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The Dragon’s Bride by Rizzle (Chapters: 61 - Words: 225,164 - Rating: M)

Summary: 7th year. Draco & Hermione awaken in a Muggle hotel room, naked, hung-over and tattooed. They also happen to be married. Thus begin a desperate search for a solution to their sticky situation.

I re-read this fic (all 61 chapters of it) basically once every year since it’s finished years ago. It is my absolute favourite dramione fic. No, it’s not perfect. I take issues with the depictions of dramione relationship because it sometimes feels off balance. But Rizzle has a way with words (and great plots!) and she gives her characters a lot of respect.

On a scale of : get that away from me / ugh disappointing / meh meh meh / ooh not bad / yaaas i loved it /  bury me with it

Close Quarters (Dramione)

[Picture attribution: “Baba Yaga” by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin, 1902]

Title: Close Quarters

Author: Rizzle

Summary: A mission through the deep forests of the Bulgarian Rhodopes ends in misadventure when Hermione is captured and held captive by the Gorska Maika, an ancient evil that dwells in the darkest parts of the forest. All is perhaps not lost, however, as Hermione finds an unexpected ally in her fellow captive. Now, all they need to do is to learn to work together in order to escape the Gorska Maika before she makes a meal out of them on Christmas eve.

Rating: M

Prompt: Draco Malfoy baking Christmas Cookies, prompted by @the-silvereagle

Part 2/?

She gave him a cold, pitying look. “Wow, Malfoy. We’re twenty-five. School’s been over for years. Get some new material.”

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