Oh Jesus Christ what is this.
First of all love GTOPs hater blockers, they look like futuristic snow goggles. And don’t even get me started on BaeDaes absolutely horrendous fake tans.
Top had like the strangest assortment of clothes and prints on.
G looks straight up like Jang Geun Suk.
YB is looking like a straight up menace, he looks like an angry Oompa Loompa.
Dae is apparently shooting for Play Girl. He’s got his lil pout on and more highlighter than I use in a week.
Seungri is surprisingly the only decent one in this photo. He’s like a ray of unfiltered sunlight in a dark attic, where this photo should be kept.


Nyongtory @ Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome day 2 (020716)

Note: Since Riri said he was going to lose weight, GD was checking his abs, but then GD apologized to vips after realizing Riri’s not in shape yet. Also, T.O.P asked Riri if he had a baby in his stomach!!!

Cr 兔叽胜铉的机智尘