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Levihan Spook Fest Week 4:


Don’t you drink the poison too. These are the scars the words have carved on me.

Doodleddd Zeke Jaeger (o'v'o)

I can’t wait to see him get animateddd (0'3'0)

Feed me some Beruaniiiii PHLEAZEEEE
On a side note I can’t decide whether to ship Sasha with Jean or Connieeee AAAAHHH BABIES R SOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHERRRRR (._.@)

Attack On Titan Chapter 98 Thoughts

I finally got around to writing about this chapter!

The main reason why I didn’t do this post earlier was because I didn’t find anything to say that I hadn’t said in previous chapters when I first read it. I’ve reread it a couple of times since and grown to like it more, but it’s still a lot of the same.

At the very least, I can say it’s not actually my least favorite chapter of the series as I initially did. (That honour probably goes to parts of the serumbowl because that stuff has the most contrived parts of the story in my opinion, especially if you look at everything before and after.)

I like the warrior kids. Falco is a sweet cinnamon roll - in fact probably the most selfless and sweet character in the series. Gabi is still a victim of the system as firmly as she possibly can be and it’s sad. She shares her cluelessness with Eren in more ways than one.

She’s clueless about Falco’s feelings, but more importantly, again, the system they’re living under.

This is why I didn‘t feel like doing this post - this idea has been repeated into oblivion at this point with different characters and different situations throughout this whole arc.

It’s once again going back to the idea that she has good intentions, but this only makes things worse because she doesn’t see “the real enemy”. “Smile.” she tells her friends, but if you really don’t feel that way, that just leads to more misery. She thinks about all these manipulative ways to get what she wants, but if she kept going like that, it would eventually lead to her becoming an actual devil, as Zofia says.

This is also something black people and perhaps people from the Middle East countries face - people tell them to smile, so they wouldn’t feel so threatening to them. The story clearly knows how racism works and how an oppresive system affects people.

Tybur continues to be very accepting of his role - this is something we also already learned last chapter. However, the line about the crumbling house and rats definitely foreshadows, that yes, this system will fall apart. 

Gabi’s words imply that, too.

Eren’s talk with his grandfather is simply another example of a victim of the system. Yes, he wasn’t a good father, but nobody really deserves the kind of punishment the Marleyans gave the Eldians.

The talk about baseball tells me that Eren and Zeke have somehow communicated with each other and that they probably arranged the whole thing with Reiner going to the basement and getting his own basement reveal, too, which is the one very cool thing about this chapter.

This whole thing is coming to an end soon - hopefully it’s a rewarding one.

For everyone telling me: «I’ll never improve.” Well, practice and so on. Seriously. I practice makeup,sewing and do what I can to improve. We always want to improve. When you reach one goal, you make a new one. I’m never happy with my cosplays or what I do, but I know that I’ve improved from earlier. I look at other cosplayers and think “how??!!”.
I’ve made cosplays I’ve never worn, and I’ve had shoots I’ve never shown to you. We’re not always happy with the outcome. I want to cosplay with more people and cooperate, but then you always wonder if you’re good enough. We still do out best so please be nice to everyone. Don’t hate on each other. It takes a lot of courage to cosplay, show your art, or anything at all. And whatever you do, it is called practice. If you fail in the making of a cosplay or the makeup, well, you did learn something. It takes time.
Don’t lose it guys! (Sorry for the long post)

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anonym fragte:
Imagine the squad at a campfire, being crazy and someone, maybe Porco, accidentally knocks smol Kai butt-first almost into the fire. Tol Bert grabs her and holds her tightly. He blushes and it’s kinda awkward but also sweet and everyone kind of freezes and looks worried for five seconds until smol Kai just goes ‘my butt flashed before my eyes!’

Kai got this imagine. I thought it was really sweet so here it is :3 I am not tagging any girls being on hiatus.

@find-our-neverland​​ as Rena
@snksin​​ as Stevie
@tsuyoimono​​​ as Kai
@horseboy-kirschtein​​ as Pen

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Not Everything Is Black and White

Chapter 21

Co Writer: @furrynachogamer

Eren grumbled to himself as he walked out of the warehouse. He manage to get himself out of the handcuffs and get his clothes back on, when he got to his car his phone went off and he sighed to himself as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw Armin was calling

“Eren where are you I’ve been trying to call you the last hour or so” Armin said as soon as Eren picked up

“sorry I went back to the station I didn’t have the ringer on” Eren lied as he tried to figure out how to sit down in the cat exactly

“Jean’s in the hospital and you go back to station to continue to go after Levi? Eren that’s not smart! We should stick together do this doesn’t happen again” Armin said

“I know I’m sorry. I’m on my way back” Eren said before letting out a grunt when he sat down

