Reaper High Gemsona Week || Kailani as Golden Topaz’s Pearl

I had fun drawing this up. I originally planned on her to have a long braid since Kailani’s hairstyle is a braid, but I noticed all pearl’s we see so far have short hair. I feel like there are a lot of parallel between Kailani and Pearls. As an OC, Kailani believed she wasn’t as good as canon characters and had huge doubts in her own abilities. She believed for a long time that she was worthless, and it wasn’t until she made friends that she began to see that she did have worth. OC’s were looked down upon and ignored by most people, even still today.Now I’m not saying everyone hates OC’s but a good portion of people do, although it has gotten more accepting over the years. I feel like being a pearl is a good parallel because Pearls are often looked down upon as just being servants or something pretty to look at. Although we don’t know the extent of out Home World treats Pearls, we can see the self doubt Pearl shows in Steven Universe even after being away from that culture for so long. I decided to use that here too. 

In this universe ‘Golden Topaz Pearl’ has been conditioned to believe she is nothing without her Topaz. She is told she is worthless and should be lucky Golden Topaz even wanted her at all. It was a very abusive relationship but the only one she’s ever known. During a mission to Earth with Golden Topaz she is left behind. Golden Topaz Pearl believes her Topaz will return for her and waits where the ship took off.But her Topaz never returns for her, instead Steven befriends her. At first she’s scared of everything, assuming that the otherGems would try to shatter her for not being with her Topaz. Although she is assured that she will be safe on Earth. She still wishes to return to Homeworld but would eventually learn how amazing it is to be free. She also stays at the barn with Lapis and Peridot because that seems to be where all the gems go these days.

The signs as relatable Radiohead lyrics
  • Aries:I sucked the moon
  • Taurus:I eat all day and now I'm fat
  • Gemini:He'll teach you how to be a holy cow
  • Cancer:I am Jim Morrison
  • Leo:What is up, buttercup?
  • Virgo:I shall now perform a 180 flip-flop
  • Libra:I am not a vegetable
  • Scorpio:no no no no no no no no no no
  • Sagittarius:Funny haha
  • Capricorn:Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
  • Aquarius:I have no idea what I'm talking about
  • Pisces:I'm a fish now
Calling all rinharus

Its been almost a year since the mook came out and we all came together in one large group chat. We, the few of us still in the group chat, miss you all and we understand that things get in the way. We were hoping to set up a reunion day on the chat’s one year anniversary! July 29th we are hoping to meet up again! No particular time, just stop in! We want to see old friends and new friends too! even if you weren’t in the chat feel free to join us! 

We just want to ask to keep the ship hate very minimal.


Below i’m tagging anyone i can remember from the chat. I’m really sorry if i miss you and if you know someone not on the list, tag them!

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Talvez você só queira ouvir de Deus: “Estou aqui. Pode contar comigo.” Mas ao invés disso a única coisa que você escuta é o silencio de Deus. Isso doí. Doí muito. O mundo está desabando e Deus calado. Você está se corroendo e Deus calado. Isso doí. Doí muito. Mas meu bem, entenda, esse é o momento de mostrar para Deus o tamanho da sua fé. Será que você só acredita que Deus está junto à você no barco se ele falar com você? Será que ele em silencio também não cuida de você? Ou sua fé é fé de Tomé? Ele nos prometeu sempre está conosco, e o silencio dele nos ensina. Nos ensina a ter mais fé. E fé é o que nos tem faltado nesses últimos tempos, infelizmente.
—  Palavra do coração de Deus
Quanta ansiedade! Tem momentos que não aguentamos com tanta expectativa no futuro. Quanto medo! Eu sei, tem momentos que o medo sobrepõe-se a fé. Entenda, permita, e submeta o seus planos a Deus. Que suas vontades diminuam, para que as vontades dele prevaleça em sua vida porque tudo que ele faz por nós é perfeito e agradável. Encoste-se no colo de Deus e deixe ele administrar a sua vida, porque assim como ele cuida com amor do universo, ele cuidará da sua história, e o que ele preparou é bem maior, bem mais do que você pode imaginar e comparar.
—  Palavra do coração de Deus