One of the many reasons I love Ezra Miller.

He is the best actor Ive witessed. Ezra has played so many roles and charcters, but the thing about that is none of those charcters are alike. Yet he pulles each one off phenomanly. While other actors bring small charcter trais from themselves into every role they play, Ezra does not. He’s played insane murderous 15 year olds and then he can also play a gay af senior who is bubbly and humorious and cocky but can also be sad. Or he can play a character who is sad and angry and ruined inside. God its so hard to put into words just how amazing Ezra Miller is…


Spoiler Photos: Thursday January 5th — 8pm

Aaron confronts Rebecca who is then reluctantly forced to disclose to Aaron about Robert surprise birthday trip that he’s been cooking up. 

Robert’s dressed up and ready but meanwhile, Chrissie warns Aaron that Robert will only cheat on him just like he did to her. 

Robert is excited as he gives Aaron his surprise and assures him he’s with him because he loves him. Will it go well for them both? 

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Spoiler Photos: Thursday January 19th — 7pm

Aaron confesses to Finn he and Robert are getting married in Vegas but is later put out when Jimmy tells him Robert’s been out with Rebecca all morning. He calls Robert, who lies he’s still at work even though he is having a celebratory drink with Rebecca. When Aaron appears, Robert lays into him over his jealousy and the pair argue. Is this just a lovers tiff or something more serious?