Larry David on how his character on Curb Your Enthusiasm has changed him in real life: 

"The character has emboldened me to be much less inhibited and to take on all of the things that the TV Larry David does. If I’m at a dinner party and I want to go home, I can go, before dessert: "OK, I’ve had enough. Alright I’m gonna go." And nobody would be shocked to hear me say it. Whereas I could never do that before Curb. And now people are not surprised and they kind of expect it.”

Photo Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

*Cue Seinfeld theme* It’s finally here! This Friday I finally get to live out one of my life goals of seeing Jerry Seinfeld live! Only seems fitting that I had nails inspired by my favorite tv show of all time! I’m also seeing John Mulaney live the day prior and it just seemed too fitting considering the fact that he too was greatly influenced by Seinfeld.


Here’s a cool playthrough of Perseinfeld 4 for the Ps2!! I’ve only found one other Let’s Play video from this game so I’m excited more people are getting into this series!!