don’t ask what’s going on in this because i actually do not know. i was just doodling? 

buuut hey does anyone remember this show? i was hardcore into it back in high school but don’t really remember anything about my participation in the fandom like at all… but i do remember the fans were a great group and super fun. i’m probably gonna marathon this show to refresh my memory, so!!


Hey o. Finally made the thing. This is more or less the prologue? Sorry if the artstyle is unappealing. I’m going more hardcore for my original comic thing so I just want this to be in a style I won’t get tired of, y’know?

if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to the history of the Nomicon, or, going along with my headcanon, that is.

I hope to keep this one strong and going. ;;3;;

Also, decided I’m just gonna upload all my Ninjavember stuff on the last day. Justt because I got a little behind and need to catch up.