Makanes line

Seungri and Daesung
Joyful 🎤🎶

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made movie

i watched the made movie in theaters yesterday and it was funny and sad but here are some highlights

  • yb being confused/frustrated on whether to address honda center’s concert as Orange County, LA, West Coast or Anaheim meanwhile top is nagging to just call it LA..he ends up not sticking to Anaheim and says all of them and it cuts to top laughing
  • yb asking his manager for a banana and his manager misunderstanding him by hearing “grilled banana” and he somehow finds a place in LA that grills them?? LMAO
  • top screaming singing karaoke DRUNK
  • gd being scared of his parents seeing his neck tattoo also finding out soon ho is the one that modeled for the tattoo
  • seungri nagging gd to let him do fanservice with him during the concerts
  • daesung drinking wine after losing the ladder game and having to pay $12,000 for everyone to stay another night after a concert

Seungri kung fu panda!

Girls fighting!!

Ep8 was amazing ^^

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160730 Seungri Instagram:  My first Chinese TV show #girlsfighting #dragonTV second produced song’s ‘Theme song of love ’ with my team ’ Seungri’s secret ’ plz check it out now on #QQmusic arranged by 勝利、UK JIN KANG

160729 Seungri Instagram Update
Seung-chan’s humor tournament!!
No 1. @naminoribaby No 2. @yo_hondaNo 3. @souichi.fujimori.1 . All fans please vote who is the most humorous candidate. (© bb.translations)

SEUNGRI: I am now having dinner with my best friends from Osaka, so now, since we are here at Osaka…
Somebody: Hey no, please no
SEUNGRI: So we are going to hold a tournament and choose the most humorous person! I will start asking my friends to do a gag act. Everyone please choose the most humorous person and leave a comment!
SEUNGRI: Okay! The first one! The theme is Osaka. Let’s start with…
1st friend: Annyeonghasaeyo! Good afternoon everyone! I am I am I am Seungri’s friend. Okay, I am going to start eating!
SEUNGRI: The second one!
2nd friend: Takoyaki!
SEUNGRI: The third one!
3rd friend: Tsutenkaku! Tsutenkaku! Tsutenkaku! Tsutenkaku!
Somebody: Thank you!