Ruki: it’s finally done! this is the first stage, but NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO is basically about lounge wear, diffusers, and fragrances like eau de toilette etc. 
some of the T-shirts can also be used for everyday but basically we plan on expanding by things that can be used around the house or on your time off.

to me, home is not only the place where I think about music or create all kinds of things, but it’s also the only place where I can really be myself.

so it’s actually the opposite of RAD MARKET that focusses on LIVE GOODS, and what I wish for NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO is for everyone, including myself, to be able to relax when they’re at home wearing these, and to be reminded of our music or the band which would make me very happy.

and although I’ve always really liked creating and making things since way back, I’m not an apparel designer but a band guy who makes music. but there’s parts that only I can do, creating a world view that includes sounds and images/videos. I feel like, being a band guy, this is the only thing that no one but myself can do.

I’ve created art work for the band and all kinds of other things and I would love to be someone who can express himself by casting all my ideas and all that I can do into a shape.

NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO has only just started but I hope that it will reach many people, and we’ll be producing items that people will love, so please look forward to it!

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Ruki: it’s done at last! 💃 I was very particular not only about the website or designs, but also the images or music and stuff so please feel free to watch it a lot! 😎
Ruki: please spread the word! 😎
Ruki: thank you all! I really appreciate it ✡
Reita: mm, I wonder what I should get…ah, I knew I’d want them all so please just give me all of it ! !
Ruki: I’ll put together a matching outfit for you ☺️
Reita: I’m sure it’ll suit me 👍🏻
Ruki: you wouldn’t expect anything less from me lol

We all spend a lot of time talking about Kai’s which is honestly great because just look at this pure little ray of smiling sunshine~

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but honestly the whole band has great smiles like take Ruki for example

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or the smile Uruha gets when he interacts with other members

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or Aoi when he’s being a goofy little shit

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or the one that sneaks onto Reita’s face when he’s not trying to act cool

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The GazettE has beautiful smiles and it’s one of the best things about this band~