It’s just so sad. All throughout the party all Mickey wants is to be able to go home later to Ian and forget about the whole day. And all Ian wants is for Mickey to finally accept who he is and who they are together. You can see in the second GIF a tear fall down Ian’s face and in the last GIF his hand is a bit shaky. Watching how Mickey is with his father as they celebrate his son’s birth almost seemed to make Ian break completely. And then Kev comes in like a shinning light in his silent way just telling Ian to hang in there.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Kevin?

He knows all of the Gallagher drama, even more than Veronica. At times, he knows more about Frank’s shitty actions than the Gallagher kids. He knows about Ian and Mickey, and likely has for some time. He was even willing to sell his truck to get Fiona out of jail, and he basically kicked Lip back to school when he was on the verge of dropping out.

But he lets them be. He never spills their secrets to the other Gallaghers. He doesn’t stir up drama, or tell anyone about someone’s weak moment. He never outs Ian and Mickey, or tells on Lip. He never brings it up.

Even though Kev sees everything, he never gets involved, and he never judges anyone. What an amazing character.