“are you okay?” Armin asked

“yeah my back has been killing me lately” Eren said as he started the car

“well when you get here Marco and I are ready to go back to the hotel” Armin said

“I’ll be there in a few minutes” Eren said and then hung up and drove back to the hospital all while he was shifting in his seat as it was uncomfortable to sit. When Eren got to the hospital and walked back to Jean’s room, where Armin was waiting outside of, when he saw Eren he noticed he was limping

“what happened to you” Armin asked

“Nothing I fell” Eren said quietly
“How” Armin asked
“I slipped on a puddle” Eren mumbled
“Dumbass” Armin rolled his eyes

“where’s Marco so we can go” Eren said

“I’ll get him” Armin said before walking into the room and retrieving a very sleepy Marco. They walked down to the car before they started driving towards the hotel

“the case has gone cold” Eren mumbled and didn’t say anything

“what are we going to do” Armin said quietly

“I guess we wait till Levi does something” Eren mumbled and Armin nodded and they pulled up to there hotel. They silently went to there rooms they only words they spoke were there goodnight. Armin swiped his hotel room card into the slot and the hotel door unlocked allowing Armin to walk in. He loosen the tie around his neck and flipped the switch turning the lights on and be suddenly let out a scream. Armins door quickly open Marco and Eren running inside their guns out

“What’s wrong Ar-” they started before they saw what Armin had screamed at. He stood in the corner his hands over his eyes

“hey guys!!! About time your go here I’ve been bored while I waited” Hanji said as she laid on Armin’s bed half naked

“Hanji what are you doing here” Eren asked putting his gun away

“well I thought since you were basically down to members I thought I would come down and help you guys. Also to congratulate on the engagement” Hanji said with a big smile

Eren and Armin (who still had his eyes covered) looked over at Marco whose cheeks had flushed

“what?” Eren asked

“Jean proposed” Marco said shyly

“and you didn’t tell us but you tell Hanji!” Eren yelled

“we didn’t! You guys even weren’t supposed to find out” Marco said

“then how did Hanji find out” Eren asked and they looked at Hanji who still had a big stupid grin on her face

“because he was giving off the just engaged vibe. Just like how Yeager is giving off the just got fucked vibe” Hanji said

“You said you were looking for Levi!” Armin snapped and Eren stayed silent
“Eren?” they asked curious

“…I don’t wanna talk about it” Eren mumbled
“What was the sex that bad” Hanji said
“No it’s not that…..” Eren muttered
“Eren you said you went to look for Levi…..did he find you” Armin asked
Eren stayed silent and looked away
“Is that why you’re walking funny and you can’t sit down” Armin asked and Eren still didn’t answer
“Eren did he rape you” Marco asked

“no! Levi has nothing to do with this!” Eren snapped

“then what happened. I went to a strip club and ended up having sex with a prostitute” Eren said and Armin looked at him and he knew that wasn’t the case

“don’t lie Eren” Armin said

“if you don’t believe me that’s fine but it’s what happened!” Eren snapped

Armin went to open his mouth and protest when Eren interrupted “so Marco tell us about the engagement” Eren said

They looked at him before Marco gave the short story of how Jean proposed

“aaawww so cute. Congrats freckles. I better be invited to the ceremony” Hanji said

“Hanji I have a question for you” Armin said and Hanji looked at him with a big smile. While Armin still had his eyes covered

“why are you in my room and naked!” Armin shouted

“Oh about that” Hanji said
“Yeah Hanji how did you even get in here” Eren asked
“I hacked the lock” Hanji smiled
“You used a credit card didn’t you” Armin said
“…maybe” Hanji giggled and rolled onto her back

“please put some clothes on” Armin said

“I don’t have any they’re all dirty” Hanji whined
“Did you come in here naked” Eren asked
“Partially yes” Hanji said

“Why did they let you in here” Armin whined
“I think they thought I was drunk so they escorted me to the room” Hanji explained
“Why did you say my room” Armin whined
“because I knew you wouldn’t be sharing a room with anyone. Plus It was the one I remembered from the info sheet” Hanji said
“Ugh” Armin whined before he grabbed a shirt and threw it Hanji

“there you have clothes” Armin said

“you’re too innocent Arlert” Hanji said as she sat up and slipped on the t-shirt  

“Hanji go get a room” Armin snapped finally uncovering his eyes
“No I like this bed it’s comfy it’s mine now” Hanji said laying back on the bed

“Hanji get out” Armin glared
“No you get out I was here first” Hanji whined

“Armin you can have Jean’s room” Marco said

“you would like that wouldn’t you freckles” Hanji smirked

“Jean’s been sleeping in my room this whole entire time” Marco glared

“fine” Armin whined and packed his things from the room

“good night Hanji” they said and exited the room all of them going to there own rooms and finally getting sleep