Nobody had the you-know-what to do that and he did get a lot of flack because he put a funky beat behind it and changed it up and by the end of the song people were clapping their hands to the beat and women were screaming and throwing their underwear on the court. That doesn’t happen when people sing the National Anthem. I think people were taken aback by how brilliant it was. But he was terrified. Before he went out he said, ‘People are going to murder me.’ But that was who my dad was. He would think about things like that and then do what he wanted anyway if he felt it was true and right. He wanted to do something that would move the minds of men.
—  Nona Gaye on Marvin Gaye’s Nation Anthem Rendition
October Day

October Day

Never Came

I couldn’t tell how bare;

sad that day lay on me.

To think they knew

what happened next

and next October never came.

Unthread nerves like

wire springs

Wrapped around my heart

tight knots of old habits

The day never came

Fantasies mixed with hate

Hate wrapped in love

Love with a hint of distaste

Move forwards take five

steps back

Fantasies turned to dust

What was I on?

To be dreaming of a

day that never came

October Day


Better late than never - This has been sitting around and i’ve been meaning to post this but didn’t have the proper chance.

Made this rendition of my best friend’s doodle that was drawn long ago and i just wanted to show my appreciation to him. It might not be much but note that i do love you with all my heart. May we proceed the following years with being best chums. And with all the struggle that this past year brought; may we become stronger from them. I Hope to see you again in person real soon ♥♥♥ 

My rendition of Akuma #spraypaint #miami #walls #art #streetfighter #akuma #redandblue #rendition #rent #loveart #fun #悪魔 #ストリートファイター #愛 #こんにちは #天才 #色 #スプレーペイント #日本 #落書き #arte #colores #rojo #azul #passion #compartir #venezuela #amor