Confrontation • Caleb & Savannah

Caleb had waited an hour outside Savannah’s work, parked in his usual spot like he always did, but Savannah never showed up. He figured she either got off early or decided to work an extra shift or something. Pulling his phone out with a heavy sigh he sent her another text telling her he was outside waiting for her. After another twenty minutes his patience ran out and he stepped out of the car and headed into the bar in hopes to find Savannah not ignoring his texts but just too busy with tables or getting drink orders. Walking inside, he headed up to the bar and flagged down one of the waitresses that he had seen Savannah speak to on multiple occasions, “Where’s Sav?” He asked, to which the woman glanced in the opposite direction before getting back to her own tables. Sifting through the crowd, Caleb finally caught a glimpse of her and headed in her direction, “Busy night?” He asked, a small smile present across his face, “Why aren’t you answering my calls? I thought you were way passed playing hard to get at this point” He joked with a grin, not realizing that there was probably something wrong with Savannah tonight.