The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet:

Lily of the Valley: Trustworthiness, return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness; Sweet William: Gallantry, but is also a nod to Prince William; Hyacinth: Loveliness, constancy of love; Myrtle: Love and marriage, but also calls back to a royal tradition since Victorian times where brides use myrtle in their bouquets - this specific myrtle came from Queen Victoria’s 170 year-old garden; Ivy: Fidelity and marriage.

‘I’d like to see your mum and dad,’ Ron said eagerly.
'And I want to see all your family, all the Weasleys, you’ll be able to show me your other brothers and everyone.’
'You can see them any old time,’ said Ron. 'Just come round my house this summer.’
—  I just. I just love Ron Weasley so much.