 and released.  Immediately Baca hightailed it out of the courtroom, taking refuge in the house Geronimo Armijo.  Around 40 heavily armed cowboys surrounded the house and opened fire.  Over the next six hours the cowboys fired over 4,000 rounds, eventually disbursing when they ran out of ammunition.  Baca, however, remained unscathed as the house he was taking shelter in had a floor that was lower than ground level, allowing him to take cover.  During the shootout, Baca killed four cowboys and wounded eight others.

After the gunfight, the cowboys turned to the law the get back at Baca, claiming that he had murdered their four fellow comrades in cold blood.  However the townspeople produced the door of Armijo’s house, riddled with 400 bullet holes, proving Baca’s innocence.  Baca would later become sheriff, deputy marshal, and an attorney.  He died in 1945 at the age of 80.

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#Whittier #Police #Officer #Killed, Another Hospitalized Following #Shootout With Suspect

The suspect had rear-ended at least two cars, disabling the vehicle he was driving. He then asked people in the car he struck to help him move the disabled vehicle, according to sheriff’s Lt. John Corina.

The man then pulled a semi-#automatic handgun from his waistband and opened fire at the officers, who were wearing bulletproof vests and shot back, Corina said.

“They walked up on the vehicle believing the motorist was in need of #medical help and then they ended up in a gunfight for their lives,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

Whittier Police Chief Jeff Piper wept as he described Boyer as a friend of more than 25 years.

“All of us have been #grieving,” the chief said. “And I didn’t think I had any tears left.”

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Well one team I was associated with did really well this weekend, as my nieces came to town and repeated as champions of their youth girls league, with some pretty dominating performances.

Then in a slightly slower game my side faced our own league leading side and actually did better than I would have expected, controlling play for good stretches of the game. That actually only served to highlight some issues we’ve had all season long, specifically defensive mistakes giving up breakaways and an appalling inability to convert puck control into actual goals.

I played well, gave up one to a three on zero breakaway early and then we spent most of the rest of the game chasing to get it back. We did at least finally get one, late in the game. That was all we were able to do though and it went to a shootout. 

I’ve noticed by and large our shootouts basically go one of two ways, either I am perfect and we get a tie or I let in something and we lose. In this case the first shot was through my legs and I apparently was not able to close them quickly enough to fully stop it and it trickled into the goal anyway, despite the ref first signalling no goal and then changing his mind. Like usual we did not score anything on the other end and despite stopping the other shot I faced we lost.

It was a bit disappointing result since we did play pretty well overall, but at least it was still fun and I felt pretty good about my personal performance. I do think I could have done a bit better on the goal I let in, though it probably would have only made them work harder to score and the end result would have been the same.

Maybe the key factor is having people show up and cheer and take pictures of you and stuff, that seemed to work for my nieces’ team. Their games were clearly much hotter tickets on the weekend’s hockey event calendar, that may have been helped by not happening basically in the middle of the night though.