this gif just goes with everything. 

when I’m listening to EXO… 

when i’m listening to GOT7…

when i’m listening to VIXX…

when exo wins an award….

when it’s Friday and exo showtime’s in eng sub…

when they say that EXO’s returning in March…

when kris does something stupid to ruin his ‘image’…

To the zoo! or safari or... where ever animals are!

I don’t remember if i posted animals in Korean.. but i wanna do it again. 


기린 (Kirin/ Girin) : Giraffe 
원숭이 (Won-soong-ee) : Monkey
호랑이 (Ho-rang-ee) : Tiger
메뚜기 (Meh-Doo-gi) : Grasshopper
여우 (Yuh-woo) : Fox
임팔아 (Im-pall-la) : impalla
펭귄 (Pen-gu-in) :Penguin
뽀로로 (Bbo-ro-ro) : Pororo – Korean cartoon character

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