On Christmas Eve of  2002, Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant with her first child, went missing. Later that evening, her husband, Scott Peterson, returned home from fishing and noticed that she was missing. It was reported that he ate pizza, did the washing, cleaned the kitchen, and took a shower before calling Laci’s sister, Amy, to see if she knew where she was. The police were called that evening and a search party was set up. Foul play was immediately suspected as it was very out of character for Laci to just disappear, particularly on Christmas Eve when the family had Christmas plans. The search and investigation was unfruitful and it seemed as though Laci had just disappeared into thin air, until 13 April, 2003. A couple walking their dog discovered the decomposing body of a late-term fetus in Richmond’s Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Park, in San Francisco. The autopsy reported showed that there was nylon tape around the neck of the fetus and a large gash on his body. The following day, the body of a recently pregnant woman washed ashore just one mile from where the fetus was found. The body was so far decomposed that the cause of death could not be determined but the body had been dismembered - both forearms were missing, as  was the left foot and the left leg. The autopsy showed that she had received two cracked ribs before she had died. DNA testing confirmed that the bodies were Laci and her unborn son, who she had planned to call Conner. 

Laci’s husband, Scott, refused to speak to the police following the discovery. It was soon discovered that Scott had been cheating on his wife with multiple women. He had told women he was a widower before the bodies were even found. Police discovered enough evidence to convict Scott and he received the death penalty. It was theorised that Scott wanted to life a bachelor lifestyle, even telling one mistress that  he didn’t want children “because they would get in the way of his lifestyle.“

assassins at the library 

edward checking out a baking book???

haytham reading shakespeare

connor reading those cute how to care for your pet books

arno reading yolo juliet

ezio raiding the romance novel section

aveline just messing around with popup books with adewale

adewale playing one of those childrens sound books and almost being kicked out


Squid Girl and the Back Alley Urchin, part 2 by 夢乃途

Box: Miiverse
Spyke: Ah! It’s that kid who’s always visiting me.

Spyke: I’m not exactly sure what you do with that thing. I guess you can draw you picture or something? (I’ve only heard about Miiverse)

Spyke: ……
Spyke: What is she drawing so eagerly…?

Picture: I love Spyke <3

Girl: …All right!
Girl: (Yep, this is quite the masterpiece if I say so myself!)

Girl: (He’s not as popular as the Squid Sisters are, but I’m sure that Spyke has some fans too.)
let’s send it
Girl: (Maybe if they see this they’ll “Yeah!” it.)

Girl: (And if they “Yeah!” it, then maybe they’ll send me a friend request too)
hehehe <3
Girl: (I’ll lead the Spyke Fan Club… cool!)

Spyke: Whaaaat are you draaaaawing?
Girl: Aaaah!!!?!

Girl: S-S-S-Sp-p-Spyke!? W-w-what are you doing here!
Spyke: Right now I’m heading to see my gear supplier~

Girl: …… …….
Girl: ….did you see it……?

Spyke: Nope
Spyke: Noooothing at all

Girl: O-oh okay! That’s good!
Spyke: You were drawing something right? Why don’t you show me?
Girl: N-no way it’s too embarrassing!
Spyke: Eeeeeeh?
He saw it didn’t he…?
He was staring so surely he saw it…?

Annie: (Spyke somehow seems pretty happy today.)

Translated for buraketto. This was cute! Might get to part 1 at some point.