NS: You know the rules right. The first to ask a question is the other person’s slave.

HS: Of course.

After a while

HS: What did you do when you quit school?

NS: Eat, Sleep. Eat, Sleep. Sleep.

HS: Why did you come back? I thought you didn’t like school.

NS: Just because. I thought that I couldn’t live or die this way anymore. So at least I went outside onto the streets, but there was no where else to go except school. Also, I remembered my moms request to graduate high school.

HS: Good job, bastard.

NS: Hey… Get me some water.

HS: Me?

NS: You talked to me first. You are a slave now.

why kim woo bins eyebrows are a gift

so lets talk about kim woo bins eyebrows

I know I know…there is more to the man than just his eyebrows

but I mean…without them where will we find such unwavering sass?

him and his eyebrows need to stop being put down.

let him and his eyebrows live the life they were meant to live…flowing through the wind

because without them…he is lost