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Assalamu Alaikum, I am a teenage girl looking for help. I have been suffering a great deal from my inability to pray. I haven't been able to pray at all, I have a tried for years and it didn't work. I don't know what's the problem in me, or in the methods I have chosen. I also suffer from great deal of sadness from this, I cry continuously. I feel as if my body is disintegrating because of my sin. Please help me, tell me how I can start praying ? Do I go out cold turkey, or do it step by step?

Wa alaikum salam ♥

You are a very sincere person, I hope you know that, Masha’Allah ♥ and with you feeling so strongly about your Salah, there are no doubts you will be a pro at it soon, Insha’Allah ♥ 

Some verses in the Quran about prayer are always paired with the word “establish”:

“The  mosques  of Allah are  only  to  be  maintained  by  those  who  believe  in Allah and  the Last  Day  and  establish  prayer  and  give  zakah  and  do  not  fear  except Allah, for  it  is expected  that  those  will  be  of  the  [rightly]  guided.


So what are the connotations and definitions of the word “establish”?
The connotations are:

  • Form
  • Begin
  • Build
  • Stabilize
  • Start
  • Practice
  • Base

So when Allah SWT tells us to “establish prayer”, it means we have to start praying, build on our prayer and stabilize it, until we become so to speak “established” in our prayer (but even the most perfect of prayers have room for improvement, one must always practice establishing ones prayer further).

So therefore take it step by step, this does not mean that you should take as much time as you want because not praying (like it or not) is still haram. We should try and establish our prayer as soon as possible, as it is very important and a Pillar of Islam. If we do fulfil a Pillar to the best of our ability, our building will crash, Lasamah’Allah.

If you go into it all at once and you are not used to praying, you may become overburdened and it’ll become impossible for you to pray properly (there may be some people who can do this, but not everyone) ♥

So try and pray a prayer or two that you feel most comfortable praying, to start off with. Get into routine with praying those two, and then do three etc until you reach all your Salahs and possibly even into your Sunnah! Insha’Allah ♥

Salah may start off a little difficult, but there are reasons why so many people run to prayer ♥ once you learn how to pray properly, there is nothing on this planet that can bring more peace, Subhan’Allah ♥ that is a reason why some people exceed the normal prayer amount, and pray more and more and more! 

And just because you don’t feel that way now about prayer doesn’t make you a bad person, infact the way you are feeling right now is better than most people and shows what a sincere person you are ♥ the feeling of peace will come to you Insha’Allah ♥ when you keep at it for the Pleasure and Mercy of Allah SWT and you persevere though the times that you find prayer to be tough, Allah SWT will bless your prayer Insha’Allah, and it will become an ease rather than a difficulty, Insha’Allah ♥

“O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful.”


So when we persevere, that is when Allah SWT makes us successful, Insha’Allah may we all be successful ♥ so keep enduring your Salah, and one day soon, you will be successful at it Insha’Allah ♥

I ask you to please read this following post on a similar topic to you, as I feel it may benefit you further Insha’Allah ♥

Some activities that may help you with prayer are as follows (also mentioned on the above mentioned post):

  • If you have your family living with you who pray, then when they get up to pray, you should ask them to force you up and you all should pray together ♥ This will help you pray more often ♥
  • Whenever the prayer times come in, just force yourself up ♥ prayer brings happiness and tranquillity and Allah SWT forgives us when we pray ♥ when you realize this and accept it into your life, you will be excited and run to make salah and feel joy whenever you do, Insha’Allah ♥
  • Have a prayer time alert on your phone or radio, if there is no Adthaan heard in the area you live in ♥ This will alert you of the prayer times ♥ 

Always keep in mind that prayer is a blessing ♥ and enjoy it ♥ Insha’Allah ♥

Insha’Allah I have answered your question ♥

If you do not understand something or would like additional details, please let me know and I would be happy to provide, Insha’Allah ♥

Thank you for your amazing question ♥