One of my favourite concepts in kpop is probably how rookie groups yell their greeting in your face at max volume while bowing aggressively in sync and any 3+ year old groups just kinda mumble like hello we here now I guess while two members are having a conversation, one if blowing their nose, one is already leaving and the three who actually bow are doing it completely randomly plus one of them doing the group sign thingy with the wrong hand

mitch marner.

Introducing: LUCAS!

REAL NAME: Wong Yukhei

D.O.B: 25/01/1999

NATIONALITY: Hong Kong Chinese

Since the beginning of this blog, Rosie and I have been referring to the unconfirmed trainee Yukhei. He is Chinese, with a Thai mother, can speak Chinese, Thai and Korean, is very good friends with Ten and (we mentioned this so much) recently got his ears pierced.

Oh, look at that picture - pierced ears.

Yukhei has now been confirmed as an official SM Rookie under the stage name Lucas (side note - Beth really likes the name but Rosie isn’t happy) which means he will debut under NCT.

He also appeared in the trailer for Season Two of SM Station. Rosie and I are hoping he’s in Ten’s song, because we like to be hurt with emotions.

Welcome Lucas!

(Second side note, Yukhei was the first rookie / unannounced trainee that Beth ever stanned. She’s very emotional right now. Rosie is actually away and we can probably still hear each other screaming if we try hard enough. Seriously, we mentioned those ear piercings so much. It was genuinely a major factor in so many of our theories since we began. It’s nice to see something we predicted (i.e him not getting kicked out of SM) coming true)

(so here’s the promised sappy post)

so i can’t even begin to explain what hockey means to me, i’m a canadian kid through and through, and it was an honour to watch these leafs, hell these kids, grow this season.

i remember watching the lottery for the first round pick last year in my aunt’s basement (can’t remember why i was there but i was) and seeing the leafs win that, and hearing the name “auston matthews” being thrown around in day to day conversation. 

and then the season starts. (backstory: i was a die hard pens fan when i was young, blame marc andre fleury, but watched the leafs with my family) so i’m casually watching the sens/leafs game, and matthews scores. and scores. and scores. and scores. and the leafs still lose. and i’m thinking “okay the leafs pulled a leafs, that’s okay. but damn, this kid is good”. and then i start to pay more attention, and that “damn this kid is good” turns into “damn these kids are good”.

we came in last last year, and this year we come into the league with like seven rookies consistently in the lineup and three or four more in rotation. everyone’s expecting us to fail, hell i’m expecting us to fail, any team with 1/3 of said team being rookies is usually bound to fail.

but we don’t. we have kids like hyman, brown, marner, gta kids who will not allow for failure, who will not allow their home team to keep stumbling along and not going anywhere.

we have a group of kids who are hungry to prove themselves, willing to pull this team higher in the standings with their bare hands, putting in their blood, sweat, and tears into this team.

but it wasn’t just the rookies, everything just seemed to click together with these new kids here. this might just be my opinion but the vets had a damn good year too, the best i’ve seen at least.

and freddie. oh man, freddie. i’m gonna be honest, i wasn’t to sure of him at the beginning, but i trusted babs, so i was willing to follow along. and then, again, something clicked. he settled down, and saved our asses an uncountable amount of times. oh man, i’m honestly at a loss for words, that’s how much i love him. i’ll probably make a post about him later when i can format words.

we put our trust in this team, and we managed to take the president’s cup winners to game six, with 5 ots including a double ot, when no one believed we would even come close to playoffs.

anyway, i know i didn’t mention everyone, mcelhinney, nylander, RIELLY, hell i’m gonna thrown leivo in here he deserves to be in here, but this is long enough as is, but either way, you guys get the point.

they told us to Stand Witness, we did, and look what they managed to accomplish. This is only the beginning. Are you in?