Well, all I do is literally send these e-mails at least a few times every couple weeks. At least it’s different this time rather than the last e-mails that have been the exact same. I guess we can no longer ask anyone if there will be a third season cause, even the staff don’t know, at by the looks of the messages everyones’ been getting, it seems like THEY would enjoy another season too.

NEW PRICE for Sketch Commissions!

US Dollars ONLY (sorry) and PayPal only!

NEW PRICING! Commissions are $10  $5 (might be more depending on complexity)

Hey so it’s been really hard to pay bills lately since I am unemployed at the moment. It would be great and would mean a lot if anyone can signal boost or purchase!! Thank you so much from a fellow college art student! Send me an ask if interested! OR EMAIL AT amanda.depas @ gmail

Shading is add. $5

Limit up to 2 characters

You can also pick the color of the sketch if you want!

Thank you for your time!!


Thank you!

Rc9gn Music Video Requests

Okay guys! My friends and I are going to do some rc9gn music videos. If you have an idea that you would like to see come alive, reblog, or send me fan mail! We will contact you and give you credit if your idea is used!

Characters that can be used:
Ninja Randy
Regular Randy
Evil Julian
(Maybe Howard if we get the cosplay)

Below are some songs along with abstract ideas to help you think of ideas. If you have ideas sparked by any of these, or want to add details to these abstract ideas, that is okay too!
1. Ghost Town (by Adam Levine): Julian vs Ghoulian

2. Spectacles Over (By Polina Gargarina): Ghoulian x Randy

3. I Write Sins Not Tradgedies (By Panic! At the Disco): Whatever you guys think.

4. Welcome to the Black Parade: Zombies??? IDK. What are your thoughts?

5. Take Me to Church (by Hozier): Julian x Ghoulian

pennzeros asked:

Hey Randy, where do you keep your secret candy stash?

My secret candy stash??

Ok don’t tell Howard (because he’s the whole reason why I have a stash), but I hid it in my drawer with my underwear and all the speedos I ordered and-

WHAT?! Where’s my candy stash?? I’ve been saving it since Halloween!! What happened to i-


Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja is a bless to the whole DisneyXD/Disney Channel. People just haven’t realized this yet.

“I do not like the ninja!“

“The ninja is not good!“

Flamenco + sombreros de mariachis.

Y Randy sabe bailar flamenco improvisado (no hay malos bailarines de flamenco, si no, no se es bailarín de flamenco), además de tocar la guitarra-teclado, y sabe defenderse incluso sin al traje del ninja.

No es perfecto, pero tiene mucho para compensar.