A morning with Rap Monster {Sequel} [SMUT]

So here’s the sequel to >this< one-shot. It was requested by some of you lil’ perverts kekeke.


He grabs the remote and throws it across the room ‘We won’t need that.’ He hovers over you as he attacks your neck with his lips. You throw your head back as your fingers find their way through his hair. He softly nips at your skin, leaving little marks. You pull his hair softly when he finds the right spot. He works at that untill a perfect purple spot appears

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@BTS_twt : 안녕하세요 슈가 입니다 저와 랩몬은 저녁으로 돼지국밥을 먹고왔답니다 캬캬캬 여러분들은 저녁 뭘드셨나요?ㅎ

[Trans.] Hello this is Suga, with Rapmon we’re eating pork soup. Everybody, what did you eat? ㅎ

[Trans.] Salut c'est Suga, avec rapmon on mange de la soupe au porc, tout le monde, qu'avez vous mangés ? ㅎ



cr; @Cheorin / @BTS_France