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Do you have relationship headcanons for the arcobaleno?

Hey, I’m sorry it took me so much time to answer but first, english is not my native language and so I had to find the good words and sentences to write things which are in my head correctly, secondly, summer in here is dreadfully hot so I spend much of time sleeping near the pool /andplaymywarlockinfrontofmyfan/
For the Sky one, I only do Arya and Uni because I don’t have enough knowledge for Luce. Hope it’s okay


Reborn is searching someone independant who can understand that he can’t be home everyday and disappear for days without giving news. They may as well be part of Mafia as be civil.
If they are part of the mafia they never work together, if they’re not, they know, but never talk about it because the short time they can spend together is too precious to relate horribles things.
- He never uses the first name of his s/o unless it’s a serious conversation. He would always give them sweet nickname, of course, his favorite one is ‘Mi amore’.
- Not going to lie, Reborn is a seducer  and his s/o have to trust him hard, he is always surrounded by gorgeous persons but he is faithful even if he loves to make them jealous.
- When things are going bad between them, or when he feels that his s/o is melancholic, he forgets all of his bonds and takes them out of town nay country to make up everything.


Colonello is looking for an active person, someone who can handle his constant good mood and his inexhaustible fitness, they have to occupy him all the time like an hyperactive child.
- He can’t even lie or think to lie to his s/o, he would feel too bad for hiding something to the person he loves [and his so stupid but so lovely smile of him would betray him.]
- He can’t stay inactive, he always has the need to occupy his hands, move his feet or poke his s/o to have their attenion and so they can take care of him
- He sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night all sweaty and trembling because of worrying nightmares which haunt him, the only sight of his s/os makes him relax


Verde would be the one who confess his love to his crush in an original way.
Nothing too ‘blingy’ but definitely eccentric, like a hidden message during a molecular gastronomy dinner.
- He need someone who could understand that sometimes he has to cancel [forget] dinner because he is in his researches and too close to find something for just stop in the middle of it. They sometimes find him asleep on his tons of paper, they then seize his glasses and put them next to him, leaving a blanket on his shoulders and a vacuum bottle full of coffee on his desk
- He’s not the type to go often on date but everytime he does it /hiss/omanagedtodraghim/ it would be somewhere he could learn interesting facts like an aquarium, an exhibition of prehistoric find in the middle of forest or natural source of giant stalactites and stalagmites in deep caves.
- Verde is a real slob when it comes to hygiene, used tissues are coated his office’s floor and desk as loose sheets, broken vials and strange liquids everywhere, stubbly beard and he sometimes «doesn’t have the time to a shower» But, everytime he has to see his s/o [or crush], he would be impeccably shaved, well combed and perfumed. Even if he denies the need to do these «useless stuff» for anyone.


Skull showers them with gifts which always remember that they «belong» to him and show how he consideres them to be part of his family. Like a little octopus engraved or sewn on the item.
- He needs someone who can reassure him and give him the courage to accept and affirm his ideas. They have to support and encourage him in his choice.
- He needs constant proofs of love because he suffers from a lack of self-confidence and has to know his beloved are not going to leave him.
- He tries to always get along with them, have something on his clothes which can reminds their own. [color, form, pattern..]


Mammon’s s/o would be a person who don’t take things to first degree and seriously, Mammon is the type of guy who speak harshly to people even the ones who count for him and he’s not much into display of affection, they have to drag it out of him by being very persuasive, someway they have to take him out of his cloud  to make him realise how much he would be empty without them.
- He’s someone relatively discreet so he would probably keeps his relation secret even after months nay years [He knows too well that Bel will not leave him alone with that Gold nugget]
- He’s not miser at all with his s/o, Nope, he just buy them useful stuff that they could keep /and he will be careful that his purchases are profitables./ A cinema is prohibited 'cuz hey’, who’s going to cinema nowadays whereas films are available on streaming for only 1$, what fools.
He could sometimes take them to dinner in town, something rare but it will be in the best fancy restaurant that Italy as to offer.
- When he’s sick, Mammon is a real pain, like a child he growls, sniffes, and needs too much attention, he wants his s/o, and only them, next to him. He wakes up if they have the misfortune to leave the room more than 2 minutes.


Fon needs someone as calm as he is, a shy but enterprising s/o who can extract him from his passive sluggishness [but not too much]. They know how understand him in one glance to the point that conversation will sometimes be pointless
- He loves to cuddle on cold winter morning, he retards the time to get up in order to stay under their hand crocheted big blanket.
- He’s a kind of person who lives in a modest but cosy vernacular little house with a small garden area not overlooked where he can take lazy napping time with his s/o in his arms
- Sometimes, he sketches his s/o when they’re sleeping, smiling to himself and nearly feels every curves of their body under his fingers


Arya is very trustworthy and gentle but behind this kindness there are some deep scars and it’s hard to make her fall for someone because she needs time to trust them and reveal to them his deepest injuries. If she chooses someone, it would be the good one, she’s not the kind of woman who likes to try thousand people.
- Even if she doesn’t show it, she needs to have physic and vocal display of affection, she sometimes feel like she’s not good enough for them behind her smile.
Uni has not a particular type of person she could fall for because she has this thing who could transform the last of bad boy in a docile one. She know how to extract all of internal conflicts and questioning and help find solution and resolve problem without waking up suspicions.
- She is a real talkative and outgoing person and she probably preferes to spend some times out in town doing window-shopping, eating some ice cream or just walking hand in hand than staying lock up with her s/o all day long.
- She always surprises her s/o with a peck on a lips when they are talking to her or by hugging them from behind when they have no clues she is in the area.

I have never understood asceticism. I have always thought it proceeded from a lack of sensuousness, lack of vitality. I’ve never realized that there is a form if asceticism–consisting in simplifying one’s needs and seeking to take a more active role in satisfying them–which is precisely a more developed kind of sensuousness.
—  Susan Sontag, Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963