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F2F: Rob & Kristen // I need somebody to lean on.

Her car fell silent as she turned the engine off swiftly. Her hazel eyes, hidden behind her shades peered towards the house that she had stopped outside of, hands still firmly gripped upon the steering wheel. Kristen let out a harsh sigh, combing her hand through her messy hair roughly as she opened her car door and stepped out into the sweltering summer heat of Los Angeles. She had no idea why she was here, but she felt she had to be. Rob needed someone, he was fragile, he was lost, he was alone. She hadn’t seen him in so long, but she felt she had to be there for him, she strangely wanted to be there for him. After everything. Nervously, Kristen walked up the pathway towards his petite house and gulped as she stood in front of the door. 

Hesitant, Kristen hovered her index finger over the doorbell before pressing down on it a few times before folding her arms tightly around her loose male shirt she was wearing, chewing on her thumb as she awaited a response.