Cuz I'm The Mack
The Jacka
Cuz I'm The Mack

The Jacka- Cuz I’m The Mack
You know these whodies be askin’
Uni Mack 10
Can I be your bitch (can I be your bitch)
Naw, you can be my ho
I put you on a track
And bring me back all my cheese
Get on your knees
So I can smoke green leaves
Paper chase for me

They found dope in my show
Catch a case for me
Act faithful to your pimp
Like a P-I-T
Wool out
Don’t let go to what you got
And don’t come back short
Cuz you might get mopped

I’m a pimp
And hoes ain’t shit without ‘em
I use to fuck 'em
And forget about 'em
Now they bring me back major skrill
So I can stack 'til I peel
I can change for the good
Half an hour, on antwood
She’s mine
Plus she’s blind to the fact that I’m The Jacka
Mista Cali Co packa
I have ta
Floss to be the boss
she just a black girl lost
But she ain’t in my game plan
In some chalk

It’s The Jacka
Mista Cali Co packa
I got the
The major slice in a Acura
Imagine bein’ broke
No clothes, no show
Wanna get high
But can’t fade on the road

Fuck that!
I’d rather be the young sav on the track
Sellin’ dope and pimpin’ hoes
Cuz I’m the mack (I’m the mack)


From 1969, Official Star Trek Catalog #1! Gene Roddenberry sells all things Star Trek to the fans. You could buy mimeographed scripts for all episodes, memorabilia of all kinds, portraits, postcards, Flight Deck Certificates, you name it. You could also try to save the series from extinction. This catalog was sent to Bob Tucker, a legend of early fandom and a friend of Rusty’s. Want to see more of the contents?