Straighteners - Request

Request: I Just dreamt that I was hunting with the Winchesters and we were staying at the same hotel room. I had just woken up, still in bed, and saw Sam in the bathroom, in front of the sink, using my hair straightener and Dean next to him shaving and giving him the look. 

A/N: This wasn’t a request specifically for me, I just answered a calling for somebody to write this! Hope you enjoy it, I thought this prompt was super cute ❤❤

The warmth from the sun outside the motel window woke you up gently, and you basked in the warm glow for a few seconds without opening your eyes. The sheets had been kicked off during the night, and so you appreciated the comforting, blanket-like rays. You could feel the presence of Sam and Dean standing at the mirrors across the room, and you waited for a moment to see if they had noticed you were awake. You always seemed to catch the most amusing conversations while the Winchesters thought you were asleep. Giving up after minutes of silence, you peeked one eye open and yawned silently. When your eyes adjusted to the light however, you nearly guffawed out loud. 

Sam Winchester was already dressed for the day, clad in his usual jeans and plaid. He stood with his knees slightly bent as to see his reflection in the mirror, his height still a daily struggle. His head was cocked to the side, and in his hands were your hair straighteners. 

You had only ever used them a few times for special occasions, and quite frankly, you were thinking about throwing them out. But now, you saw that they had a new purpose, and would not be going in the trash anytime soon. You stared with both eyes open now, holding in your laughter as you watched him. He was performing the task with expertise, as if this was something he did every day. The serious look on his face was what made it all so hilarious. He was facing the hair styling with as much normalcy and determination as researching for a hunt. 

Your eyes then panned over to Dean, standing next to the silky haired Winchester. His face wore a look of complete exasperation, obviously completely unamused. Every now and then, his eyes would shift away from his own reflection as he shaved, over to Sam. He’d then follow up with an eye roll or a disappointed sigh. Sam didn’t react to this at all however, maintaining complete concentration.

 You lay there for a moment, closing your eyes again, wondering whether it would be funnier to stay ‘asleep’ or to interrupt. After some deep thinking, you decided on the latter. You sat up as slowly as possible, and lent back against the headboard. You cleared your throat loudly, and waited for a reaction. Sam spun around so quickly the straighteners nearly fell out of the wall, and noticing this, he went to grab them. You cursed loudly, seeing what was about to happen, but Sam lunged for the straighteners just before they hit the ground. You outwardly cringed as his flesh met the burning hot panels, and he threw the styling device into the basin. Dean scoffed, and it turned into a full blown laugh when he saw your jaw drop open in response to the situation. Dean stepped away from the sink, walking in a circle around the room, laughing his ass off. You looked at him in awe and shook your head before looking back at Sam. He was still standing in front of the sink, now facing away from it and staring at you. 

“I-I.” he stuttered, his face a picture perfect image of shock, embarrassment, and guilt.

 “I don’t even know what to say.” You scoffed, eyes wide with amusement. You threw your legs over the side of the bed, and stood as they hit the ground. Sam’s eyes followed your movements closely, and it was clear he was ready to apologize. 

“All I have to say is”, you began as you padded over to the bathroom. You spun around with your hands on the doorknob behind your back and grinned at Sam.

 “You should really use some heat protection spray before you use straighteners on your hair.” You stepped backwards into the bathroom and slammed the door behind you, catching a final glimpse of a relieved yet bewildered Sam staring adorably at you before he was obscured from vision. 

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so, i was like almost last for jared and i needed to tell him that he was my favorite and that i love him. so it was my turn and i walked up literally freaking out and he goes “hey darlin” and i was like “you’re my favorite person and i love you so much” and he goes “you have great taste!” at this point he was squatting a little and we were literally face to face and he had his hand like on the side of my face and his hand was the size of my head??? then he goes “what do you want to do?” and i was like “i just want to hug you” and he was like “alright!” and pulled me in so tight for a hug, but when he did, my hair was covering my face so the photographer was motioning to us to fix my hair and jared goes “do you mind?” AND LITERALLY STARTED RUNING HIS FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR AND WAS FUCKING FIXING IT FOR ME and then he hugged me again and goes “it’s funny, it’s usually my hair that needs fixing” and then we took the picture and i was like “thank you so much i love you. you’re seriously my favorite” and AGAIN he put his hand on the side of my face and he goes “you rock. thank you darlin” and was smiling at me AND I LITERALLY MELTED I ALMOST CRIED