Random Headcanon #8

Kaz Brekker will do anything out of spite. Nina says he can’t possibly pull off a dress and heels. The next day he shows up in blood red heels and a black dress and the entire crew shits themselves. Pekka Rollins tells him he can’t possibly wear a top hat. He shows up at Rollins’ house with a top hat and a knife. Jesper says he can’t flirt, that night he charms the pants off of half of the people in crow club. Wylan regrets ever bringing up Kaz in a flower crown.

The signs as relatable Radiohead lyrics
  • Aries: I sucked the moon
  • Taurus: I eat all day and now I'm fat
  • Gemini: He'll teach you how to be a holy cow
  • Cancer: I am Jim Morrison
  • Leo: What is up, buttercup?
  • Virgo: I shall now perform a 180 flip-flop
  • Libra: I am not a vegetable
  • Scorpio: no no no no no no no no no no
  • Sagittarius: Funny haha
  • Capricorn: Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
  • Aquarius: I have no idea what I'm talking about
  • Pisces: I'm a fish now