WWE Imagine

Requested- Dean x Reader- When the shield broke up, you stayed closest to Dean.

 Word Count: 898
 Warnings: Fluff. Feels trip.
Author’s Notes: Loooovvveeee this request!

You stare at the screen in utter horror as Seth rams the chair into first Roman, then Dean, laughing as your friends crumple to the ground in front of him. “NO!!” You gasp, lunging for the curtains, but two strong arms wrap around you.

 “Y/N! You cant! Stop!” Sheamus holds you back, hushing you as you thrash against him, your eyes glued to the screen once more as you watch Seth jump down from the ring, sauntering towards the curtain you stood in front of with a smug smirk plastered on his face.

  They say when you are in shock, everything speeds up, but that’s a lie. Because what happened next happened so quickly even Sheamus couldn’t catch you in time. Seth walked through the curtain, dropping the smirk as he seen you, and moved to put his hands up in defense as he opened his mouth to speak.

 “Y/N, I can explai-” His words were cut short by the resounding crack of the slap you landed on his cheek. His eyes went wide as he raised his hand to his face in shock.

  “HOW COULD YOU?!” You screech at him lunging once more, Sheamus catching for the second time.

“Y/N it’s a story! I had to!” Seth tried to explain, as you writhed beneath the snake like arms that encompassed you.

 “They wouldn’t have done it! They wouldn’t have turned their backs on you! You SOLD OUT!” You scream as Seth turns away from you, head low as he heads for the locker rooms. “YOU SOLD OUT!” You scream again.

 Your attention is brought back to the curtain as first Roman, then Dean come through.

   “Sheamus, If you don’t LET ME GO!” you seeth as he releases you.

  “Dean! Roman!” You whimper as you rush to Dean’s arms, your hands grabbing his face as you lift his chin, looking him in his eyes for a moment. “Are you ok Dean?” You murmur, as his arms wrap around you.

 “No Y/N, I’m not.” Dean whispers, crushing defeat lancing through you as he pulls you into him, his face in your hair.

 “Ro?” You breath after a moment, moving to him, hugging his torso tightly.

 “I’ll be fine Y/N.” He says, his voice low as you walk towards the locker rooms, your hand in Dean’s.


  “Whatcha thinking about kid?” Dean’s playful voice startles you from your thoughts.

 “Oh, nothing.” You beam up at him, your smile widening as he sits beside you in the pile of creates back stage.  “Great match tonight Champ.” You smile at him, leaning your head to rest on his bare shoulder.

 “Hey, thanks Doll!” He leans his head so he is leaning against yours. You sit like that for what feels like forever. You sigh as everyone starts packing and leaving the arena.

 “Hey guys! You coming?!” Roman’s loud voice calls from down the hall, he holds his hands in the air for a moment and lets them fall to his thighs as he shakes his head at you.

  “On our way!” You call back. And this is how it goes every night. Either you or Dean or more often than not both of you have a match, then sit together back stage until it is time to move to the next town. Sometimes you hated road life. You let out a exasperated sigh, and leap from the crate you perched on, heading to where Roman had just disappeared.

 “Hey what’s wrong Darlin’?” Dean murmured from beside you, his light blue eyes trained on your face as you make your way to the parking lot.

 “Nothing, I am just glad I have you. If I didn’t I would probably go crazy.” You grin up at him.

 “Hey, ‘I got you babe.’.” Dean laughs over at you, spinning so he is walking backwards in front you, moving his hips in a off-beat, playful dance. You cant help the laugh that slips through your lips, soon you are dancing with him, climbing into the car.

“Hey what are you doing? I’m sitting back here so you can have the front!” You quip as Dean slides into the back seat with you.

“I need to rest, your lap is the best pillow ever.” He grins as he lays across the back seat, his shaggy red hair landing in your lap, as he blows a kiss up at you, his eyes twinkling.

“You two need to just date and get it over with.” Roman grumbles from the drivers seat, glancing in the rear-view at the two of you.

  “Ew COOTIES!” you laugh as you push Dean’s shoulder playfully. He frowns, mocking a hurt expression.

“I’m offended. Besides if I have cooties they’re from you!” He chuckles as he shift his postion to lay on his side, his face nearly pressed into your stomach, his arm wrapping around your legs as he closes his eyes.

 “Goodnight.” He purrs, sleep already thick in his voice. “Goodnight Dean.” You smile down at him as you pet his hair softly.

 “Goodnight Roman, oh hey, good night Dean.” Roman mocks a conversation under his breath, making you giggle.

“Night bud, don’t listen to his Y/N, he’s just mad you like me more.” Dean chuckles sleepily.

I can’t help but laugh every time I re-watch The Shield vs Team Hell No & Ryback at TLC in 2012

Like Roman speared Kane through the barricade and then him and Seth piled a bunch of stuff on top of him and then just..

And meanwhile Dean’s in the ring like..

Richie: What about your Drugstore Cowboy routine in Mexico?

Emilio: If it were up to me, you’d be back on the street robbing liquor stores. 

Seth: I 👏  have 👏  never 👏  robbed a 👏  drugstore 👏  or 👏  liquor 👏  store 👏  in 👏  my 👏  life!! 👏 👏 👏  I rob BANKS like a RESPECTABLE fucking thief!

You’re looking at him! ~ Seth Rollins

Seth and you kept your relationship on the down low for a while in order to preserve you guys’ privacy. 

This became difficult when you became the newest WWE diva on the main roster. A lot of the superstars found you attractive and grew an interest in you almost immediatly. It really bugged your boyfriend.

Superstar 1: She’s gorgeous!

Superstar 2: damn. Look at that body…

Superstar 1: Do you know if she’s with anyone? Maybe i could try get in there.

Seth: She does have a boyfriend! You wanna know who it is? huh huh… Well…

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