Living Change & Connections

DNA replication within the cell.

By Samsaran

Every coil of DNA divides in this fashion. A protein machine acts as a zipper and spits it in two and then the strands reform. This is cool enough in and of itself but stop and think about this for a second. This means that if you follow this process backward through time then every strand of DNA can be traced to an original strand which divided the same way. This means that all life from an amoeba to you are connected in a very real and physical manner in spacetime. 

Connected in space and time.

Life is a process. It is a wave of consciousness which moves through the universe of matter and energy in time. It organizes matter and uses energy to do so. It is fluid and easily changeable. If you were to spill honey it would flow around obstacles and take the shape of its container. Life is like that. However the Earth changes life changes with it and in changing it also changes the Earth.


“How long do we have to keep doing this?” He gathered his bunched up shirt from the floor of the small closet as you buttoned up yours.

“I don’t know… But you have to agree… It adds a certain element of…” He slowly stood up and you slowly took a step towards him. You grinned up at him and looped two fingers in two belt loops of his. He tried to hold back a smile and look away as you pulled him against you and stood up on your toes so that your lips were by his ear.

“… Danger.”