Go ahead and try to convince me that Vader wasn’t at least a little proud/impressed when his son showed up to meet him dressed in all black with a new haircut strutting around dramatically in his sexy leather boots like some galactic swagmaster and being a sassy little shit straight to Palpatine’s face


“On Sunday, production took a well-earned break from the tedium, which resulted in cookouts, golfing, and sitting by the pool, where Mayhew sunbathed and crew eased their aches and pains. Throughout their stay Fisher, Ford, and Hamill were seen dining and “gallivanting,” according to the local paper, at restaurants such as Orietta’s or The Stag and Hound, where Fisher danced and Kenny Baker was a common sit-in harmonica player at the bar. Ford was ‘fairly aloof,’ spending time with [Melissa] Mathison. Hamill was the most visible, often working the crowds.”  – The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi by J.W. Rinzler 

watching rotj for the millionth time and i never noticed just how protective luke gets the moment obi-wan tells him that leia’s his sister. especially in the endor scenes where she briefly goes missing or when she rushes into a firefight speeder chase alone. anywho, luke is worried he’ll never get to tell leia the truth if one of them gets hurt in the war, that’s why telling her right before he goes off to fight vader is so bittersweet and emotional. they just found each other only to fear losing each other, it’s so sad. anyways, here’s just my daily reminder of my undying love for the skywalker twins