“Goodbye, see you again, I hope you stay healthy
I won’t forget you, ever.
Goodbye, we’ll be able to see each other again, right?
It’s a promise!

A pinky promise”

別れ道 - theGazettE


“It’s not that I want to stand out above everyone else in this band. But, there’s the side of me that rushes into things… After all, I’m the one who says ‘I want to do this,’ and of course I want them to come along. So…I think that probably, there are also members who lost their individuality in all this. And, if the members lost interest […] and just solved everything with saying ‘I’m fine with just following,’ then that would probably be it—I would give up on a band like that.

But, I mean, it clearly is not like that. Clearly there are things they want to do too. If that’s the case, they should bring things in more. There might be limits to our band right now but I want them to make songs that will surpass those, and I want to hear those things. Because the GazettE is the thing I want to do the most.”


Ruki, the GazettE (Ongaku no Hito November 2013)


I keep thinking about everything I have to say but I don’t know how to express myself so all I can say is thank you; for being a wonderful artist and inspiring so many people, for providing me with the most amazing music experience, for helping me and so many others go through the hard times. 

And above all, thank you for being exactly who you are. 

Happy 32th Birthday, Ruki