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Jonsa/Stormborn review:

I was a little underwhelmed at this episode, especially as a Jonsa shipper. But, I still found some things to talk about.

First off, can we just stop and think about Daenerys’s/Varys’s conversation. Foreshadowing?

“I’ll burn you alive.”

Basically what the mad king did. He burned those with wildfire that opposed him.

Then, Olennas ‘be a dragon’ speech. To be honest, she doesn’t care if Dany gets the throne, she thought her granddaughter was the best for it.

Shit, she’s right.

Anyway. She told Dany that Tyrion is clever, but she has outlived all the clever men because she doesn’t listen to them.


Now, cutting to Jon/Sansa scenes:
I was expecting a lot more. At least a goodbye, but then, it clicked that maybe this isn’t 'goodbye.’ I think they’ll continue to communicate through the season.

Jon choking Baelish. Oh my…you could just SEE the rage in his face. My thing is…people are butt hurt because he said 'sister.’ But, come on y'all, Jamie calls Cersei has sister and fucks her at night.

So..? Lol.

LF noticed something. Another reason why I think we didn’t get a goodbye scene. This scene said it all. Not only was it a direct parallel to Ned/Catelyn, but Jon choked him out right beside Neds statue! These aren’t coincidences.

Just my two cents. Please give me your opinions!

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❣ with Zoro

Stella is just shy…

or could she be infatuated? c;

(This was supposed to be 7: hug and kiss- but I know it doesn’t really look like it.. I’m new to drawing kisses)


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ships: cj/toby, lorelai/christopher, ann/tom ... let me know if you want more :)


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES

If there were an option stronger than that, they would get it. I was all about Josh/Donna when I first started out with TWW, and then CJ/Toby sort of snuck up on me and I’m obsessed. The actors are still keeping the love alive 10 years later, that doesn’t help.


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES

I’ve never hated him/them as much as most people seem to. Luke and Lorelai are my foreverOTP, but in the early years before I knew what was coming, I wholeheartedly shipped it. The actors are cute together and he has such sincere eyes, I believed as much as Lorelai did that he truly loved her and wanted to change. 


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES

I’m prone to ship everyone with everyone else, even on Parks and Rec, lol. I found Tom really sweet and relatable when it turned out he liked Ann. Not endgame, but I was kind of wishing it could happen.

send me ships, characters, shows, etc

So, I was studying for my Design Elements exam and found this:

Which reminded me of these gems :

CONCLUSION: Harmony creates a sense of unity and is pleasing to the eyes. A man can harmonize two objects if he is used to seeing them together. Harmony can also create feelings.

Hence Proved! 

Harmony Feels! :D


So I watched the Ghost Hunt anime back in 2007 and at the end I was like, well gwerl, I’m sure Naru and Mai are supposed to end up together in the manga. THAT’S WHAT MY HEART WAS TELLING ME (Oh god, one of my very first OTP’s).
Yesterday I’m reading said manga and at the end I was like:

“Good lord why”

And while Naru and Mai are still talking next to that tree, I keep on hoping. But then the last page is also over:
WHY DON’T YOU JUST KISS *smashing their heads together*" 

My life is based on a lie.

…Gotta read some fanfiction. :D