ana-mihaela23: Hey cuties! Can i request a scenario? One with Jin(smut of course) you and him being a couple and you didn’t do it yet(you were a virgin) because you were scared and in the end you did it(he was very careful etc) :D :3 Hope you can do it. Can i get an answer like how much is going to take? :) private answer please. Thank you! :3 :) I hope is not too much! ^^

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Jin (BTS)/Reader

Word Count: 1,991

Summary: It’s your first time, and Jin wants you to know how safe you are with him. 

It was a make-out session, nothing more, or so you thought. I mean, it’s not like you two hadn’t done that before. There were a lot of times where you two would be on the couch and Jin would end up kissing up and down your neck before kissing your lips. That would lead to a good 30 to 45 minutes of lying there on the couch, kissing and biting. But it never went past that. Maybe a little bit of hair pulling, but that was it, nothing else. Tonight felt different though.

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