• Aoba: Honey bun?
  • Koujaku: Yes?
  • Aoba: (blushing) I meant, would you like one?
  • Koujaku: (blushing) Oh. Yeah, sure. Sugar?
  • Aoba: Yes?
  • Koujaku: (blushing harder) I just meant, would you like some in your coffee?
  • Aoba: (further embarrassed) Oh. Yeah, sure.
  • Both: (flustered)
  • Mizuki: (from a distance) Even I am getting embarrassed from watching them.
  • Ren: I think I know what you mean.

Y’all need to NOT sleep on Nu’est’ comeback this time, a successful comeback could potentially mean an After School/ Orange Caramel comeback which we all need and Seventeen will get the chance to rest which they all need and maybe Pledis will finally give them the promotions they deserve.

So PLEASE watch the mv when it comes out, stream it, buy the album, do whatever you can! These are talented boys and deserve the recognition!!!