23 year old NB person looking for a room (Charleston, SC)

hey! so i’m actually getting kicked out of  my apartment and i’m looking for a place ASAP! (long story short i never got on a lease and my roommate wants me out) I am going to be starting school soon and I am able to cover bills around the $500 mark. I like to cook and i clean as well. I keep to myself and generally stay in my room if i’m not off doing things. I rarely ever have people around and stick to myself. However i am very easy to get along with and am laid back! I will be open to PMs so if you or anyone you know living around the area is trying to rent a room out please keep me in mind i am actually really desperate for a place SOON as i cannot stay with my father for very long due to family matters. Please PM me if you or anyone you know is interested!!!