• Ruki:I'm reading some letters I received at the LIVES.
  • also, thinking about all the presents and goodies you always put so much thought into.
  • thank you.
  • Ruki:in the letters I get, you write about all sorts of things, how you feel before LIVES, your thoughts and impressions after LIVES, your everyday worries, things that made you happy, things that made you sad.
  • and since all those various thoughts and feelings gather at that place, I wanna show you a good LIVE, wanna help you go home having blown off some steam.
  • Ruki:when you guys are feeling like that, I wanna give you, you know
  • something that will let you forget everything
  • muscle pain

Ruki: good morning
Ruki: thanks for the LIVE at Namba Hatch yesterday! this is something that only happens in small (box) venues but the oxygen wasn’t really perfect. I had a lot of fun though.
ah, I forgot to do the BANG..🔫*
let’s do it the next time we come.
Ruki: it’s so hoooot, isn’t it?
Ruki: arrived in Fukuoka! yellooo**ー( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )
Ruki: what is this heat…
Ruki: it wasn’t forecast to be this hot (image)
Ruki: you know, metaphorically speaking

*Something he always seems to do when they have a show in Osaka. He pretends to shoot people (both audience and members) with a pistol. 
**He said ‘Gunnichiwa’ instead of ‘Konnichiwa’. 

What it’s like being a Sixth Gun: a nutshell

Some songs make you go like this:

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While some songs make you like this:

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Overall, however, GazettE songs have you like this:

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But then there’s this diva…

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… and this ladykiller…

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… and this superstar…

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… and this dorky bad boy…

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… and this sweet angel…

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And all together, it results in THIS:

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And this, my friends, is what it’s like to be a Sixth Gun.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)RADIO the Gazette Translation (2016.04.15) #2
  • *Question from a fan:How does it feel when you guys kiss each other on the cheek, hold onto each others' arms, or try to fly and jump around on stage during the lives? It warms my heart to see you guys interacting with each other and being friendly.*
  • Reita:But you know, I do some of these things kinda subconsciously, so after the live ends, I don't really remember doing those things.
  • Ruki:Yeah, but our interactions are pretty normal.
  • Reita:Yeah,but there are times when I wish that I could be more involved with you.
  • Ruki:What the heck are you saying. *giggles*
  • Ruki:But you know when Uruha and Aoi occasionally stand on the platform together with their guitars?
  • Reita:Right.
  • Ruki:They like, stand there laughing and stuff.
  • Reita:Right.
  • Ruki:I wonder if they truly are having fun.
  • Ruki:I wonder why they are laughing.
  • Reita:I know! It kinda makes me jealous. But to be honest, I'm busy playing my bass so I don't really care.
  • Reita:But I really like those kind of interactions.