Re: RDJ on The Stern Show

Highlights from this morning (5/4/2016):

  • Plastic surgery:  Asked if he’d ever had/would consider it, he said no and he won’t but LOL, there’s this one surgeon in LA who wants him to.
  • Sting:  Asked about his “Driven to Tears” performance for Sting’s 60th birthday. Bob shares his old Sting stories again.
  • Marvel:  "The bigger the cast gets, the easier it is for me.” Asked about his Civil War contract.
  • “Gwyneth Paltrow is coming back.  We need her.”
  • Missed roles:  Asked about how Tom Cruise was attached to Iron Man at one point (which he didn’t know about), or how Molly Ringwald wanted him to play Duckie in Pretty In Pink – 
  • “I think everybody winds up getting the job that they’re supposed to get.”
  • “I came to enjoy the rejection.” – talking about the job rejections he had when he was younger.
  • On Tony Stark:  “I’m portraying someone who’s a very broken guy whose facade is that he’s confident.”
  • 1969 and Kiefer Sutherland:  Stern keeps on prodding on maybe Kiefer stealing Sarah Jessica Parker from him.
  • SNL:  his time in 1985, he was invited to the 40th anniversary show but couldn’t make it. Talks about wanting to host SNL again someday. “It’s probably the most exciting week that you can have on earth.”
  • Re: his rigid choices in film projects:  “I wanna do stuff with my missus, I wanna hang out with my kids, I wanna be able to attend my son’s band’s shows … I just want to enjoy my time.”
  • Money, investments:  LOL, he basically does what Susan tells him or what their in-laws advise.  “If I can do anything, I like real estate”. He doesn’t have much property, though he has bought houses for family.
  • Pinocchio:  “It’s probably gonna be a musical now, so it’s going to be pushed back a little bit.”
  • Random Act Funding:  he chose the name because he liked the logo/acronym of the Royal Air Force. He ran it by Susan and she said ok and he said “Yes!”
  • Politics:  He avoids it “one million percent”.  He is not endorsing anyone but he is voting, but says that Tony Stark would endorse Hillary Clinton.

FYI– RDJ is coming up next on The Stern Show.

(Full of misinformation with Stern, though. Like he said he read Civil War will be the highest-grossing film of all time.  LOL, no, not even close.)

madelyn2010 asked:

Hi Dr. iwantcupcakes!! Did you see that Robert is going to be on Howard Stern this morning?? I just saw on the show's Twitter and Instagram. I feel like I didn't know he was going on Stern...

Ahhh, I actually didn’t know about this (although we probably should’ve, since he promised that he’ll come on Stern every time he has a film to promote).

I might end up missing this since I have to go to work (and I’m on call), but we’ll see (I have SiriusXM in my car so at least maybe listen to it on my drive over).

Does anyone know if RDJ has been on this morning (if anyone here actually listens to Stern’s show)?